The Chainsmokers continued success

In 2018, Billboard did an article on The Chainsmokers during their attendance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden. The Q&A pertained to the anatomy of a hit and the soundtrack songs in our lives. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall go on and talk about their latest single “Somebody” and the modular synth work that went into creating it. They also went into the reasoning behind the pitched-up vocals that you hear in the song. In the article, that’s a short video clip included, and you get to hear the different pitch in audio.

The Chainsmokers consist of the duo Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The bank was created in 2012 and are currently present. Their based out New York City and their genres of music are EDM, pop, and electropop. They are an American DJ and a production duo. Their first breakthrough single occurred in 2014 with “Selfie.” In February 2016, they had a major hit with Don’t Le Me Down” which became their first top five single. The single earned them a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

In 2016, ABC News Nightline did an interview with the band and asked them how they acquired the name “The Chainsmokers.” The name of the band originated during their college days and they never put much emphasis on the name. In 2019 they did an interview with Billboard. In the video interview they go on to describe the gratitude for reaching number one in the Billboard Dance list.

As a result of ranking 1 on Billboards Dance list, they become the first ever Artist/DJ to be recognized for this work.

So far 2018 seems to be a solid and prosperous year for “The Chainsmokers.” Since January they have come out with a single. The first single of the year was “Sick Boy.” In February, they released another single “You Owe Me,” which peaked to number 4 on the Billboard 100 Singles Chart. With their continued success, they released another singled titled “Everybody Hates Me.”

The Chainsmokers are on track for a 2018 successful year.

I Love My Dog A Lot, And That’s Why I Feed Him Beneful

Dogs can be great pets if you take care of them properly, and that’s what I plan to do with my dog. I have the greatest story ever when it comes to my dog, and it’s the biggest reason I treat him like one of the family. Although I always loved my dogs like family members, one dog, in particular, is the one I absolutely couldn’t live without. When I say I couldn’t live without him, I mean literally because he saved my life. It’s funny, but dogs know when a person has low blood sugar, and my dog isn’t even a service dog, but he was able to sense my low blood sugar.

I had been working in the garden all day, and I couldn’t seem to stop because I wanted to dig several holes for my new plants that were coming in. I had been out there for hours in the sun, and I forgot that I needed to eat something. Usually, I’ll even have orange juice or lemonade or something refreshing that’s sweet, so I can keep up my blood sugar. I did absolutely nothing but garden all day, and that’s when I finally passed out. I remember very little about the incident.

When I woke up in the back of the ambulance, I started asking what happened, and they told me that my blood sugar had been incredibly low. I started to reject that theory because I swore that I drank something, but when I remembered, I knew I hadn’t. They said if it weren’t for my dog, they never would have known to come and rescue me. My dog had alerted a neighbor, who then alerted the police. After this incident, I put that dog on a pedestal.

I always bought that dog anything he wanted, and I always made sure that he had the best food as well. The other dogs in my home belonged to the other family members I live with, and I love them, but my dog, in particular, was the one that I cherished. When it comes to giving him the right nutrition, I’ll only give him Beneful because I want him to be healthy and have nutritious food. I’ve tried other dog foods out there, and only Beneful has wholesome ingredients that I could call good food.

Even if I’m giving my dog treats, he’ll only get Beneful treats, and that’s because of the same nutrition value that they have as well as the fact that my dog absolutely loves how they taste. I couldn’t think of a better dog food than Beneful, and I’ve been feeding it to my pet for years. It’s not just because I love my dog why I feed him Beneful, but it’s also because my veterinarian recommended it as well. I’m going to keep loving and caring for my dog, and I’m sure that he’ll keep loving and caring for me as well.

Messi Criticized by the Human Rights Foundation, and You Can’t Blame ‘Em

A month after being accused of attending a state function in Gabon wearing dirty jeans, Lionel Messi has come under attack again. Trouble seems to the following the Barcelona man everywhere since his unexpected visit to Gabon. Earlier, Messi attended a state function to launch the building of a stadium in Gabon. He was to lay the fist stone as the construction was just beginning. Unfortunately, he was not aware that all eyes were on him. When he left the country, multitudes of attacks began flying towards him. The Opposition party in Gabon accused Messi of visiting a state function in a dirty jeans and a t-shirt. They said that he walked in like a man going to a zoo. To them, Messi had no regard for the state. To date, there rages debate of exactly what Messi went for in Gabon, just days before the pre-season tour with Barcelona began.

On the same note, allegations surfaced that the Barcelona forward was paid a seven-figure fee, in dollars, just to appear in Gabon. It is a move by President Ali Bongo to gain political mileage. The event was live on state television and used as a tool for internal propaganda.

