Google Glass is Back

Reports of the demise of Google Glass have been greatly exaggerated. Google Glass, the wearable computer headset with the appearance of awkward high-tech safety glasses, has returned new and improved, but now it really can double as a pair of safety glasses.

Previously, “Glass,” the product formerly known as “Google Glass,” was sold to specially qualified developers, formally referred to as “Glass Explorers,” in the prototype “Explorer Edition” version in April of 2013. This beta-testing program ran for 2 years until Google announced that they would no longer be selling the prototype to the public.
The decision to stop selling the prototype was entirely unrelated to any of the controversies
surrounding privacy issues related to the use of the camera located on the smart glasses, or even because of the device’s hefty price tag of $1,500. Several months later, Google announced their intention to sell a more business friendly version of their smart glasses in the unspecified future, and since then, they have been unusually quiet about making any additional announcements.

The new version, known officially as the “Enterprise Edition,” was unveiled Tuesday as being “optimized for enterprise use,” and has actually already been available to about 50 companies for several months.

Following the end of the beta-testing program, the new enterprise program has reportedly included companies such as GE, DHL, and Volkswagen, all of whom have reportedly been using the device to improve the productivity of their workers. Each has seen huge gains in productivity during this program due to the benefits of workers being able to access checklists and instruction manuals on a heads-up display while operating heavy industrial machinery.

DHL, the commercial shipping company known for being neither FedEx nor UPS, reports improved order fulfillment, and plans to expand their usage to an additional 2000 warehouses.

Amazon’s Alexa Comes To Android

The popular virtual assistant known as Alexa finds itself appearing in front of a greater audience than ever before. Amazon, the online retail giant, contributed a great deal to this cause by integrating the virtual assistant into its shopping app. Originally, Alexa could only be accessed through the app on iPhones. The audience for iPhones definitely is huge, but there are other devices and operating systems out there.

Now, Amazon adds the Alexa feature to Android devices. The number of potential users in the Android world could be best described as stratospheric. Amazon absolutely gains great benefits from expanding the Alexa feature to Android users. While Amazon might be a retail colossus, not everyone uses Amazon to shop. After all, Amazon does not have a monopoly. Scores of other companies, eBay being one, compete with Amazon for customers.

Through bringing the extremely helpful virtual assistant to Android, a host of potential customers may end up drawn into looking closer at Amazon. Since Alexa can do so much for them through voice-operated control, there is no reason not to use the app. Anything that makes life easier always has appeal.

Access to Alexa’s responsiveness to requests to browse online merchandise adds a new layer of ease and comfort to online shopping. Customers really like things that make their shopping endeavors quicker and effortless. The entire reason online commerce maintains high levels of popularity is summed up in one word: convenience. Anything adding to convenience should further facilitate sales.

The combination of reaching new shoppers and making shopping easier could lead to a huge windfall for Amazon. Amazon may have Alexa to thank for such a result.

Amazon now selling pre-packaged meal kits

Amazon continues to grow and expand its inventory. The company sells everything from computer accessories to animal food to books and everything in between. The giant online retailer just recently announced that they are offering pre-packaged ingredients for home-cooked meals.

The Seattle-based retail giant is changing the way customers get their groceries. Getting in your car and driving a few miles to pick up ingredients from a nearby grocery store may not be needed shortly. In recent years tech companies have placed emphasis on food delivery and convenient transportation services wherever you are.

Amazon bid $13.7 billion to buy the grocery chain Whole Foods. This move already has shares of Blue Apron down 11 percent.

Josh Chadd is a systems engineer living in Seattle who has tested out a variety of food delivery services such as Sun Basket, Blue Apron, and Home Chef. He just recently tried out the Amazon Meal Kits and raved about how good it was. The steak dinner he ordered was packaged by Corfini, and the side dishes were fresh and very sweet. The onion was cut before it was shipped. Green peppercorns were included as a complementary side item. There aren’t any other recipes that use these quality ingredients. The recipe directions were very easy to follow. To be honest, anybody could recreate the Steak Au Poivre meal.

Amazon bills all Meal Kit customers $14.99 per month on top of the yearly Prime membership fee. Customers have the option to pick up their meal kit groceries at their nearest pickup location to avoid the $14.99 fee. Amazon claims that all the ingredients sent to customers can be put together start to finish in around half an hour.

