Twitter May Be Bought Out Soon

As if Google wasn’t already buying out startup after startup to add to its empire, they may now be acquiring the hashtag giant of them all, Twitter. According to The Verge, rumors are now circulating that the second-largest social media platform may now be putting itself up for sale to the highest bidder, a move that investors are now watching closely, and such that Twitter’s stock rose 23% after the rumors started. Google isn’t the only company interested in Twitter, as Salesforce and now even Verizon are also interested parties. All of this is coming on the heels of former head of TV, Andrew Adashek leaving the company.

Twitter appears to be in the midst of a transition period as the growth of new users and new streams of revenue have bottomed out. Twitter has attempted to garner new interest with its new feature for streaming Thursday Night NFL games, and presidential candidate Donald Trump always brings Twitter publicity when he makes a public statement on there. But even though Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also returned as CEO to try to resurrect his social media creation, it has not happened yet and now the clock may be ticking on the company. While Google, Salesforce, and Verizon are all in the mix of sales talk, nothing concrete has been established as far as mergers and acquisitions as of yet.

What could Google, Salesforce, or Verizon stand to gain from buying twitter? The network offers a wealth of user data that all of them would love to add to their vaults. More so, Google has had an existing relationship with Twitter that’s allowed both sides to profit from using Tweets in search engine rankings. And considering that Google Plus has failed to match Facebook on every level, Google may see Twitter as its opportunity to change that. Will such a move grow or thwart interest in using Twitter? It’s hard to say, but it appears to be inevitable if users wish to continue seeing their celebrities tweet.

Chairman Pai Prepares to Dismantle Net Neutrality in America

Remember, back in 2014, when the internet went crazy over net neutrality? The FCC website received so many comments that it crashed. In the end, net neutrality regulations passed, and the internet breathed a sigh of relief. Well, it’s almost exactly two years later and, thanks to new FCC chairman Ajit Pai, the internet is starting to worry again.


Back when he was an FCC commissioner, Pai voted against net neutrality, and on Tuesday, during his speech at the Mobile World Congress, Pai confirmed that he sees rolling back the regulations as a priority. Calling them a ‘mistake’, he claimed they had led to a decline in broadband investment.


Net neutrality is the principle that all data on the internet should be treated equally. Supporters argue that, without its protections, internet service providers would restrict access to certain websites. From a consumer perspective, you could end up with a situation where you buy a basic package that allows you to access, say, YouTube but have to pay more if you want to access other sites. Smaller websites would be unable to compete, stifling innovation and free speech, and consumers would end up paying more for less.


But Pai sees the regulations as bad for telecommunication companies and, therefore, bad for consumers. He has argued that, without the fees companies could charge if net neutrality was reversed, they have less to invest in much-needed infrastructure. In his speech, he cited data from industry lobbyists USTelecom that showed a decline in infrastructure investment since net neutrality was passed.


However, public data

Trending Smart Home Technology In The World Today

Technology keeps on changing on a daily basis, thanks to the seamless efforts by many scientists in the world today. Each day is a marvel to us, for none of us knows what awaits us. By this, I mean that we are on the verge of living in smart homes. Technology has always been used to make people’s lives easier. Digitization of the entire household is a factor that characterizes a smart home. For this reason, gadgets like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, aircon systems will be controlled remotely by the help of the internet.

In a smart home, you will no longer be required to open a door manually. The manual opening of doors will be a thing of the past since such an establishment will have been fitted with strong sensors that detect human movement. As a result, a door will automatically open itself whenever a person approaches. For a smart home, computerization of the home lighting, entertainment, and even cooking systems is vital.

Also, people will be able to command different gadgets in a building verbally. For instance, one can tell a radio or television to adjust to a particular station. Therefore, such a residence will be ideal for old people and even individuals suffering from different disabilities.

With an advanced set of advanced devices, smart homes can save a resident a lot of money. An automated system means that aircon can switch on or off by themselves depending on the prevailing conditions, and also that light go off when a person exits the house.

Many a time people leave for work and totally forget to shut down their gas stove or ever water tap. Smart homes are created to prevent this from happening. One can shut all the home systems remotely provided that they have access to a smartphone and the internet. Thus, smart homes are safe environments for human habitation.

Smart home development will ensure that the personal needs of an occupant are catered for since they are automated to accommodate the needs of each resident, depending on the prevailing circumstances. Smart homes are yet to take the world by surprise, but when they do, they will totally transform people’s lives for the better.

Developing Accurate Internet Suicide Prediction Algorithms

Can artificial intelligence (“AI”) help Internet sites detect suicidal people? Apparently, some psychologists think so. Today a number of academic researchers and high tech entrepreneurs seek to create algorithms to enable computers to pinpoint and identify posts by people who may find themselves considering suicide using AI tools.


Dr. Jessica Ribeiro, a professor of Psychology at Florida State University, recently led a study which concluded artificially intelligent computers can predict suicide attempts with between 80% and 90% accuracy as early as two years in advance. One week prior to a suicide attempt, the accuracy rate climbs to an astonishing 92%. Another study from researchers at the same institution revealed that during the past five decades, human beings had not succeeded in predicting suicide accurately. Clinicians typically focused on three high risk factors: stress, depression and substance abuse.