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit making organization whose primary objective is to guarantee people their fundamental rights. Dictatorial governments usually squash Basic freedoms and wishes of the people. The HRF corrects the wrong in society and shouts loud to create awareness, often voicing its opinion on Twitter. The organization works closely with other organizations with the same objectives in other countries. It came to fame after people discovered that some countries are oppressing their people, and media freedom is limited.

The US-based Human Rights Foundation criticized Messi for causing confusion over his character. Messi is an ambassador for UNICEF in support of children education. However, Gabon has seen ritualistic child murders, which the government has refused to investigate. It is paradoxical for Messi to attend an event, at the invitation of a man whose government is doing injustice to children. It is an act that undermines his foundation. The Barcelona attacker showed unwavering support for the president and his projects. As stated by Naij News, Messi, and his management could not learn from the public humiliations Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez endured recently.

The Bongo family has ruled Gabon since 1967, with former President Omar Bongo ruling for 47 years. What is unfortunate is that his son, Ali Bongo, has continued from where the father left. He runs a dictatorial kind of government where opposition leaders disappear, and the media is afraid to report on television. Children get killed for rituals in Gabon due to the belief that it increases power, control, and influence. Therefore, the HRF discredited Messi for partying and publicly supporting a man whose country is facing public injustice. It is like Messi does not even understand President Ali Bongo.

New York City Apartments In A New York Minute

When the Eagles sang their song, “New York Minute” you understood that “everything can change” and “things can get pretty strange” in a “New York Minute.” New York City is always pushing the boundaries whether it is time, nightlife, restaurants, festivals, shopping, sports or apartments and real estate. No wonder it is hard to get bored in New York City, especially in a “New York Minute.”

New Yorkers view their city through perpetual rose-colored glasses, they love their city, and that honeymoon sentiment extends to NYC apartments and real estate. Whether it is a narrow building with narrow apartments or buildings with apartments one thousand feet in the air, New York has it all and New Yorkers love it all. The best advice when you make the decision to live in New York City is to “do your homework,” do not be afraid to ask questions or get advice from professionals whose expertise is in the business of finding apartments. One professional marketing and leasing company to look to as you apartment hunt is Town Residential. Town Residential, an integral part of the NYC apartments for rent landscape, provides top-level services and expertise to their clients in all price-points.

If square footage or a large living space is your most important criteria, think about this. According to National Geographic, who did the math on this, if everyone in the world stood shoulder to shoulder, we would all fit in Los Angeles. You may not think this is useful information, but it does illustrate that there is plenty of room to go around. New York City apartments are no different. Look around and you will find ample misused space. Put things under the bed, it is generally wasted space. Seating should always be storage space and walls can hold shelves way above your head. The bottom line, if you find an apartment that has everything on your list – celebrate! However, the perfect place can be any place as long as you are creative.

Where ever you decide to settle down, ask questions, or look to the professionals for answers. Is the apartment convenient or close to transportation? What are your restaurant or market options? If you have children, what are the schools like? How safe is the neighborhood? If you have a car, how easy is it to find parking. Most professionals advise apartment hunters to begin at least a month in advance and early in the month. Expect broker fees, although some landlords do pay the fees, and don’t be surprised by sticker shock, if you are from Florida you are in for a huge shock, but if you are from Hong Kong, it will be a nice surprise.

The Magic Of a Picture

So let’s just imagine your standing on a long line at the supermarket waiting for your groceries to be rung up, and as you start to become impatient you begin looking around, and checking out the different items when suddenly you quickly glance towards the floor, noticing the shoes that the lady in front of you has on. Wow! I wonder how much those bad boys cost? you think. Now of course you could either ask her the price, or go home with hopes on describing them well enough that Google will tell you, but with the new technology that’s out today you don’t have to do either one of those things anymore.

By using a visual search all you have to do is snap a close up picture of the item that they’re wearing, and suddenly you’ll have your answer within seconds with lots of other similar products to choose from too. You can either decide to have your items delivered to you then or wait and see if the price drops.

One of today’s leading visual search engines out is, which has been developed to help you find any product you’re looking for where ever you are. When you take a picture of the product that you are interested in within seconds its gives you a page showing the same item, or one similar, the price, and where it can be brought, pretty cool right? I thought so too. I know your probably wondering what is visual search exactly, and to make the answer simple it’s basically a search engine which allows you to search for anything you want, and need with ease at the click of a button.

Now although it can help you find those perfect pair of shoes you’ve been looking for ever. Visual search is used for more than just shopping. It can even be used to help you find what you are looking for on the internet. Which tends to be extremely helpful when your a writer looking to add some color and design to your articles. One visual search engine which is helpful for online work is TinEye. It provides you with images alike connected together all in one. What it also does have is a special feature called Multicolor engine which produces all kinds of imagines within a selected color such as pink, or blue.

