Kiwi Robots Deliver Food Around San Francisco

At the U. C. Berkeley campus, Kiwi robots are a common sight hurrying to deliver food to the hungry students. The robots are below knee-high and are similar in looks to a wheel box, only much more high-tech. The Kiwi robots leave from the headquarters of their creators which is a stone-throw away from the campus grounds.



The business has already fulfilled over 10,000 orders. Something that differentiates this company from other delivery bots businesses is that the testing phase was done on campus grounds instead of on a sidewalk in a busy area. San Francisco even had to ban such testing on sidewalks and streets because it was getting a bit too crowded. The Kiwi delivery bots are also a lot more compact than its competitors and so they take up a lot less space.



On the U. C. Berkley campus, there is an endless supply of testing opportunities for the Kiwi bots as hungry students abound at all times. The testing of the robots has been going well for the company, and the students of the university as well as teachers seem to quite like the small robots wheeling down corridors to deliver a much-needed snack. Most students describe the robots as cute.



The company’s robots come in several different sizes to fit a broader scope of delivery needs. The approach of the company is modular, and so varied sizes are used for various tasks. The Kiwi robots are designed for the last 300 meters of the delivery. Until then, the small four-wheeled bot takes a ride in another robot that does the heavy lifting.



The multi-modal system was developed after using a single size robot to go from the restaurant to the client’s doorstep. The company noticed that doing things that way was inefficient and so they developed two more types of robots. One is inside the restaurant, the other is a semi-autonomous tricycle going on the streets, and then there are the small robots delivering the meal to the client.



As of yet, Kiwi is only a startup. The robots are not mass produced for international sale, not even nationwide sale. The company has a lot to do before they reach that level. Fortunately, the plucky startup has a plentiful of ideas to go around and work on for the near future.

3 Cool Musical Devices from SXSW 2018

Each year, during SXSW, the world gathers to check out the latest in movies, television, and music. This year was no exception. With music being one of the main focal points of SXSW, this provides the perfect reason for companies to show off their new and top of the line musical gadgets. Here are the top five music gadgets that we discovered at this years SXSW:

3. MV88

If you are an artist on the road and feel the urge to record some music, then MV88 might be up your alley. This versatile digital recording device plugs right into your smartphone to capture high quality sound. On top of that, MV88 features editing software right on the app to help you eliminate distortion from the weather, and splice together different instrumental recordings.

2. Soundtrap

Similar in a sense to MV88, Soundtrap is for artists on the go. This digital audio workstation comes packed with over 4,000 presets and beats, the ability to auto-tune, and a high quality beat maker. On top of that, there is even a live chat function to allow artists to bounce ideas off of one another in real time. Lastly, this app was bought this past year by Spotify who has big plans to use it to compete with Apple as creators one stop digital workshop.

1. Cajon Robot

If you’re a solo artist looking to add a little more flair and added accompaniment to your act and performances then Cajon Robot may be for you. Created by Hideaki Iio, this robot is designed to give musicians the sound they are searching for. Programmed with an app, the robot can produce beats and other sounds for a simple but effective experience. If you’re looking for the perfect band mate than Cajon Robot certainly won’t let you down.

Overall, SXSW was a success this year with plenty of new and exciting technological advancements for musicians that will be released in the future. This list just scratches the surface of some of the devices at the event, so feel free to explore further and find that perfect accessory for you.

The Success of Gregory James Aziz as a Businessman

Gregory James Aziz is the current CEO of National Steel Car. Aziz also acts as the chairman of the company’s board of directors. National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario and it is among the leading manufacturers of railroad freight cars. Aziz schooled at the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a degree in economics. In 1971, he was offered a job at Affiliated Foods, which is a wholesale food enterprise that was established by his family. The company grew with time, and by 1987, it had become a global importer that provided wholesale fresh food market in Eastern Canada and the United States. It sources its products Europe, South America, and Central America.


