New Straddling Bus On Test Run in China

Despite significant development of infrastructure in many of China’s populated cities, high population and an increasing number of car owners can make roads a traffic nightmare. Chinese developers unveiled the concept and designs for the straddling bus earlier in 2016 and recently announced it will begin testing it on actual roads in August. The innovative and quirky design allows the bus to pass over cars without damaging them.

The Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) is designed to carry over 1,000 passengers simultaneously and will be able to reach speeds of at least 60 kilometers per hour. While some critics still harbor concerns about the safety of this kind of vehicle, the developers are ready to start testing the bus in a controlled traffic environment. The first test will include a line of cars 300 meters long to simulate one of the many crowded roads in Chinese cities.

The bus provides 7 feet of open space that stretches across two lanes, allowing standard passenger vehicles to pass comfortably beneath. It also uses its own track, much like a train, which keeps it on course and reduces the risk of a serious accident. The size of the TEB would allow it to replace up to 40 conventional buses and cut down on carbon emissions significantly. The prospect of reducing traffic congestion and limiting production of greenhouse gases has motivated the developers as they continue to perfect the new model.