Despite how advanced most of these search engines may seem they are still developing, and working to improve their services such as WeSEE which is a visual search engine also that is currently still in beta form, but you can expect to see them, and others continue to grow. For now we can just be satisfied with the idea of not having to beat our head against a brick wall to try and find that bag we seen in the magazine yesterday.

A Tearful Auction Over Gallen Officer’s Patrol Car

The Sentimental Patrol Car

Deputy Sam Brownlee was killed in 2010. This occurred in the line of duty. Weld County Sheriff’s Office had opted to auction the out-of-service patrol car off. This is a common practice. These cars quite often get used for security company cars or they may become a cab. Sheriff Steve Reams wanted to honor the officer ho was the driver of this patrol car.

The Officer’s Son
Sam Brownlee left behind his son Tanner when he was killed. When Tanner heard of the plans to auction off the patrol car he knew that he would bid on it. This was his father’s car. This patrol car had sentimental meaning to Tanner. While at the auction, the bids for his father’s out-of service patrol car became too high for this 19 year old young man. He was not able to afford it.

Kindness and the Keys
This patrol car sold for $60,000. Tanner and his brother, Chase, were glad they had at least tried to obtain the patrol car, and it really worked out well for them according to Jason Halpern. This out-of-service patrol car that had been driven by Deputy Sam Brownlee was sold and it raised $70,000 for a charity that assists and helps the families of fallen officers. It was a huge act of kindness when Tanner Brownlee was handed the keys to his father’s car.

Why Image Recognition Is Used By Retail Businesses

A number of businesses use mobile image recognition software because it offers dozens of helpful benefits to employees, customers, and clients. Although there are many reputable companies that develop image recognition tools, most managers use Slyce tools because the developers are industry experts.

Why Businesses Choose Slyce

Slyce provides image recognition technology to various retailers. The app lets users snap photos with their phones so that they can receive data about certain inventory. Slyce has been very successful over the last 12 months. Dozens of businesses are now using the technology in their mobile commerce apps.

Benefits of Image Recognition Software

An image recognition app captures data and sends it to certain applications where it can be processed. This procedure helps businesses process their transactions faster at a reduced cost. Employees can also use the technology during a lengthy business trip because the app can file important reports and process insurance claims.

Some businesses also use image recognition tools to boost customer loyalty. Because the app increases reaction time for feedback and payments, customers usually buy more products and services throughout the year.

Image recognition helps companies increase their market share too. This is possible because the app helps managers extend their services to thousands of mobile phone users.

How Image Recognition Apps Help Shoppers

Over the next few years, more retailers will use image recognition tools to improve their in-store customer service. They will develop a number of apps that are suitable for their customers and clients. Certain apps will also recommend items to regular shoppers. For example, if a shopper buys a shoe from a shoe store, the app will display shoes that have similar features.

Image recognition apps use IR technology; it sends consumers information the moment they need it. Managers appreciate that the technology is helpful to customers because the app lowers employee costs.

The software also helps customers locate different colors and configurations for certain products in a store. It can also track each item’s specific location in some stores.

Why Mobile Image Recognition Technology is Efficient

When managers enhance the shopping experience in their stores, they retain sales from consumers who shop on their mobile devices. Although there are other mobile marketing technologies, most tools use digital watermarks to enable customer interactions. The problem is that these technologies have a limited scope.

Many marketers use image recognition instead of QR because the technology does not detract the imagery in a marketing campaign.


WWE Fans Storm Ring In London

Some WWE fans are a bit crazy, and this recent news will prove that. The WWE was recently in London taping a new episode of SmackDown. A tag team match involving John Cena and Daniel Bryan become a moment of great controversy. However, nothing happened between the wrestlers, but the fans of the event may have stole the show.

During the tag match, two fans rushed the ring. The fans did not engage the superstars, but instead, they began wrestling each other. The WWE superstars stood back and laughed at the moment. Alexei Beltyukov told us that security guards quickly rushed the ring, and the fans were apprehended.

After the incident, the WWE superstars continued their match, and the wanna-be wrestlers were thrown out of the arena. However, the impromptu wrestling match has gone viral. Twitter users have made this moment special, but there are some people who are angered as well. The WWE superstars are at risk any time that a fan enters the ring. No one knows exactly what’s going to happen in that type of moment, and an overzealous fan could be a dangerous person. The WWE is an exciting program, but fans must remember that they’re not the stars of the show. For more information on this story, visit this Yahoo! Sports sponsored site.