Aziz moved to New York in the later 1980s to look for opportunities in the investment banking world. He acquired National Steel Car in 1994 and started working towards his dream of establishing a leading railroad freight car. Gregory J. Aziz was focused on serving the North America market. He has led National Steel Car in building excellent teams that have strong engineering abilities. The company had more than 2,400 employees. It grew rapidly, and its annual production has risen from 3,500 to 12,000 cars. The unparalleled creativity, engineering, and manufacturing expertise of the firm enabled its railroad cars to be voted as the leading in North America for 18 consecutive years. Click Here for more info.


The businessman is committed to supporting the people of Hamilton, Ontario. He made donations to charity as his company made profits. National Steel Car is a benefactor in several charity activities. Organizations that have benefited from the company include the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, and many others. National Steel Car also organizes a Christmas party every year for its current and former employees. Its staff members take part in important food drives that benefit local food banks.

Greg Aziz and his wife have been donating to support Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, which is the most recognized Canadian agricultural fair. Aziz has worked with National Steel Car for more than 23 years, and he has strived to make sure that it provides high-quality vehicles for the North American market. The people of Hamilton appreciate him to his contribution to the community. Grez Aziz has become one of the leading businessmen in Ontario, Canada because of his vision, business administration expertise, service to the community, and excellent relationships with his staff.



Internet And Technology’s Effect On Business and Careers

Another area that internet has helped a lot is in the business and careers area. While a lot of people may still struggle to find work, some people have discovered that there is a lot of money to be made online. Therefore, they have turned their attention to the internet. As a result, the internet has brought forth a work from home culture. One thing that this culture gets to experience is that they get to earn potentially more than they would’ve dreamed of earning with a regular job.


There are quite a few ways to make money over the internet. The most lucrative ways to make money involve either typing, web design or marketing. In order to be successful as an internet marketer, there are a ton of tools that need to be mastered. Among these tools are social media platforms. When people take the time to use social media to connect with others, they actually build their brand. Then they can earn tons of money from their customers.


While the internet has done a lot to increase the possibilities of finding work, mobile technology has made it so that people can actually work from anywhere. One of the best things about this is that one can choose the type of environment he works in. The best thing to do is find an environment that best fuels productivity. When it comes to business over the internet, people are encouraged to use their imagination in order to find something they can do where they can support themselves. The only thing is that they have to be willing to put in tons of hours of work so that they will be able to enjoy the benefits of their labor.


Headphones for Enjoying Online Devices

One of the features that people love to enjoy with their entertainment is the sound. However, in many cases, they are not going to be able to crank the sound as loud as they want without disturbing others. Fortunately, there is an alternative. These alternatives are headphones. While they are some of the most widely used, these devices seem to be rather underrated. Also, many people who use headphones tend to go for the ear buds that stick into the ear. While these items typically do their job in providing music, they are obviously weaker than headphones and can be quite tough to keep in place. Another drawback is that they tend to offer rather tinny sound unless you pay for some high end buds.


Audiophiles prefer the more full sized headphones. These phones will give people the full sound experience. When looking for good headphones, they can’t go wrong with the Sony 1000X. They offer some really good sound for the price that they are selling for. Stores sell them for $400. They are also wireless.


While these headphones are good, one would probably prefer products that are a little more affordable. The good news is that there are tons of headphones that are priced lower than $50 that will offer people impressive high quality sound with very little distortion. These headphones also are long lasting. This is one issue with many headphones is that they tend to not last long. However, some low priced headphones will give people a lifetime of high quality sound that they can take advantage of as they play their games or watch their movies or even listen to music.


Trending Smart Home Technology In The World Today

Technology keeps on changing on a daily basis, thanks to the seamless efforts by many scientists in the world today. Each day is a marvel to us, for none of us knows what awaits us. By this, I mean that we are on the verge of living in smart homes. Technology has always been used to make people’s lives easier. Digitization of the entire household is a factor that characterizes a smart home. For this reason, gadgets like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, aircon systems will be controlled remotely by the help of the internet.

In a smart home, you will no longer be required to open a door manually. The manual opening of doors will be a thing of the past since such an establishment will have been fitted with strong sensors that detect human movement. As a result, a door will automatically open itself whenever a person approaches. For a smart home, computerization of the home lighting, entertainment, and even cooking systems is vital.

