YouTube Adds New Section to Videos for Additional Song Information

As of May 16, 2018, YouTube has officially made a long awaited change to how its video descriptions work, adding an additional section to include specific song information for music used in a particular video.

So far, over half a billion videos have been given this treatment with more to come in the future as the feature is progressively rolled out. Labeled as the “music in this video” section under the “SHOW MORE” tab, certain videos can now offer information on song titles, their artists, their writers, and the licenses associated with the music. Some videos will even feature a link to an artist’s official channel if the song isn’t being played from the channel already.

This decision was likely made either as part of or in response to the settlement YouTube and the National Music Publishers Association, which cost the Google-owned entity around $40 million worth of royalties to artists. Properly crediting those who make the music on videos would just be one way in which they could avoid this happening in the future, especially if it meant steering viewers back to the artists’ official channels and away from unauthorized uploads.

Unfortunately, this isn’t all good news. In order to help locate videos and provide the proper credit, YouTube has turned to its favorite solution to all problems: The algorithm. To make matters worse, the company says it will be using the same technology that goes into its Content ID system, considered by many to be a disastrous piece of code notable for causing many, many, many problems over the years related to false flagging, improperly flagging, or simply not flagging at all copyrighted material and works allowed under fair use.

If the company can manage to properly utilize this feature, however, it could provide much needed credit and revenue to the artists who make the songs we love. Execution will likely be the determining factor of how things end up.

“Music in this video” is now available for a large number of videos on both the desktop and mobile app versions of YouTube, with more to come in the near future.

Capital Expenditure Increases in the Technology Industry

Over the course of the last century, there has been an incredible development in the technology that is used by the world. It was not that long ago that individuals were still using a horse and buggy to get around. Today you are able to simply hop on a plane and be across the world in a matter of hours. It probably comes as no surprise that one of the largest drivers of the economy today is the technology industry.
In the first quarter of the financial year of 2018, one of the largest drivers of capital investment has been stocks from technology companies instead of the traditional industrial giants. When you take a look at the numbers, you will see that capital expenditures are on the path to a growth of 25.9%. Over half of that growth is being driven by companies in the information technology industry. This growth is pushing technology companies stocks to a five-year high. A disproportionate amount of this growth has been posted by Google and Microsoft. A smaller but still significant percentage of this growth has been by companies related to cloud computing and semi conductors.
Earlier this year Pres. Donald Trump decreased the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. The extra capital that this decrease has generated has mostly gone into dividends and share buybacks rather than capital investments that are the typical movers of economic growth.
Industrial corporations are actually decreasing the amount of capital they use for investment. In fact, across the board, the overall rate of capital expenditure is decreasing except for that of the technology industry.
Consumer discretionary spending is another area that is pushing forward growth in capital expenditure however much of that comes from Amazon, another technology company. Capital expenditure is even increasing amongst smaller companies in the technology industry as many of them have been able to increase their spending. The overall growth rate is up to 48% during this quarter.
This will likely continue in the long term however in the short term for the rest of this year rate of growth are expected to decrease.

An Alledged Facebook Stalker Has Been Identified

The world of advanced technologies seems to be going haywire these days. With so many adverse situations with the internet, and social media, it is difficult to know who is trustworthy, and who is not. Consumers are now having trust issues because the people who are supposed to protect their information, are proving themselves to be untrustworthy, and corrupt. Facebook has been under fire for weeks, and now something else goes wrong. The security engineer with the social media giant has been accused of using the personal information of customers to stalk women online.

This is a horrible blow to the social media industry. Facebook is investigating the allegations against the security engineer who has admitted to being a stalker for a number of years. This misconduct of the employee seems like fire is being added to the downward spiral of events that are upsetting the internet social leader. Consumers may be getting to the point of disgust with what was an enjoyable way to stay connected with friends and family. The most recent allegations may decrease the popularity of Facebook. It will definitely make people be more concerned about their safety on the open web.

Whether or not Facebook is being pounded with an influx of conspiracies is at the back of the minds of many social media users. No one wants to think that they can be singled out, and stalked by someone in an entity that they once trusted. Of course, the person was fired for violating the responsibilities of his position, but who is to say that there is not another who will, or have, taken advantage of their positions. These types of allegations are found in several industries when someone has control over important information.

