Facebook and Microsoft Building the Fastest Trans-Atlantic Cables

Facebook and Microsoft have unveiled that they will be combining efforts to build the fastest subsea cables across the Atlantic, linking Virginia, Virginia beach to Bilbao, Spain. The two company are planning on using the so-called MAREA cables to connect the two continents (America and Europe) to meet the rising customer demand for consistent high speed connections for online services and could computing.

TechCrunch reports that once the MAREA are operational, they will be the highest capacity subsea cables that crosses the Atlantic. They will comprise eight fiber pairs designed to handle 160 terabytes per second internet speed connection and will use distinctive route rather than the one used by other company also connecting Europe and United States. This will be to ensure reliable and resilient connections for their customers in Europe, United States and beyond as claimed by Microsoft.

The two companies also noted that they would continue to invest in new and innovative techniques to continuously update both the global internet infrastructure and the Microsoft Cloud. By doing this, they will offer a better service to their customers by providing them with low-latency and reliable connection. According to the Director of Global Network at Microsoft, this will mark a significant step in constructing the next generation infrastructure of the internet.

The construction of the cables is expected to start on August this year with completion anticipated to be between July and October of 2017.