Also, people will be able to command different gadgets in a building verbally. For instance, one can tell a radio or television to adjust to a particular station. Therefore, such a residence will be ideal for old people and even individuals suffering from different disabilities.

With an advanced set of advanced devices, smart homes can save a resident a lot of money. An automated system means that aircon can switch on or off by themselves depending on the prevailing conditions, and also that light go off when a person exits the house.

Many a time people leave for work and totally forget to shut down their gas stove or ever water tap. Smart homes are created to prevent this from happening. One can shut all the home systems remotely provided that they have access to a smartphone and the internet. Thus, smart homes are safe environments for human habitation.

Smart home development will ensure that the personal needs of an occupant are catered for since they are automated to accommodate the needs of each resident, depending on the prevailing circumstances. Smart homes are yet to take the world by surprise, but when they do, they will totally transform people’s lives for the better.

Latest Advances In Truck Technology

Have you ever envisioned the world where self-driven trucks exist! Very soon this might become a reality. Accidents in our current world are a product of errant driving, by drivers who disregard traffic rules and regulations at every stop. Human error has been the highest contributor of road fatalities across the globe. However, many companies that deal with truck production are currently doing tests to ascertain whether or not computer systems can be trusted to control the movement of vehicles.


With this new technology, truck companies will surely be able to cut down on large costs. Increased savings on the part of truck operating companies is because computer systems installed in a vehicle will be able to coordinate movement of the automobile on a regular trend thus helping reduce drag. Moreover, moving parts of a self-driven truck will rarely get worn out.


Development of hybrid vehicles using robust sensors will ensure that they can adapt to their environments at the time. Besides, a lidar system will contribute to ensuring that these new trucks will not endanger the lives of human motorists.


Also, this vehicle will operate using a micro-supercomputer. The work of the super-computer is to transmit valuable data from different systems that make a regular truck move and stop. Also, the super-computer will store relevant data about the trucks flight history, information that is important in the development of highly efficient and self-controlled vehicles in future.


Another advantage we ought to experience with self-driven trailers is an increased amount of productivity. Human drivers are frequently constrained to eleven hours of driving since fatigue always sets in. However, a driver-less trailer will be able to utilize almost twenty-four hours of movement each day thus making it able to deliver products before time deadlines.


Also fitted in these vehicles are video cameras, radar, and a box of accelerometers. The radar will help a particular truck company keep a close eye on a given vehicle and can even stop it remotely from their operating headquarters.


Tests are currently on-going so as to perfect on the computer and mechanical systems of these modern marvels. However, commercial production of self-driven trucks is projected to begin in the next five years.


Twitter May Be Bought Out Soon

As if Google wasn’t already buying out startup after startup to add to its empire, they may now be acquiring the hashtag giant of them all, Twitter. According to The Verge, rumors are now circulating that the second-largest social media platform may now be putting itself up for sale to the highest bidder, a move that investors are now watching closely, and such that Twitter’s stock rose 23% after the rumors started. Google isn’t the only company interested in Twitter, as Salesforce and now even Verizon are also interested parties. All of this is coming on the heels of former head of TV, Andrew Adashek leaving the company.


Twitter appears to be in the midst of a transition period as the growth of new users and new streams of revenue have bottomed out. Twitter has attempted to garner new interest with its new feature for streaming Thursday Night NFL games, and presidential candidate Donald Trump always brings Twitter publicity when he makes a public statement on there. But even though Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also returned as CEO to try to resurrect his social media creation, it has not happened yet and now the clock may be ticking on the company. While Google, Salesforce, and Verizon are all in the mix of sales talk, nothing concrete has been established as far as mergers and acquisitions as of yet.


What could Google, Salesforce, or Verizon stand to gain from buying twitter? The network offers a wealth of user data that all of them would love to add to their vaults. More so, Google has had an existing relationship with Twitter that’s allowed both sides to profit from using Tweets in search engine rankings. And considering that Google Plus has failed to match Facebook on every level, Google may see Twitter as its opportunity to change that. Will such a move grow or thwart interest in using Twitter? It’s hard to say, but it appears to be inevitable if users wish to continue seeing their celebrities tweet.