There are currently seventeen meals that can be ordered. The cheapest option is $15.99. The boxes the ingredients come in are a little smaller than they are pictured and can almost entirely be recycled.

Galaxy Note 8 Slated for August Release

Samsung has made it official. According to CNet, the mobile giant will be rolling out its next giant phone and then hope and pray the exploding that’s going on is sales. The Galaxy Note 8 is slated for an August release and the company will be looking to put the disaster of the Note 7 behind it when the new Phablet launches.

The company allowed for the mention of the Galaxy Note 8 but then clammed up when it came time to give any details. What we do know is that this will be the first big test as to whether or not the company has actually fixed the issue it was running into when it came to an exploding battery.

There are other design flaws analysts are hoping Samsung will fix with this latest release. The company has released a kind of fingerprint scanner that is similar to what the iPhones offer. The problem so far, has been when those scanners are released, they tended to be above the glass.

This allowed them to get dirty and to scratch and would then stop working. Considering the scanners were used to unlock the phone and handle mobile payments, that became more than a small problem. Of course, there were ways to unlock the phone using a code, but that made the point of having the finger print scanner at all rather pointless.

Samsung is going to have to hit it out of the park, because they will have steep competition, especially in late August. Apple is expected to be rolling out its 10th-anniversary phone and most expect there to be some serious bells and whistles attached. Until either phone is officially announced, we’re going to have to wait and see just what the companies have decided to offer up to the public.

Technology and How It Will Change in the Next Decade

Technology is really starting to change in a very grand way. People seem to never have enough technology, and it is obvious that there is a lot room for growth. The big thing that people have to consider is how technology will change in the next decade. For many people there may already be sufficient technology, but for the tech hungry young adults this is just the beginning.

In the next decade people are going to see a lot of changes in technology because there is a rapid growth in the production of technology. All people really have to do is look at the time frame in which their phones become outdated. Apple releases a new phone at least twice a year. People seem to be fascinated with this type of technology, and all of the voice activated apps and features will only gain more attention within the next decade.

Amazon is a surefire sign of voice activated technology, and this will only advance within the next decade as customer demand grows. People will see a shift in the way that technology is utilized for physical tasks. Right now there are a lot of voice activated concepts where people can simply speak and change channels on their television. Within the next ticket decade more people will become accustomed to robots in the home. There will be robots in place that will be able to do simple tasks within the home. This is going to be one of the biggest changes in technology.

Homeowners are going to be able to benefit from technology changes in the next decade because there will be more things that make life easier. People are going to get the opportunity to connect with friends easier because there will be a great increase in social media outlets.

The Basics Of Constructual Wind Turbine Energy

To date, it is well known that the overwhelming majority of wind power turbines are designed to generate electricity, it is the general form of today’s humanity. In fact, the least of the transformations can be the low mechanical current, thermal, electromagnetic, and other sources of energy made for people working class people and daily energy.

As you are constructing a large wind park turbine, an insignificant problem is the speed, especially with the considerable size of the turbine. This sort of decentralized power generation is rated at a rate of more than one thousand revolutions per minute. If you factor in the easily available generators, it shows that you usually need 3 to 5000 revolutions per minute.

On the vertical axis, you can have different types of wind turbines. Despite the relatively low efficiency due to the simplicity of the design, vertical axis wind turbines place with confidence in the use of the wind energy and are often reproduced in a non-industrial manner by designers.

In view of the wind pressure on the different forms of the surface comes with different strengths. We make the conical surfaces in a tub, which has a significant difference in the opposite sides of the wind resistance.

Wind turbine models are different, but most devices in practice have used some constructive similarity. Consider the basics of the most common models turbines. Structurally, wind turbines have a variety of changes, which is why it is necessary to make a classification for several of the variations.

We now know that the foundation of all windmills are generally rigid metal, this makes up the construction which is the basis power of the wind turbine on. All mills with a vertical axis of rotation on the wind turbine, do not require the wind direction, since the mast is fixed.

Fit AI With ‘Ethical Black Box’: Researchers Emphasize The Need For Safety

As much as we like to think it, we are indeed already living in the future, and have come to a point where robots walk among us, helping us with our everyday activities. As new AI is making its way across numerous sectors and arrays, the need to better equip them with the technology to make better decisions is also on the rise. With the recent report of a security AI called the K5 falling into a water fountain in Washington, researchers have now begun a debate as to whether or not these androids should be fit with black boxes that help them depict human emotions on fear and logic, to help them make better decisions.

