Technology and How It Will Change in the Next Decade

Technology is really starting to change in a very grand way. People seem to never have enough technology, and it is obvious that there is a lot room for growth. The big thing that people have to consider is how technology will change in the next decade. For many people there may already be sufficient technology, but for the tech hungry young adults this is just the beginning.

In the next decade people are going to see a lot of changes in technology because there is a rapid growth in the production of technology. All people really have to do is look at the time frame in which their phones become outdated. Apple releases a new phone at least twice a year. People seem to be fascinated with this type of technology, and all of the voice activated apps and features will only gain more attention within the next decade.

Amazon is a surefire sign of voice activated technology, and this will only advance within the next decade as customer demand grows. People will see a shift in the way that technology is utilized for physical tasks. Right now there are a lot of voice activated concepts where people can simply speak and change channels on their television. Within the next ticket decade more people will become accustomed to robots in the home. There will be robots in place that will be able to do simple tasks within the home. This is going to be one of the biggest changes in technology.

Homeowners are going to be able to benefit from technology changes in the next decade because there will be more things that make life easier. People are going to get the opportunity to connect with friends easier because there will be a great increase in social media outlets.

Rubica, the Ransomware solution

The answer to as to why you might need a sound cybersecurity might seem too simple for you until you experience its devastating effects first hand. “Ransomware,” does it ring a bell? This article first appeared in “Investing News” authored by Jocelyn Aspa.

The report emphasized the growing need for excellent cybersecurity measures due to rising cyber crimes like the WannaCry attacks that happened in May 2017. The author wrote that the Ransomware infected over 300,000 digital users and software in over 150 countries.


Leave alone this incident, cyber crimes threats are increasing at an alarming rate, and its devastating effects is reported to be anywhere between $400billion and even as high as $500billion.


With the number of attacks increasing it carries the level of damage along, with politicians and bigger corporations at risk. The attackers are reported to be targeting mainly large center of information and attack carriers.

The article added that due to rising cybersecurity issues, more companies are learning from the history and embracing attack counter measures and the allocation of funds is gaining traction. But with Rubica app in all of your devices, you can avoid all of these headaches.


Rubica is the only company that can guarantee you online safety and privacy. It protects you, your family and your business from online cyber crimes like ransomware. Whether you are a small business or a world class corporation, Rubica can provide you security and total privacy. You just need to download their app and install it in all of your devices.

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How Monitors Are Improving Entertainment and Technology

There have been a lot of changes to the entertainment industry. For one thing, the technology for watching movies and playing games always involved one aspect ratio. As a result, if there is anything that has been produced for a different ratio, then it has to either be cropped or letterboxed. As a result, there has been some confusion and disappointment in the results. Now, Samsung has been at work in bringing tons of innovation to people. For one thing, they have come up with different shapes of monitors beyond the 16:9 aspect ratio. They have brought forth 21:9, 2.4:1, and now 32:9.


These monitors come with a lot of good potential for entertainment. For one thing, it is no longer necessary to put up with those annoying black bars. This also encourages producers of games and movies to experiment with alternate aspect ratios. They no longer have to deal with the complaints of black bars from customers that just want to have their screens filled. Customers are also going to be made aware of different options for aspect ratios. This makes it really fun for people who may want to have different options for entertainment.


While these monitors are amazing to look at, it is highly unlikely that these monitors are going to be translated to televisions. HDTVs are going to maintain their 16:9 ratio for a long time to come. Another thing that is makes these monitors unique is that they have a slightly higher resolutions than UHD televisions. They are a bit closer to theatrical 4K as opposed to the home version of 4K. Therefore, as technology develops, people will eventually get to see how powerful these items can be.


Governments Have new Tools to Serve the Public

Healthcare management now has a cutting-edge and powerful tool that makes serving the public’s needs efficient and less troublesome. This tool is the integrative e-governe system. It offers solutions to governments when it comes to administrative tasks and information tracking. The technology, safety, support and storage that operates this system is most innovative.

When it comes to the technological aspect of e-governe, the system is nimble, simple and user friendly. It operates through traditional browsers using a desktop, but it can also run from various handheld and mobile devices. The safety features of this system use security modules that allow for complete access and control per user. They also include an operations history and algorithms, regarding access and encryption. Of course, every system requires support and troubleshooting on different levels, for several possible reasons. To this end, a highly trained and qualified team is ready to provide technical and operational assistance to any aspect of public management. All the other aspects of this system come together with the use of a data center that offers hosting, processing, storage and monitoring, within an autonomous setting.

The purpose behind the e-governe system is to aid in the effective management of municipal and state health secretariats. This is one of the most challenging tasks for the institution of public administration. However, this system allows for scheduling appointments and organization of professionals, through the integration of healthcare units and sectors along with a clinical and dental chart. In the end, service queues are no longer needed and the quality of service to the public is vastly increased.

