Say Goodbye To 3D TV

Several years ago, people in the tech industry and the consumer were very excited about the prospect of having a 3D TV in their very own home. Local retailers started carrying the latest 3D models that were relatively high in the beginning. Soon, cable television and satellite television joined the excitement surrounding this new technology by introducing channels that were primarily devoted to 3D television. Fast forward several years and all the big cable and satellite companies are dropping their 3D channels in favor of a more universally acceptable technology. The fact is that people were simply not purchasing the  3D model televisions.


Say Goodbye to 3D

News broke that Comcast, Sony, and several other high profile companies were pulling the plug on their 3D channels. The fact is that the technology has not evolved enough yet for the home theater. Many think that it was just not worth the extra money. Cerainly, the rising interest in this technology was due to the movie produced by John Cameron. Avatar has great graphics and wonderful colors that really captured the attention of the consumer. However, insiders report that the movie industry was having a tremendous amount of problems producing 3D content with the same type of quality graphics that were present in the Avatar movie. In addition, the average consumer was simply not that interested in the new technology that required them to wear a pair of goggle like glasses to view the 3D material on their home television screens.


Quickly Evolving Technology

Certainly, it is safe to say that the average consumer was not all that thrilled about the home 3D experience. Evolving technology has pushed 3D back into oblivion. Now, consumers are busy with their tablets, computers, and smart-phones that are now able to produce amazing quality graphics. Features like 4k/UHD and HDR are much more relevant to the consumer today. Most assuredly, 3D had its day. However, ever evolving technology has diminished its perceived popularity.


Former Soap Opera Divas are the Queens of Drama

Former soap opera divas are now the Queens of Drama. This television show features former soap stars such as Tylo Hunter, Crystal Hunt and Donna Mills. These women have teamed up with Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris and Vanessa Marcil to make this reality based program.

On the show the ladies come together to run their own production company so they can create their own soap opera show. Once the ladies start the program the drama begins. They argue, fight and try to outdo one another on the set. At times the ladies turn against each other and they want to bring one another down. They battle with their husbands, lovers and exes and the fun never stops.

Crystal Hunt is one of the leading characters on the show according to When she is not acting on television she is doing other things to keep herself busy. Hunt loves recreational activities and can often be seen working out or skating. Hunt even does charity work for organizations that help children. ChildHelp USA is one place where she does a lot of important work for kids.

Hunt has appeared in films outside of her soap opera career. She is also trying her hand at producing and directing. She has a high end pet shop business in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida, which many of her Facebook fans love. Her pet business is doing well and she works there as often as she can. Hunt is expected to appear on Queens of Drama for the second season.  Be sure to view her complete body of work on YouTube.

The ratings for Queens of Drama was not that high during the first season. The show has even added new characters to appear on the program to help elevate the drama and the fun. However, the show did well enough to be scheduled for a second season in 2016. People can turn on the POP network to have a good time watching this exciting new show starting in April.

Seinfeld Coming to Hulu in Groundbreaking Deal

Hulu has officially penned a licensing deal with Sony Pictures. The deal, worth $160 million gives Hulu the exclusive rights to stream all 180 episodes of Seinfeld. The deal is likely Hulu’s response to Netflix’s deal that gave them exclusive rights to stream Friends back in February. Seinfeld has proved to be streaming content company’s “Moby Dick”. Until recently, no company had the funds or wherewithal to pen such an incredibly large deal, but as streaming content has become more popular, and both Hulu and Netflix manage to garner more and more subscriptions they can afford to pay the big bucks for the most popular shows to ever air on television.

There is no official word on the details of the deal according to Amen, but experts believe Seinfeld is locked into a five year exclusivity deal with the company. Bringing a powerhouse show like Seinfeld to Hulu is sure to help the company as they go up against Netflix and its original programming. In recent years Hulu has largely been criticized for the way their pay subscription, Hulu +, is run. The company has not removed advertisements from their paying subscribers feed, but they do offer contemporary viewing and current shows, unlike Netflix. Hulu also has an exclusive deal to stream CSI, one of the most popular procedural dramas on television

Profits from the deal will be split across several key players in the success of Seinfeld, including Castle Rock, Sony Pictures, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. Larry David is the co-creator of the show, along with Jerry Seinfeld. The deal will not alter the television show’s current syndication schedule, including regular broadcasts on cable television networks, according to Experts.