The Facebook consumers want to know what can they expect to happen next. Will there be some kind of assurance issued that will ensure that this type of thing doesn’t happen again? Women may be reluctant to continue on Facebook because of this. No one knows if this type of damage can be undone, or if they should continue to be uneasy about it.

A Great Overview of Louis Chenevert

Former chief executive officer, president, and chairman of United Technologies Corporation, Louis R. Chenevert, served with utmost honesty and dedication until his retirement in 2014. He attained the rank of President and chief executive officer in 2008 and was later appointed as chairman in 2010. Previously, he served as president of Pratt & Whitney from 1999 until he joined United Technologies Corporation in 2006. Before he obtained a position at Pratt & Whitney, he worked at General Motors as the Production General Manager.

From 2015 to 2017, Chenevert served as a Senior Industry Advisor at the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division. He is also a former member of the CEO Forum for USA and India. Since 2011, he has served on the Board of Directors of Cargill Incorporation. He acquired the chairman position at the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation in 2017 and currently serves in the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board as Chairman. In 2011, he attained an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Montreal. He is the chairman and founding director of the Friends Board of Directors for HEC Montreal, as well as the chairman of its International Advisory Board.

After he got promoted as CEO of UTC, Chenevert managed to improve and sustain the company as it was a period of crisis for many companies. Interesting to note, as majority of other companies focused on cutting costs by moving their production to countries that would have them spending less, Louis moved their production to the United States of America. He reasoned that cheap labor would bring about cheap products, thus poor results, leading him to transfer the workers and engineers to the state of Connecticut where they would work together. The objective of this endeavor was to allow the best minds in the group to work together, solving the highlighted problems, and leading the rest of the team to achieve the desired goal. As much as this was not the most cost effective alternative, it was worth it as they were able to continue producing high quality products.

While at UTC, one of the achievements of Louis Chenevert that stood out was his ability to strike a deal with Goodrich Corporation. They were able to buy the company which they combined with a different property, resulting in the development of UTC aerospace systems. Through this endeavor, the United Technologies Corporation was able to achieve high market dominance throughout the globe.


Without a doubt, technology has been a blessing in every aspect of that word. in the same breath, many consider technology to be a curse, with some, believing that its advancements might one day reach catastrophic abilities. However, no matter what side of the conversation you are one, we know for sure that technology and its advances are allowing us to accomplish feats that we never imagined we could before. In fact, we don’t even have to look that far back to see the growth and improvements we have created for us in recent years. In reality, not even as far as a decade in the past, technological advances such as smart watches and smart were only a thing of science fiction. Today, wearable technology such as Wear OS by Google is producing new upgrades for it year after year. It truly is an amazing technological piece. As a matter of fact, here is more on the Wear OS by Google and, some of the amazing features it has embedded in it.

Wear OS By Google.
In today’s world, functioning and impressive looking smartwatches are a common piece of our daily lives. It is no longer a big deal to know that we can listen to music, check the weather, and even take a phone call from our own wrists. This is where Google has been so impressive. According to sources on the features of the Wear OS smartwatch by Google, it is clear that more emphasis is being put on the watch to improve its overall function. AS if the watch was not impressive already, Google is making the steps necessary to improve the watch’s functionality, interface, and improvements in applications. Impressively enough, the watch is in the works to receive new features such as Google Assistance and third-party control. Without getting too techy on what these features exactly do, just know that this is not the only upgrades that are going to be added to this amazing piece. In general, this shows why Google is a leading force in the tech industry. In addition to that, it shows why they will continue to be a force in the tech industry.

Researcher Defines Plugin Security Threat for LinkedIn, Website’s First Shot At Remedy Fails

As it may have always been, seems the internet is a sketchy place for your personal information. After a fallout over data privacy with Facebook, it’s been found that other popular sites have a few bugs as well. Most recently, LinkedIn was believed to be compromised via it’s AutoFill feature. The AutoFill allows users a faster way to input their personal information on forms required by most websites. Specifically with LinkedIn, it helps users fill out forms with information from their LinkedIn profile. However, some websites may be unaware that hackers are using this plugin feature to gather the personal information of their users.