There are other aspects to this tool. E-governe Saude keeps a close eye on the distribution and stocks of medicines that come from pharmacies. It also keeps a tight lid on the application vaccines. At the same time, it schedules special consultations and examinations. While doing all that, it controls ambulatory, hospital services and bed control. It even offers total management in regards to financial resources. The system knows how to leverage when it is integrated with e-government materials.

The results of using e-governe are outstanding. For starters, it regionalizes attendance, which lets governments and healthcare workers know just how many people are in their territories. This allows for better control when it comes to the flow of patients between municipalities. It also controls the agreements between municipalities and those between the state and municipalities. It manages financials transfers, without wasting time. The system organizes the processes needed to get work done. It even controls the flow of patients when it comes to heath units on It knows the correct dimensions of health units, as well. The system allows for the structuring of other health programs into its operating protocols.

The e-governe system has successful results in municipalities of Brazil. For example, Osasco of Greater Sao Paulo uses it to manage school system. This entails 138 school within the city, along with the headquarters of the Municipal Education Department and the Continuing Education Center. This is just one of example of how the system works for the public.

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Rick Smith: Helping Securus Technologies Serve The Corrections Industry

Rick Smith is the CEO of SECURUS Technology. He assumed the position in July, 2008. Many believe he was the right person to take the reins of the company because of his experience, focus and drive. This enabled him to more the company forward and help to make them the undisputed leader in the corrections industry when it comes to quality products and services. Smith has an excellent background, unique skillset and an impressive track record. He has worked in finance, operations, information technology, business development, telecommunications and more. His leadership skills have always set him apart.

SECURUS Technologies is a company that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Led by Rick Smith, they provide a wide range of services for more than 1,000,000 inmates and 2,600 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies in North America. Under Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has continued its commitment to providing the corrections community with technology and services for incident management, emergency response, communications, monitoring, biometric analysis, public information, investigation and inmate self-service. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Rick Smith has a solid educational background. He has an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo and a master’s in engineering from the State University of New York. Smith also attended the University of Rochester where he earned an MBA from their Simon School.

From 1972 until 1998 he held a series of positions with Global Crossing North America Inc. His roles included controller and chief information officer. Smith was also Frontier Information Technologies president, Midwest Telephone Operations vice president, Network Plant Operations Director, director of Business Development as well as vice president of the company’s Financial Management.

Rick Smith then moved on to Eschelon Telecom Inc. where from 1998 until 2000 he was the company’s chief financial officer. From 2000 to 2003 he was company president and he was then promoted to CEO. During that time he increased the company’s revenue from $30 million to $350 million. In the summer of 2005, Smith led the company to a successful IPO. He remained with the company until 2007. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

In June 2008 Securus Technologies hired Richard Smith as president and CEO. He became company chairman in January, 2009. While Smith was leading the company, their biggest competition has been Global Tel Link. Securus has a larger set of products and services. Plus it has a domestic call center manned by its own staff which performs 600% better than its competition. Securus Technologies also has trained field technicians and has created the world’s largest VOIP Corrections calling platform. Under Smith’s leadership the company also invested over $600 million in patents, technologies and acquisitions between 2013 and 2016.


Everything You Need To Know About IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is one of the top companies in the world in that offer advanced technical and professional services in the management of facilities as well as large scale logistics services. IAP is the number one choice for massive global clients such as humanitarian organizations, commercial enterprises, the military and various governments. It has a reputation for doing the job right and delivering on time, making it the go-to company for all these global clients. When you are looking for a partner to do the job right, IAP should be your choice. IAP Worldwide provides their services anywhere in the world, whether you need mission critical projects done swiftly or the construction, operation, and maintenance of key initiatives.

IAP Worldwide services’ recent US government contracts

The company in October announced the acquisition of the contract to support the US Army distributed common ground system. The deal is worth $53 million on and will include tasks such as warehouse operations, training, system reconciliation, hardware certification/accreditation, processing data and hardware systems engineering. These services will be based in Fort Hood, Texas and other localities around the globe. This particular contract will be executed via the R23G (Rapid Response Third Generation) contract channel.

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The US Navy Contract

On November 11, 2016, the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command awarded IAP Worldwide Services the federal contract to provide logistics and support services. It is a $61.39 Million contract whose tasks will be carried out in Travis Air Force Base in California, Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska and the Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland.

Careers at IAP Worldwide Services

IAP is a top employer. The company is always in the search for talented individuals eager to make the world a better place. It takes a lot of commitment and diligence to get an organization that gets to the top of its game. It is this kind of dedication and diligence that you will find at IAP. Integrity, responsibility, respect, and ingenuity are all the qualities associated with IAP Worldwide services. The company’s current job listing includes, among others; a senior manager in corporate tax based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, a senior budget analyst on Facebook to be based in Indiana, a project accountant in Florida and a finance manager to be based in Northern Virginia. There are various openings in computing and engineering departments. You can apply to any of the open positions via the official IAP website.

