Ad Injection Highlighted By Google as a Major Threat to Internet Users

Google has found that ad injections are one of the biggest threats to internet users right now. Google conducted an in depth study in cooperation with the University of California Berkeley and the University of California Santa Barbara. The study was conducted in 2014 over the span of several months. The aim of the study was to examine the scope and span of ad injections on the web. It also aimed to find out how the ad injection system functioned and who was victimized by it.

So what are ad injections? Ad injectors as their name implies are unwanted ads that are injected onto a person’s web browser. They can get onto a person’s computer through several ways. One way that has resulted in a lawsuit, is that ad injectors are preloaded onto a laptop or computer. This resulted in a large scale lawsuit against the company Lenovo in China which knowingly allowed ad injectors to be preloaded onto their laptops. Another method includes bundling them together with popular free downloads so that users unsuspectingly upload them onto their computer. Other ad injector companies will even market their ad injectors through social media, while others will resort to spam to try and get their injectors installed on people’s computers reported Ray Lane, tech guru.

So why are ad injectors considered a threat? Yes they are annoying because they will put bombard you with ads when you are browsing the web or shopping online, but did you know that they can also track your activity? This can create a host of problems such as phishing and fraud. The good news is that Google is taking many steps to battle ad injections, and measures so far have been successful. Google is also warning other companies to take a stand against ad injectors.