Empowering The Masses For Global Change Through The Avaaz Organization

In the world today, there is an ever-increasing concern for bringing about better change in many countries. With the constant struggles for democracy across much of the Middle East and Asia, there is no lack of a need for positive forces to counterbalance terroristic leaders. The need for positive influence against corruption and abuses from people in power is not in small demand.Because of this there are a series of different organizations around the world that have been developed over the last two decades that are involved in the fight against whole variety of important protective issues. Some of the most prominent issues faced by people in all nations include: climate change, poverty, animal rights, wars and conflicts and the ever constant need to battle third world corruption. That is exactly what Avaaz Organization is involved with every day. Avaaz is a worldwide non-profit corporation that was started in 2007 to help promote global activism specifically in these areas.

 Founders Of Avaaz

The group was founded by a group of progressive activists from the U.S. and Australia. Some of the primary founders are part of MoveOn.org. However, other prominent co-founders include a former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello and the Service Employees International Union. The Avaaz Organization has been noted to be involved in a variety of civic and democracy related events on many fronts.

Sample Of Avaaz Projects

On a global scale they have worked covertly behind the scenes in Syria and Iran. One of their more controversial and prominent projects in 2009 was setting up a proxy server during the protests in Iran to allow demonstrators to still have internet access to rally more of the public. They did this by allowing the protestors to upload videos of the protests through the use of their proxies when the government had shut down internet access. They have also been involved in U.S. projects to block companies like Monsanto from their continued contamination of produce and campaigns to protect the U.S. bee population from extinction from pesticides.

The Core Of Avaaz

The main founding president and CEO of the organization is Ricken Patel. He received his Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard and was intrinsically involved in the group known as the International Crisis Group. This groups primary focus is bringing opposing sides together globally in areas of significant strife to start a dialogue. His work brought him into places like Sierra Leone, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Liberia where he worked on brokering peace discussions.The Avaaz Organization does not typically take donations from foundations or corporations. It primarily is funded through smaller donations from people who become members. Those donations from members do not typically exceed $5,000. Presently, Avaaz has nearly 47 million members worldwide. Their website is available in 17 different languages.

Destructive Hurricanes Increase Technological Inventions and Internet Usage

Technology firms have advanced to try out a number of new inventions in the industry. The end of the season in which the hurricane befell cities in 2017 ushered in this new advancement. In remote places like Puerto Rico, people have adapted to the use of battery systems and solar as reliable sources of power.

Other companies such as Alphabet which birthed Google have been licensed power the interior of places by using energy from cells. The electricity systems were vandalized by the heavy floods which lasted for a number of days. This has been termed as the balloon project. Although the technology has not been implemented in other places like the Virgin Islands, it is already serving the people who can reach it satisfactorily

Nonetheless, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have adopted a recent technology, TV white space. Courtesy of Microsoft, people can now afford to access the Internet with wireless connections. This has led to the division between the ancient broadcast channels with bands. These new networks satisfy the needs of subscribers compared to how mobile phones deliver the similar services. Microsoft has indeed embraced technology for the benefits of their users. The white paper came into existence not earlier than July 2017.

Most of all, the invention serves the remote areas way better than it would have to the developed cities. It has telecommunication waves which carry signals over long distances compared to cellular networks. Also known as Super Wi-Fi, it surpasses the barriers posed by physical features and those that may affect the operations of the software applications.

Microsoft seems to be full of surprises. It again launched Airband which is used to power internet connections in the slums and interior places in the United States of America. Additionally, the firm is determined to eliminate the surges of the Internet within the cities of the United States of America.

A variety of hurricanes have constantly stuck the Americans. Companies such as Microsoft collaborated with the V.I. Bureau of Information Technology Director to promote the usage of Airband to increase communications among people.