How Internet Has Changed The World For The Better

If there is one thing that could be said for the internet, it is that it has made a lot of changes for people. For one thing, it has made it has made it a lot easier for people to do a lot of things. A lot of people are making money through the internet with the technology that they have. When internet was first invented, people could only access the websites from stationary computers. However, a lot of changes and advancements were made to where people could access the internet from their smartphones. This makes it very convenient for people.

One of the major features of internet is social media. Social media is what allows people to meet new people like never before. It also helps people connect like never before. Among the social media companies that are good for making connections are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and plenty of other social media sites. Twitter itself is undergoing some changes in order to make for some even greater changes in the internet. As of right now, it is up for sale with many companies such as Google, Verizon, and Salesforce setting their sites for the company. One could expect the social media platform to make some significant changes in the way it is structured.

Perhaps one of the most significant advances on the internet is video. Now, people can stream high resolution images at a smooth frame rate. As a matter of fact, smartphones and computers can easily display their videos in their native resolution at their native frame rate. Computers such as tablets, desktops, and laptops have an easier ability to display the videos at their native resolution and their natural color without the need for any extra calibration. They display the images in their natural color as well.

Internet is one of the most revolutionary technologies. People can use it for a lot of things which include entertainment, education, and making connections. There is a much greater freedom for people that use the internet.

Twitter May Be Bought Out Soon

As if Google wasn’t already buying out startup after startup to add to its empire, they may now be acquiring the hashtag giant of them all, Twitter. According to The Verge, rumors are now circulating that the second-largest social media platform may now be putting itself up for sale to the highest bidder, a move that investors are now watching closely, and such that Twitter’s stock rose 23% after the rumors started. Google isn’t the only company interested in Twitter, as Salesforce and now even Verizon are also interested parties. All of this is coming on the heels of former head of TV, Andrew Adashek leaving the company.

Twitter appears to be in the midst of a transition period as the growth of new users and new streams of revenue have bottomed out. Twitter has attempted to garner new interest with its new feature for streaming Thursday Night NFL games, and presidential candidate Donald Trump always brings Twitter publicity when he makes a public statement on there. But even though Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also returned as CEO to try to resurrect his social media creation, it has not happened yet and now the clock may be ticking on the company. While Google, Salesforce, and Verizon are all in the mix of sales talk, nothing concrete has been established as far as mergers and acquisitions as of yet.

What could Google, Salesforce, or Verizon stand to gain from buying twitter? The network offers a wealth of user data that all of them would love to add to their vaults. More so, Google has had an existing relationship with Twitter that’s allowed both sides to profit from using Tweets in search engine rankings. And considering that Google Plus has failed to match Facebook on every level, Google may see Twitter as its opportunity to change that. Will such a move grow or thwart interest in using Twitter? It’s hard to say, but it appears to be inevitable if users wish to continue seeing their celebrities tweet.

Twitter To Pay It’s Best Users to upload Video

Twitter is working on something new in order to get people to participate more. One of the new ideas is to pay users to upload videos. The social media platform wants the same type of popularity that YouTube has. Twitter is offering a percentage of revenue for people that upload their videos. This type of revenue is a lot different from other video platforms like YouTube which offers 55% of revenue to creators with 45% to be kept to itself. Twitter is offering 70% revenue sharing to the content creator with the rest of the money being kept. This is the same type of plan that it offers Amplify video partners.

The reason this is a good idea for Twitter to offer such a generous deal to video creators. For one thing, it is not really big in the video department like Facebook and YouTube. It is also very late when it comes to video offers. Also, there have been requests by some of the highest profile stars of the network. They have wanted to split revenue so that they can gain incentive for their recognition. After all, it is the views that the high profile stars bring that bring about success to Twitter. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not Twitter is able to encourage enough creators to participate. For one thing, it might be too late.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. In fact, it is actually very simple to use. People will find themselves having an easy time getting followers. It is not hard to find a topic that they can comment on compared to some other platforms. There is also no limit placed on the amount of replies one could do at a time.

As of right now, Twitter is looking to attract YouTube style stars so that it can gain a piece of the pie that YouTube has a large share in. Facebook has also taken behind YouTube when it comes to videos. It is most likely that Twitter is going to become one of the other companies that allow and encourage users to shoot videos.

Instagram Becoming More Mobile-Friendly

Instagram is a free widely used application that many use. It is a great technology application that allows users to take and share photos and/or videos. Instagram also allows users to be able to filter photos that are taken on the application and share them on a variety of social media networks. Networks include Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare, and Posterous. With the Instagram mobile-friendly features you are able to take the photos and/or videos and customize. The customization for this free technology application includes several built in special effects. Instagram is very compatible with iOS technology.