Facebook has reportedly been working along the same lines. A news story carried by the BBC indicated the large social media company has already started using an algorithm coupled with artificial intelligence to screen postings. When the tech company identifies account holders at high risk of committing suicide, it seeks to contact them to suggest alternatives. The BBC news story claimed Facebook has begun testing this new technology in the United States.


Representatives from organizations committed to suicide prevention assisted Facebook in refining its pattern recognition tools to identify potentially at-risk posters. The new app reportedly offers several support options to possibly suicidal posters. Some critics have expressed concern the new suicide identification app, which cuts off live video streams, may actually remove a useful tool for obtaining timely intervention. In the past, upset Facebook users reportedly contacted the police about posts threatening suicide and prevented a number of deaths. Research into this complex area remains ongoing.


Latest Advances In Truck Technology

Have you ever envisioned the world where self-driven trucks exist! Very soon this might become a reality. Accidents in our current world are a product of errant driving, by drivers who disregard traffic rules and regulations at every stop. Human error has been the highest contributor of road fatalities across the globe. However, many companies that deal with truck production are currently doing tests to ascertain whether or not computer systems can be trusted to control the movement of vehicles.


With this new technology, truck companies will surely be able to cut down on large costs. Increased savings on the part of truck operating companies is because computer systems installed in a vehicle will be able to coordinate movement of the automobile on a regular trend thus helping reduce drag. Moreover, moving parts of a self-driven truck will rarely get worn out.


Development of hybrid vehicles using robust sensors will ensure that they can adapt to their environments at the time. Besides, a lidar system will contribute to ensuring that these new trucks will not endanger the lives of human motorists.


Also, this vehicle will operate using a micro-supercomputer. The work of the super-computer is to transmit valuable data from different systems that make a regular truck move and stop. Also, the super-computer will store relevant data about the trucks flight history, information that is important in the development of highly efficient and self-controlled vehicles in future.


Another advantage we ought to experience with self-driven trailers is an increased amount of productivity. Human drivers are frequently constrained to eleven hours of driving since fatigue always sets in. However, a driver-less trailer will be able to utilize almost twenty-four hours of movement each day thus making it able to deliver products before time deadlines.


Also fitted in these vehicles are video cameras, radar, and a box of accelerometers. The radar will help a particular truck company keep a close eye on a given vehicle and can even stop it remotely from their operating headquarters.


Tests are currently on-going so as to perfect on the computer and mechanical systems of these modern marvels. However, commercial production of self-driven trucks is projected to begin in the next five years.


Saturday’s Women’s Walk Reverberates Through the Tech Industry

The resounding reverberation of gender inequality has been echoing for decades. Last week’s prodigious women’s walk across the United States increased the volume a dozen decibels. “I am woman, hear me roar” was heard anew across the United States as a colossal cry for women’s equality. Within the technology industry, these echoes should be an overwhelming wake up call.

Women and Technology Today

Women share, shop, surf and search as often as their male counterparts, frequently more attune to the technological world than men are. Tech businesses must appreciate the magnitude of unhappiness as a solemn warning from all women that they are not going to accept business as usual, no matter what area of business it is.

Over the last 20 years the propensity of women in STEM studies, (science, technology, engineering and math), has frequently been undermined. But, apparently women have accepted this as a challenge. Females have taken the initiative, positioning themselves educationally to be viable parts of one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Polarized by Current News

The massive volume of women, who participated in Saturday’s marches, unmistakably confirms the intensity of female discontent towards all industries. In the modernized world of technology, these sentiments are even more pronounced. Since tech companies portray themselves as being polarized by current events, executives should appreciate the rationale behind an enormous rally for public sentiment, a day after the presidential inauguration.

Not Just Pay Inequality

With marches materializing all over the country, the true level of restlessness harbored in the female workforce was obvious. These agitated voices were sounding off against actual hiring and promotion biases, as they were pay inequality. The corporate hiring balance within tech companies must be scrutinized as closely as the pay and benefits packages are.

Visualize Unified Goals

Naturally one of the most visible industries in the world, Tech entities would be wise to pay very close attention these marches. A unified pledge between technology companies and those who are striving to bridge the gender gap would help both to realize their fundamental goals.

Women want to be more than just heard today; they are striving for equal acceptance. The Tech industry has an opportunity to take 21st century technological goals and build a unifying relationship with women, presenting society with a model for gender equality.

Net Neutraliity Could Be Reversed

In the recent years, there have been rules put in place for net neutrality. However, this is likely to be undone. For one thing, President-Elect Trump is against net-neutrality and is looking to reverse the legislation that has been put in place. One thing that a lack of net-neutrality could bring forth is that smaller sites will be slowed down. For one thing, the sites have to pay a fee in order to reach people like the larger businesses could. However, this could prove to be a harder battle for Trump because there are entities that support network neutrality. Among the supporters of this current system are Twitter, Google, and other major companies.