The issue was first pointed out to LinkedIn by a researcher named Jack Cable. He contacted the website to let them know he had uncovered the flaw. The website replied to the threat almost immediately, issuing a “secret” fix. LinkedIn hoped it would correct the problem without having to bring the issue to the public, however the fix failed and was reported so by the same researcher to find the issue in the first place.

Cable heard no reply from the company to date on the failure of the patch. He sent correspondence to TechCrunch, a notable tech-based news website. See the full article here: LinkedIn’s AutoFill plugin could leak user data, secret fix failed.

Cable scrutinized LinkedIn for relying on whitelisted sites that pay the company in the fix. He argued that just because they are cleared by the employing website doesn’t mean they don’t contain security flaws of their own. Thus still offering an opportunity for information to be extracted. LinkedIn responded to TechCrunch expressing that there was no evidence that the plugin was used to collect any information, as it saw no red flags in it’s servers. LI also commented that they are working on a more comprehensive fix and it would be in place shortly.

In the meantime however, Cable is not impressed with how the company has handled things to this point. He said that the website accepted the risk of infiltration through the whitelist, as it was in their business model to do so. However this still poses a “major security concern”. While initially the company responded quickly to the threat, it’s diligence on the issue seems to be waning. 9 days have passed with supposedly no answer to the issue, so it remains to be seen if LinkedIn will reply publicly.

California: The Last Stand For Net Neutrality

Late last year, led by former Verizon lawyer, Ajit Pai, Comcast, AT&T and Verizon lobbied against net neutrality. In 2015, laws were put in place by President Barack Obama to prohibit major ISPs from blocking consumer access to certain websites and applications. In December 2017, Ajit Pai and the Republicans of the house fought tooth and nail to repeal this law. In the end they succeeded. This was only on a Federal level though. After the ruling, there were a handful of states that banded together against the FCC. Washington and Oregon already put their own state-level net neutrality laws in place. This was particularly smart because the State Constitution overrides the Federal Constitution. Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Montana and Vermont also got on board shortly after. The latest state to join the fray is California.

Tuesday of this week, California had a hearing before the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee. Various ISPs sent representatives to the state capitol in order to oppose California’s new net neutrality law. Just as a refresher, net neutrality basically means that your ISP can block websites that it does not like. AT&T can block Verizon’s website, FiOS can block AT&T and vice versa. ISPs can block sites like Twitter altogether or they can charge you a “Social Media” package that costs an extra $15 just to access the site. This package system is already implemented in some countries overseas, Brazil being the most notable. This is what California is fighting against.

Each ISPs argument is that net neutrality regulation is great for the future and is in a nutshell asking California to trust them and take their word that they won’t abuse their power but history shows that this is not the case. In 2009, users of the iPhone were not able to Skype on AT&T’s data network. In 2011, AT&T also prevented IPhone users from using FaceTime unless they got a higher monthly plan. When questioned about this particular act, AT&T stated that it was done temporarily to prevent network overload. With net neutrality being eradicated on ederal level, AT&T can resume these practices with no explanation. California has taken those first steps towards net neutrality on a state level and it is taking the necessary precautions to make sure that it is not overturned.

The Internet Becomes the Final Frontier for Music Lovers

Music streaming is something that has transformed the way that people utilize the internet. At one time the transition into digital music was all about downloading. There were a ton of websites that were selling digital albums and allowing people to download specific tracks that they were interested in. This was the early time of the iPod and the transition into digital music formats. Now it appears that streaming is mainstream. This is how everyone that is deeply involved with a diverse amount of music are able to get there new tracks. No one is buying the music anymore. Everyone seems to want to have a catalog that is readily accessible through their smartphones or tablets. This is why people have indulged in websites like Spotify.

Spotify is a website and app that has grown in a magnificent way. This company continues to build up a presence in the industry, and now it is being recognized for a company that has gone public and created an IPO. As this stock entered the market it started off slow, but there is a great amount of interest in what Spotify may be able to do. There is a great amount of hope that this will be the company that becomes a big name in the portfolios of people that want entertainment stocks.

Typically entertainment stocks are up and down. It’s an unpredictable market, and there is never any real clue as to what companies like Netflix or Disney will do next. The reason that Spotify may be highly successful in the future has much to do with the finality of the music streaming industry.

