Learn how to get the Best Outcome in College Football Betting

Sometimes sports betting are a good way to make money while you watch your favorite teams play. However, if you are not conversant with the process of placing a winning bet, you may lose your bet amount. If you want to fall amongst winners, then this is the best place.

Covers.com is a betting academy that will provide you with tips to bet on college football. College football offers numerous games from which you can get your picks.

Before you start betting on college football, it is important that you know about college football betting basics. The betting basics are;
1. Spread bets
A spread bet increases your chances of winning a bet. Typically the spread comes days earlier before the game. In the spread, a – sign indicates a team that is favored while + sign indicates an underdog.

2. Moneyline
In a Moneyline bet, you are allowed to pick any team that you think will win the match. The odds placed adjacent to the team will determine the payout you will win.

3. Totals
In totals, the sports books predict the game outcome of the total points of each team. A bettor will place a bet to either predict that the game will finish under or over the sports book’s predictions.

4. Parlay
In a parlay, you can choose to place a bet combining a spread, a money line or a total bet. Each of the picks making the combination must win. A parlay has got a higher payout and risk, for this reason, you should be careful when placing your bet.

When placing a bet, it is crucial that you understand the strength of all teams. In case you are a novice, you can get tips from reliable tipsters who are skilled in placing bets.

To succeed in betting, aspiring bettors must start taking betting seriously. An aspiring bettor must respect the fact that there are people who make decent incomes exclusively from sports betting. That said, an amateur bettor must be ready to learn and improve his or her skills if he or she is to make a fortune from betting.

One of the most reliable tipsters you can rest assured of winning a bet is Teddy Servansky. Mr. Servansky is an experienced sports commentator and sports’ bettor who runs a successful betting academy, cover.com.

If you wish to get more insights on college football betting, it would be wise that you visit Covers.com. Since it was launched, the site Covers has provided bettors with useful tips on NCAAF odds at http://www.covers.com.

Mourinho Appointed to Revive Manchester United Into a European Powerhouse.

Something of a departure from our recent news, but we at BitsyLink love Manchester United so we figured we’d cover the big news from the Reds this week.

It was almost inevitable that England most successful club in the past Manchester United, would come calling for one of the best manager in the history of football, following their fading trend in not only domestic but also European football.

Manchester United has announced the appointment of Jose Mourinho on a three year deal, on a reported annual income of $17.5 million. This is to usher the same excitement that was led by their former successful manager, Sir. Alex Fergusson. It has been a disappointing three years since Manchester United won the Premier League with the twenty-time champions have finished 7th, 4th and 5th for the last three years. What is worse is that the club will not feature in the champion league next season.

Tampa Bay Times reports that Mourinho was appointed to replace Luis Van Gaal whose contract was terminated earlier by one year due to what the Executive Vice Chairman, Ed Woodward referred to as ‘Unsatisfactory performance". Ed Woodward also hailed Mourinho saying that he is basically the best manager in the game nowadays. He has been two time Champions League winner with Inter Milan and FC Porto, has won eight leagues titles since his managerial career began in 2002 across Italy, England, Portugal and Spain. In the English Premier League, Mourinho has won three titles with former Premier League champions Chelsea.

Following his appointment, Mourinho expressed his preparedness, asking Manchester United fans to forget about the past three years. He said that he knew what the fans expected and that he would do more than just deliver a trophy.