Spotify is Making the Jump Into Video Offers

One of the biggest developments on internet is video streaming. It has become so big since YouTube that tons of popular websites are using it. Also, social media platforms are offering video for people to use. Even music streaming services are taking on the technology. One recent music streaming service known as Spotify has started to offer video streaming. This is one of the best features for people because it gives music streamers a chance to enjoy video content without having to go to a video site.


Spotify has initially launched original video services early last year. However, they have quieted down on the project. While there is still a lot of potential for the project, Spotify has slowed down on the use of this feature. Meanwhile, there have been other projects that have started and finished before Spotify. One thing that is worth considering is that the original video on the app is not prominently featured. This goes to show that even the most promising products need some kind of marketing in order for it to take off. If Spotify would’ve taken the time to make sure that people know about the video feature, then they would’ve been very successful in their attempts to bring it to their customers.


Video is quickly becoming the king of content. One of the reasons that video is so popular is that it allows people to not only watch video, but also produce their own video and release it online. Also, the technology released makes it easier for people to make and release videos so that they can gain a lot of success for their business. The different platforms offering video also allow people to watch their favorite shows.



Spotify Tests New High Quality Audio Scheme

The most popular music streaming service in the world is testing a new feature that hopes to attract audiophiles, a potentially lucrative segment that typically eschews Spotify due to its perceived low audio quality.

According to tech news website Android Headlines, Twitter updates suggest that Spotify may be ready to roll out a new subscription program that would include the option of streaming tracks with lossless audio quality. Another neat feature suggests that the streaming service is aiming towards serious audiophiles as it also offers a free vinyl record and discounts on retail purchases at hip music stores that carry music in the venerable vinyl format. What is not clear is not clear at this time is how much this upgrade will cost since some sources have reported it at $5 per month while others have hinted at $7.50 to $10 on a monthly basis.

News about the potential upgrade to high fidelity audio are being discussed at the same time Spotify has announced that it has reached a major milestone of 50 million subscribers. Should the high quality audio feature be included, the monthly price could jump to $15 or even $20.

Even if Spotify introduces lossless audio, the average subscriber may not be able to notice the difference unless he or she invests in quality headphones. Audiophiles will certainly welcome the feature since they happen to be very serious about the quality of the music they listen to. Since late 2016, audiophiles have been at odds with the Pono music service that was introduced by legendary rock musician Neil Young as a Kickstarter project.

While Pono is designed to be a very exclusive service for music lovers who really care about audio quality, users have complained about the MP3 player and the scant availability of music to download. At this point, Pono subscribers may be ready to jump ship to a music streaming service that truly understands them, and it looks like Spotify may be a reasonable option. Neil Young has previously stated that streaming audio is not conducive to a high fidelity experience, but he later changed his opinion.

Spotify Makes It Easier for Families to Enjoy Streaming Music

The streaming music market has become competitive in recent years with a number of companies entering the field. The competition is helping to lead Spotify, one of the most popular options, to change its pricing and make it more inexpensive for families to subscribe to the company’s premium service.

Spotify has announced that, effective immediately, it is lowering the cost of its family plan. Previously $30 a month for up to five accounts, the new pricing puts the monthly cost at $14.99 for up to six people. The new plan matches the pricing first offered by Apple Music last year and subsequently matched by Google’s Play Music offering. The new plan, to which current family-plan subscribers will automatically be upgraded, is rolling out around the world except in Canada.

Although there will be one bill for all users on the account, each person gets his or her own premium account, allowing for the continued enjoyment of personalized playlists and recommendations. Premium accounts offer full ad-free access to Spotify’s music and video library as well as the ability to download songs to listen to music without a data connection.

PlayStation Launches with Spotify

The transition day has arrived and Spotify has landed in Sony consoles, going beyond just video games. All those Sony Music Unlimited accounts will now become part of the new PlayStation Music Service, based on Spotify.

Sony said its partnership with Spotify will expand its music service to 41 countries instead of the 19 that were available with Music Unlimited, plus they offer better tools to create your own playlists and discover new music.

PlayStation users have long been able to use their consoles to watch movies in both DVD and via online streaming services from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube. Just two weeks ago, Sony launched an online TV service, PlayStation Vue, offering over 50 channels, both broadcast television and cable, at a cost of $ 50 a month.

Spotify has 60 million active users worldwide, of which 15 million are paying subscribers.

Gamers like Brad Reifler has learned that some of the features include the ability to listen to music while playing a video game and players can still hear the gaming sound effects, or pause the game while you change the volume or other playlists.

The service is free with ads or cost $ 10 a month for a paid version without advertising.

Customers who do not yet have a Spotify account can register via the PlayStation. The new application will automatically appear on the main screen, waiting for you to sign on.