Self Driving Robots Threaten Delivery Industry

Julie O’Keefe, a 67-year-old woman living in San Francisco, recently got a delivery from a tiny robot. It pulled up to her house in San Francisco and inside were the pastries she had ordered from a local bakery. This robot is part of a recent test by a company known as Starship Technologies. They have developed a line of autonomous robots that can deliver orders to customers on demand. The company is located in both London and Estonia but has satellite offices around the world. Their purpose is to have robots fulfill the final part of home deliveries.

Starship Technologies has been testing in Europe for a while now. The encountered millions of pedestrians along their journey and the robots handled their job with precision. They are now penetrating the U.S. market. The robotic couriers will get their goods from a logistics hub near the home they are delivering to and then deliver it within a 2 mile radius. Through a partnership with Mercedes Benz, the company is even loading robots into a Sprinter van that will help the robots get to their destination faster. This plan could save customers in select areas a lot of money and allow them to get their goods for under $3.

Starship Technologies was founded back in 2014 by the founders of Skype. Their names are Janus Friis and Ahti Heinla. Skype was recently purchased by Microsoft for billions of dollars and so they two men have a lot of funds for investing in companies. The two men love robots and they also worked on developing a robot that could collect rock samples from the moon. They used this same technology to create their autonomous delivery robots. The bots can use camera, GPS, proprietary map technology, and special software to navigate the world around them. It is planned to have the robots aid senior citizens who have severe mobility issues in the near future too.

Brad Templeton is an advisor working for Starship Technologies. In a recent interview, he commented that there are many boomers who are retiring and they have needs this robot could help to fulfill. It will also be economical for them. You can read more about the autonomous robots here in an article from Business Insider.

Chinese Telescope Searches The Universe For Life

There is a new player in the search for Alien life. China completed the world’s largest telescope not long ago and it has been a source of great excitement. The telescope is a massive 500 meters in diameter and its total area is the size of 30 American Football fields. It will possess more power than ever before to detect life from distant planets.

According to Douglas Vakoch, the president of METI International, the Chinese telescope will be able to see further in space than all other devices invented. It will also get the job done faster. METI is a nonprofit that is devoted to looking for alien intelligence. The Chinese telescope is located in southwest China in the mountains. It will officially begin its operations on September 25th. Amongst astronomers, the time when a telescope becomes active for the firs time is called “first light. This first picture of the universe taken by the telescope is thought to be special.

The telescope is named FAST for Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. Its field of vision is nearly twice as large as ARECIBO which was built in Puerto Rico 53 years ago. Its true that Russia has a system of telescopes named RATAN that are 600 meters in diameter but they are not a single device. It took a very long time to find the right place to build FAST. The total cost of the project was $185 million and construction began in 2011. It is composed of more than 4000 triangular panels all networked together. The structure can never be moved but its panels can be adjusted.

The surface can be manipulated to point at certain spots in the sky. There is a network of ropes made from steel that use hydraulic push and pull to change the configuration of the telescope. The telescope is located in the province of Guizhou in China and it is just one of more than 400 locations that scientists looked at when considering where to build it. It took 10 years of surveying to find just the right spot. The valley where it is built has the perfect egg shape to protect the telescope from radio interference and the walls of the surrounding mountain help. You can read more about the FAST telescope here at Business Insider.

Advancement In Communications Technology

Phones have advanced far beyond what we believed they would. For one thing, phones were only used for talking in the beginning. However, technology and software have brought phones to the point where one could play games, watch television and watch movies on. The picture quality is amazing and the sound quality is much greater as well. With phones, people can surf the internet and do some shopping. This and other activities make cellphones very important devices for people. Now it is common for people to have cellphones on them at all times when before, telephones were reserved for the home.

Among the things people could use smartphones for is making money. There are a lot of business transactions that could be done over the mobile phone. With the use of smartphone technology, people could do a lot more things with their technology. While a lot of people use smartphones for entertainment, many people could also use smartphones for education and even business purposes. To top it off, this is just the beginning of mobile technological advancements. People are finding ways to make their lives mobile. Therefore, they will be able to work where they want and how they want with mobile phone technology.

Among the advancements that make smartphones so popular are cameras. Not only do many mobile phones have working camcorders, a lot of them have the capability of recording high quality and video and taking a high quality images. Some of these images rival that of professional photography. To top it off, there are post production apps that people with devices such as the iPhone camera can use in order to enhance their photography.

Among the recent developments for image recording technology is Pictar. Pictar offers many more buttons to the iPhone camera which include three control wheels and a shutter button. These buttons will allow you to zoom in on the picture and take on quite a few different functions. Communications technology has definitely come a long way for people.