At this point there is no other area for music to go in in terms of purchasing songs. The compact disc is gone and vinyl LP’s are only in limited edition for music lovers. The mainstream, however, is totally focused on creating a playlist that involves music through streaming services.

The internet has provided people with ways to cut out the concept of carrying around any music on a local device. This is why this concept has managed to work so well over the years. It caters to a generation that is interested in saving money and time by simply accessing music online.

Shervin Pishevar warns internationalization of entrepreneurship is inevitable

Few people in the United States today have the same level of insight into the tech world and tech businesses than Shervin Pishevar. As the founder and CEO of Sherpa Capital, one of the most important venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar has proven that he has the golden touch when it comes to finding and funding the next big names in tech.

But as one of the most astute observers in the tech world, Shervin Pishevar has also come to a number of ominous conclusions about the structural difficulties currently facing the United States. In a recent tweet storm, the famous entrepreneur addressed a large number of pressing issues that are confronting the country. One of those issues is the unavoidable development of nomad entrepreneurs and the consequences that will face the United States if it handles their advent the wrong way.

Shervin Pishevar says that the world is becoming an increasingly globalized place for those who have the means to take advantage of the ways in which countries can directly compete with one another. For example, Pishevar points out that tax rates between various jurisdictions can radically differ as can the rules for such things as incorporating businesses and whether or not someone is taxed on earning that they make outside the country. In particular, Pishevar says that the United States has some of the worst rules in this regard, a leftover relic from a time when American society enjoyed far higher levels of general trust and feelings of civic duty than are prevalent today.

The consequence, he argues, is that the talented capitalist class is acutely aware of what a terrible deal they are often receiving for running businesses in the United States and maintaining citizenship in the country. Pishevar says that, when millions of dollars per year in personal and business taxes are at stake, today’s globally inclined entrepreneurs won’t hesitate to relocate to jurisdictions in which they are treated better. Because Pishevar says that he personally knows many entrepreneurs who are offshoring, this effectively means that the United States is already extremely uncompetitive. The country risks serious gross tax revenue declines if it keeps running off its most productive citizens.

Matthew Autterson Is A Financial Guru And Medical Advocate

Matthew Autterson began his work career as a financial business strategist with the First Trust Corporation in Colorado where he soon became the company’s President. Matthew grew the company so fast that it attracted Broad, Inc., which purchased the company changing its name to Sun America, Inc.


Mr. Autterson remained an active managerial agent, even when Sun America was acquired by AIG, followed by Fiserv buying AIG. Mr. Autterson graduated under the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver and with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from the University of Denver.


In succession in 2013, Matthew became the Chief Executive Officer, President and Board Member of CNS Bioscience, Inc. CNS Bioscience produces experiential drugs which can be used to ease the pain of neuropathic diseases without any side effects.


The pain associated with neuropathic diseases is described as a continual severe shooting pain. CNS Bioscience is researching to help patients with medications through clinical trials to relieve their pain. Mr. Autterson believes that CNS Bioscience will grow and be a positive agent in the field of nerve pain.


Mr. Autterson also supports and works with Falci Adaptive Biosystems which is also aggressively researching neurological diseases and designing advanced adaptive technology. Falci is a non-profit science organization founded by Dr. Scott Falci.


Matthew Autterson is also a member of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems Board of Directors. He is a generous philanthropist who advocates for programs to help low-income individuals who can’t afford or receive their medical treatments.


Matthew Autterson and his family believes in giving back to their hometown community by supporting the Denver Zoo and the Denver Zoological Foundation. He has been an active participant of Denver’s philanthropic ventures since 2000.


Matthew sits on the zoo’s Board of Directors which acknowledges the philanthropic work that Matthew Autterson has contributed to the zoo’s successful sponsorship and fund-raising efforts. He also chairs Denver Hospice which is takes care of the needs of patients who require hospice care.


Matthew Autterson and his family continue to support various Colorado charities like the World Presidents Organization. The World Presidents Organization is a global business enterprise whose members consists of present and former chief executive officers. See This Article for additional information.


Matthew has a favorite hobby which he enjoys and has taken part in it with his daughter. He supports and actively participates in off-road Baja Races in Mexico. Matthew and his daughter have also been winners of the race.