In a conference that took place at the University of Surrey, numerous researchers came forward to discuss this need and pose the pertinent questions of safety for these machines, not just for themselves, but for the people around them as well. Since these bots are not controlled by the humans who make them, they on some level already have their autonomy while performing their actions. But to make it so that they don’t cause harm and inconvenience to the people around them, these AI need to be a lot smarter.

Self-driving cars are a good example of this and show the need that is currently prevalent. After Tesla Motors had started putting out their self-driving cars, numerous accidents were reported as a result of the inconsistencies with the AI that was being used. The AI began to malfunction and was not able to properly adapt to the variable surroundings, which is where researchers think an ‘ethical black box’ would come in handy. However, a factor to consider is the consequence of having AI with human emotion which is autonomous, which would then pose a much greater threat to humanity.

Rubica, the Ransomware solution

The answer to as to why you might need a sound cybersecurity might seem too simple for you until you experience its devastating effects first hand. “Ransomware,” does it ring a bell? This article first appeared in “Investing News” authored by Jocelyn Aspa.

The report emphasized the growing need for excellent cybersecurity measures due to rising cyber crimes like the WannaCry attacks that happened in May 2017. The author wrote that the Ransomware infected over 300,000 digital users and software in over 150 countries.


Leave alone this incident, cyber crimes threats are increasing at an alarming rate, and its devastating effects is reported to be anywhere between $400billion and even as high as $500billion.


With the number of attacks increasing it carries the level of damage along, with politicians and bigger corporations at risk. The attackers are reported to be targeting mainly large center of information and attack carriers.

The article added that due to rising cybersecurity issues, more companies are learning from the history and embracing attack counter measures and the allocation of funds is gaining traction. But with Rubica app in all of your devices, you can avoid all of these headaches.


Rubica is the only company that can guarantee you online safety and privacy. It protects you, your family and your business from online cyber crimes like ransomware. Whether you are a small business or a world class corporation, Rubica can provide you security and total privacy. You just need to download their app and install it in all of your devices.

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Internet And Technology’s Effect On Business and Careers

Another area that internet has helped a lot is in the business and careers area. While a lot of people may still struggle to find work, some people have discovered that there is a lot of money to be made online. Therefore, they have turned their attention to the internet. As a result, the internet has brought forth a work from home culture. One thing that this culture gets to experience is that they get to earn potentially more than they would’ve dreamed of earning with a regular job.


There are quite a few ways to make money over the internet. The most lucrative ways to make money involve either typing, web design or marketing. In order to be successful as an internet marketer, there are a ton of tools that need to be mastered. Among these tools are social media platforms. When people take the time to use social media to connect with others, they actually build their brand. Then they can earn tons of money from their customers.


While the internet has done a lot to increase the possibilities of finding work, mobile technology has made it so that people can actually work from anywhere. One of the best things about this is that one can choose the type of environment he works in. The best thing to do is find an environment that best fuels productivity. When it comes to business over the internet, people are encouraged to use their imagination in order to find something they can do where they can support themselves. The only thing is that they have to be willing to put in tons of hours of work so that they will be able to enjoy the benefits of their labor.


Headphones for Enjoying Online Devices

One of the features that people love to enjoy with their entertainment is the sound. However, in many cases, they are not going to be able to crank the sound as loud as they want without disturbing others. Fortunately, there is an alternative. These alternatives are headphones. While they are some of the most widely used, these devices seem to be rather underrated. Also, many people who use headphones tend to go for the ear buds that stick into the ear. While these items typically do their job in providing music, they are obviously weaker than headphones and can be quite tough to keep in place. Another drawback is that they tend to offer rather tinny sound unless you pay for some high end buds.


Audiophiles prefer the more full sized headphones. These phones will give people the full sound experience. When looking for good headphones, they can’t go wrong with the Sony 1000X. They offer some really good sound for the price that they are selling for. Stores sell them for $400. They are also wireless.


While these headphones are good, one would probably prefer products that are a little more affordable. The good news is that there are tons of headphones that are priced lower than $50 that will offer people impressive high quality sound with very little distortion. These headphones also are long lasting. This is one issue with many headphones is that they tend to not last long. However, some low priced headphones will give people a lifetime of high quality sound that they can take advantage of as they play their games or watch their movies or even listen to music.