Taylor Swift Just Gave this Couple an Unforgettable Wedding Gift

It’s safe to assume most wedding playlists will feature at least one love song by Taylor Swift. She’s covered romance in a great variety of scenarios; for many newlyweds, there’s likely to be an “Our Song” describing their relationship.

However, not everyone has their Taylor song performed at the wedding by the artist herself. Matt Singer and Kenya Smith were the lucky couple; Swift was contacted by the groom’s sister, Ali, who requested this unforgettable moment.

Ali had been in touch with Taylor before, thanks to the singer’s openness to interaction with fans. It’s common for Taylor to leave comments on Instagram posts, or reblog things on Tumblr. One Christmas she even sent out presents, carefully selected and wrapped, to a handful of lucky followers. Videos surfaced that year of Swifties in tears over gifts from the pop star.

This time she’s gone out of her way to show appreciation for the support that got her where she is now. MTV has a video of Swift playing “Blank Space” on the piano. The media follows her love life closely, and even if it hasn’t always had happy moments, clearly Swift still believes in love.

What’s Taylor’s next act of kindness going to be? She never ceases to surprise the world by reaching out to Swifties. She has now given the happy couple a wedding story to tell friends, one they will never forget.