Recently, there has been a widespread frustration for many phone users. Many mobile users are experiencing frustration when his or her mobile technology is not able to zoom in for a photo taken on Instagram. There is hope that frustration with Instagram when using a mobile device is of the past. Recently, Instagram is applying a new feature to its application. This feature will allow a mobile user using iOS to be able to apply a pinch-to-zoom option. This amazing and compatible feature allows an individual’s mobile device to zoom in on videos and photos. Once zoomed in the mobile-friendly device will be able to open up the videos and/or photos on internet feed pages, profile screens, and the basic tab on Explorer. This added feature really allows you to dive into your photos and experience every detail clearer than ever before. It has been such a relief for iOS users to not have to deal with the complications of trying to view photos and or videos every time Instagram is being used. In several weeks kinks to help individuals who have Android have been circling around the internet. Soon Android users will be able to have some relief when using the Instagram application on a mobile device.

Instagram is continuing to grow and advance in our modern day technology. This application has gone through several changes. Each change advancing this application to a whole new level. The pinch-to-zoom option is raving in popularity and initiating a positive perspective about Instagram. In conclusion, this new feature is very exciting for mobile device users worldwide. For more information about this new technology and Instagram application follow this link.

Snapchat Under Pressure Thanks to Instagram

For years, Snapchat was a one of a kind app for users who wanted to share funny series of photos from their days. Recently, though Instagram has come out with a “Stories” feature that is very similar to the Snapchat story feature, where photos and videos can be linked together for the user’s friends to view. While this sort of competition does not always pose a problem or threat, Snapchat is seeing a mass exodus of users since the new Instagram feature was rolled out.

In the past year, Snapchat introduced two racially insensitive filters, a “Bob Marley” filter that essentially showed the user in black face and an “anime” filter that makes users look like an yellow face Asian caricature. Instagram Stories does not have filters like these and is much like the early versions of Snapchat. If Snapchat was still the only app of its kind, users would be more likely to air their complaints on social media or to the company but still keep the app. Now that another app acts as a more sensitive, politically correct alternative, users do not feel the need to stay.

Though Snapchat tried to play the yellow face filter off as “anime,” users who are familiar with anime characters know that this is a poor cover-up. According to Karen North, director of USC Annenberg’s Digital Social Media program, the digital age makes it hard to use excuses companies often try to rely on when they slip up, like saying users are too sensitive or they are taking things out of context. “When you’re a platform that has such broad distribution, meaning anything digital, there’s a responsibility to vet things much more carefully than people did in the brick and mortar days,” she says.

The fact that Instagram is now a kind of two for one app, users may also delete Snapchat for sheer ease of use and to save on phone storage space. Why bother keeping two similar apps on your phone when you can have one that does it all?

Facebook Group Instead of Uber in Austin

A month ago today, Uber and Lyft paused their services in Austin, Texas for politically motivated reasons. This created a transportation void in the city as nearly a million residents around the area relied on those two companies. There was much speculation as to what solution would come along.

Initially, there were a few apps that sprung up to attempt to fill in the void left behind, but that only lasted so long. Eventually, something unexpected happened when an unregulated Facebook group evolved that was focused on providing the same services Uber and Lyft did, but in a peer-to-peer fashion, with no middle man.

The group is located here, and is has amassed over 30,000 members. More interestingly, though, is how the process works. People looking for a ride post a request with information such as a pickup location and destination and a desired time of transport. Almost instantaneously, drivers comment on the post with an ETA, estimated price, and contact phone number. Once a ride is confirmed, the initial post requesting a ride is removed, allowing future requests to settle at the top of the page.

There are however, some precautions being taken within the community. Drivers have been starting to advertise their services with pictures of their car, themselves, and an Uber or Lyft account, ensuring the safety of passengers and legitimacy of the operation.

While this production operates purely peer-to-peer, the group was initially started by an up-and-coming app called Arcade City.

Twitch Launches Clips That Will Enable Gamers To Share Their Favorite Moments.

The gamer community and Live streaming platform Twitch has recently launched a new feature that will be used to spread its content further to its website visitors. One of the features is the debuted Clips that will let the website viewers easily and quickly Clip a 30-second portion video from other media live streams. The clips will also include an automatic backlink to the original live broadcaster to ensure the copyright of others is not infringed. Backlinks will also act as a way to send traffic back to the original site where the Clip is shared more broadly.

Twitch has also included the clip-sharing feature in Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. The sharing buttons are available as small sharing buttons at the top right of the clip and alongside the Clip’s link. When the saved Clips are shared, they connect the viewers directly to the broadcast, and if it is offline, they can still watch the recording right where the clip left off.