One thing is for certain, even if they do decide that they are going to undo net neutrality, it is going to take more than a year for this deal to take effect. There are also other factors to consider like one of the key players in FCC. If he is still working, then it could be even harder for Trump to take on net-neutrality. Hopefully, things will be worked out for the best of those that are trying to get their business off the ground with the use of internet.

There are a lot of issues that the reverse of net neutrality could cause for people. For one thing, this could result in the loss of users for not just certain sites, but for the whole of internet. A lot of people might find themselves going back to the physical stores in order to do their shopping. While it would be a good thing for more people to get outside, it is not a good thing to do some underhanded tricks in order to limit technology.

One thing that could be said for Trump is that his era is going to introduce a lot to the country. They will be both good and bad for the users who used to the way things are right now.

Windows 10 Drops Wi-Fi

One thing is certain, there is a lot of frustrations when it comes to software. One of the frustrations that people are facing now is with Windows 10. Windows 10 is dropping wi-fi service. People experience the loss of contact with internet with Windows 10. Another frustrating thing about this is that there is not a fix for this issue yet. AS a result, people are going to have to bear with this software until they finally do come up with a solution. However, there is a lot of frustration when people are in the middle of something only for them to lose internet access.

However, one of the things that professionals have stated that could help with the problem is rebooting the computer. This is a common fix. One thing that seems to fix a lot of problems is rebooting the system. This tends to correct a lot of problems that people run into. It is also important to state that Windows 10 is not the first and only system to have this type of problem. It is common for devices and operating systems to drop wi-fi access. Fortunately, the problem is easy to handle until the professionals come up with a better solution.

As of right now, the developers are working to come up with an update that fixes the problem. They have looked into many different possibilities. For one thing, when the system boots up, there is an error that makes it connect to an IP address that is not working.

Another interesting thing is that it is not just the Windows 10 devices that are acting like this. There are some devices that have older versions of Windows which is dropping the Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, they are looking into the issue in order to find a good solution that is going to allow people to enjoy the internet with very few interruptions. Here’s hoping that the next update is going to fix this issue.

Advancement In Communications Technology

Phones have advanced far beyond what we believed they would. For one thing, phones were only used for talking in the beginning. However, technology and software have brought phones to the point where one could play games, watch television and watch movies on. The picture quality is amazing and the sound quality is much greater as well. With phones, people can surf the internet and do some shopping. This and other activities make cellphones very important devices for people. Now it is common for people to have cellphones on them at all times when before, telephones were reserved for the home.

Among the things people could use smartphones for is making money. There are a lot of business transactions that could be done over the mobile phone. With the use of smartphone technology, people could do a lot more things with their technology. While a lot of people use smartphones for entertainment, many people could also use smartphones for education and even business purposes. To top it off, this is just the beginning of mobile technological advancements. People are finding ways to make their lives mobile. Therefore, they will be able to work where they want and how they want with mobile phone technology.

Among the advancements that make smartphones so popular are cameras. Not only do many mobile phones have working camcorders, a lot of them have the capability of recording high quality and video and taking a high quality images. Some of these images rival that of professional photography. To top it off, there are post production apps that people with devices such as the iPhone camera can use in order to enhance their photography.

Among the recent developments for image recording technology is Pictar. Pictar offers many more buttons to the iPhone camera which include three control wheels and a shutter button. These buttons will allow you to zoom in on the picture and take on quite a few different functions. Communications technology has definitely come a long way for people.

Iran Is Set to Launch Domestic Internet

Iran’s communications and technology minister recently announced that the country has completed the first phase of its plan to introduce domestic internet. The announcement came during the inauguration ceremony for the project held on 28th August 2016.

According to the minister, the main aim of the initiative is to create affordable internet access to people featuring high-quality and high-speed connections. However, many critics are opposed to the move citing that the true aim of the project is to monitor what the citizens of the country are doing online. They termed it as a prohibitory move that robs the citizens of their right to access information.

The country has already blocked Facebook and Twitter access just like China. According to many critics, a government controlled internet would just make the situation worse. There are wide speculations that there will be severe limits to how people interact online, which could also lead to erosion of privacy and individual control.

The project, which is dubbed, National Information Network is already behind schedule by one year. The plan is divided into three phases. The first phase involves the initial launch, which has already happened. The second phase will see the domestic video services launched on the platform at the beginning of 2017 and the third phase will follow with an introduction of national and independent communication system. The whole project should be complete by March 2017.

However, the government is contradicting with the speculations terming the project as a beneficial one with an aim to create an intranet that will be used to popularize Islamic content and also increase digital knowledge among Iranians. According to Mr Vaezi, the new project will replace the internet, which is full of inappropriate content. The government seeks to limit the access of the current internet via filters. All the national events and services will be included in the domestic internet.

Mr Vaezi further added that the initiative would help the government control cyber security threats citing recent efforts to combat server DDOD attacks that were witnessed a while ago. The ministry confirmed that the citizens’ privacy will be respected throughout. However, many human rights organizations have questioned the Iranian government’s sincerity with the project fearing that there would be a breach of people’s privacy and freedom of communication.