The Clip will not be available immediately after the launch according to the company, but will be rolled out to viewers over the course of the coming weeks. The slow rollout strategy is in line with the pattern the company has always used in the release of other previous features including the debut of friends last month. The other feature it has rolled out is Channel feed which let broadcasters easily distribute their content to their audience. With making private messaging easier and supporting for friend lists, Twitch has recorded a significant growth in its social media features on sites in the recent past.

Video marketing is crucial — and so is the way you do it!


Video marketing is probably one of the most sought after practices of any sort of business. It doesn’t even have to be what people generally prefer to as a ‘business’ to qualify as a candidate for proper advertising — especially when building clients is where the money is truly at. See, most business owners don’t realize that there is so much money in being able to collectively organize and inform the people currently involved in what you are doing. TalkFusion makes keeping up with them incredibly easy, and they’ll even pay you to bring people in to the network. There are thousands and thousands of people involved with the movement, and the CEO and Founder Bob Reina has been steadily moving the company forward since its launch.

It seems like he understands there is a direct need for business owners that are not digitally savvy to be able to thrive online. Their business could be getting traffic from people just passing through the area, living locally, or even globally. Without someone helping them communicate to customers, or without the tools to continue providing content and information to their current subscribers, businesses simply cannot thrive. Competition is obviously a very real thing, and saturation will cause businesses that can’t compete to possibly run out of business.

It’s exactly why the idea of TalkFusion is so brilliant. Being able to not only get paid by growing in the network in the first place, but then push your business and organization to new heights at the exact same time. The hassle of having to deal with different video call programs, organizing a video message every time you want convey something, it just gets old! YOU shouldn’t have to do it, there should be a convenient way! And now there is, TalkFusion will be operating in the same direction because of just how well it works, and just how loyal Bob Reina is to the direct marketing way of sales. The advertising platform not only backs that same way of thinking, but also unveils an entire new level of direct connection with your userbase.

Why So Many Fake Social Media Posts in China?

Every year, there are nearly half a billion fake social media posts in China. Who’s doing it? According to CNN research, the government employees are posting these messages. The aim is to divert attention from sensitive issues facing China, a nation of 1.4 billion people.

When it comes to Internet policy in China, access to Facebook, YouTube, and Blogger is banned. There are two reasons for it. First, the Chinese government wants to have control over social media sites, something that the likes of Facebook and YouTube couldn’t allow. Second, by banning these social media giants from the Middle Kingdom, alternatives run by the Chinese companies were able to develop.

Many expats living in China still get access to these sites, but need to utilize outside servers. For as little as $8, it is possible to sign up and get access in simple ways. However, Facebook and YouTube never took off in China because of these initial restrictions. Effectively, very few Chinese use these sites.

Darius Fisher’s Innovations Receive Acclaim

Darius Fisher has been given a very nice honor from the publishers and editors of PRWeek. The magazine has chosen Fisher as one of the people on the Innovation 50 list. The list is a litany of those professional who have contributed to huge innovations in digital marketing. Digital marketing is much more than just advertising. Digital marketing is also about branding and perceptions. Sometimes, very harmful information about a person or a business ends up taking on a life of its own on the internet. A full-blown crisis can result. Darius Fisher’s company, Status Labs, offers a very innovative solution. Through a broad-based digital management campaign, the professionals at Status Labs go to work on fixing a reputation.

Darius Fisher is not a newbie to digital marketing and public relations. He worked as a copywriter and as a political consultant. Both of these professions require an understanding of branding, marketing psychology, and maintaining or fixing a reputation. Fisher noticed a niche was emerging. People suffered personal and professional disasters when embarrassing information was revealed about them. Worse than merely being revealed, the information ended up being indexed in the Google search engines.

Fisher spoke at the Impact 15 marketing convention and discussed the vital importance of always have a positive first page of Google. Negative information on that first page of the Google search engine results is going to lead to terrible perceptions about the subject. Businesses lose revenue and people lose friends when a name is tarnished in the results. Fisher very clearly states that the results in Google, Bing, and elsewhere are not going to change unless a comprehensive approach to fixing things is done.

In his role as president of Status Labs, Fisher has guided the firm into devising effective strategies to help fix search engine and social media disasters. Numerous marketing and public relations tactics have to be employed in order to arrive at a successful outcome. Fisher knows what types of tactics have the greatest chance of succeeding.

Status Labs seems to be succeeding. The number of clients calling on the service for help is growing and revenues are up. Maybe Fisher is slated for receiving more rewards in the near future. Find Fisher on his personal website for more information.