Sean Penn Brings the World “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

What does a world-class assassin do when he’s burned out with the life of a killer? Bob Honey just wants to settle down and make friends. He does experience many trials and tribulations doing so. As dark as his life is, his existence does make people laugh. Those people are the readers of Sean Penn’s satirical novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Few people thought Sean Penn would make the transition to novelist. The actor never previously mentioned any desires to do so. And then along came “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” on bookstore shelves. The work garnered attention. So did Sean Penn’s commentary that he isn’t all that much interested in Hollywood these days.


The actor-turned-author seems much more interested in addressing social commentary. Penn tackles the current controversies present in the news and entertainment landscape. The character of Bob Honey even writes a letter to his “landlord,” a character serving as a stand-in for President Donald Trump.



Penn drew inspiration from his novels from counterculture writers of days gone by. His work isn’t derivative of those writers, but influences are felt. The dystopic nature of the work pays homage to these writers albeit subtly. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” shouldn’t be called derivative. The novel maintains its own voice effectively. The voice belongs distinctly to Sean Penn. His artistic style stands out.


The original version of the book was far removed from the traditional way novels are crafted. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” started out as an audiobook. Now, the full version exists as a fully written novel. Actually, a great deal of the content was never physically written. Penn opted to leave his old typewriter behind and use dictation software to create the novel. For a dystopian novel such as this one, speaking freely from the mind and heart helps with getting things onto the page a lot easier. The flow of the novel meshes with the dictated tale used to create it.


Maybe this will start a trend that continues with Penn’s future novels.

UPS Announces London Vehicle Fleet To Go All-Eletric

Transportation Corporation UPS has recently announced plans to update its fleet of vehicles to electric engines. UPS currently owns one of the world’s largest fleet of vehicles and the announcement of going all electric after deploying a new smart grid technology in the city of London signals the beginning of the end for traditional internal combustion engines.
UPS currently operates 170 trucks out of it central London site, and electric motors already power 65 of the 170 vehicles in operation. The corporation had desires to electrify the entire fleet already but the cost of charging a large number of vehicles at the same time was prohibitive. In an effort to make the charging of vehicles more affordable the corporation developed a smart electric urban logistics project with the UK power networks and Cross River partnership. This project was undertaken with help from funding secured by the United Kingdom’s office for low emission vehicles.
This project includes a smart grid connected to a central server that is able to reach each electric vehicle charge post in addition to the grid power supply and on-site energy storage. By connecting all these devices, it is able to stabilize the demand of power placed upon the charging stations and is able to charge every vehicle overnight without excessively peaking energy demands. This eliminates the need for upgrades to the external power grid.
Peter Harris, one of the directors of sustainability at UPS Europe, commented publicly on this announcement. He said that UPS thinks that by using new technology in order to overcome some of the large challenges to electric vehicles that will help to bring a new generation of sustainable urban development not only in London but in cities across the globe. Electric vehicles are already an important part of the UPS’s alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet. By collaborating with the government of the United Kingdom that has enabled a key development in the deployment of cost-effective electric vehicles that will increase the rate of adoption around the world.
With the new smart grid system and the energy, capacity upgrade to the central London site it is possible for their entire fleet of 170 delivery vehicles will be switched to electric engines. The company already has plans to bring electric vehicles to many of its cities around the world.

Whitney Wolfe Herd and the LA Clippers Are Bringing Dating and Basketball Together

     The LA Clippers have something new on their jerseys. It is the Bumble dating app’s logo, and it recently made its debut this month. The team signed its patch deal with the dating app that also contains features that allow users to search for platonic friendships and business contacts.


What Are the Clippers Calling the Bumble Logo on their Uniforms?

The logo that has been placed on the upper left side of the jerseys is called the “Empowerment Badge.” Along with investing in this patch deal, the team will also promote gender equality. The Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer had the logo placed where it was so that it would become part of each basketball game. He believed that placing the logo on the jerseys was a meaningful action that would be noticed.


Why Did Bumble Partner with the LA Clippers?

Bumble Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to form a partnership with the Clippers because the team’s philosophy and Bumble’s philosophy coincide with each other. Bumble is a female-focused brand and the Clippers have demonstrated its dedication to non-discrimination in the workplace.

According to Whitney Wolfe Herd, “Never before has a major professional sports team partnered in this way with a female-driven brand like Bumble. It’s an honor to partner with an organization as progressive and compassionate as the Clippers. Like us, they know generating awareness for diversity and gender equality is critical to business success.”

Bumble seeks other organizations that share its core values, and it will work to bring their resources together to form dynamic partnerships. Specifically, Bumble made a commitment to putting its advertising dollars toward companies that have women in positions of leadership and mentoring programs that target the next generation of women.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Steps into the Dating Field

Whitney Wolfe Herd has a highly fascinating background. While she was a student at Southern Methodist University, she got started as an entrepreneur by selling tote bags that would benefit the victims of the BP oil spill. After her graduation with a degree in international studies, she had a fateful meeting with the man who would co-found the dating app Tinder with her.

Ms. Wolfe Herd left her former company under unfortunate circumstances, but this did not stifle her initiative. She met Andrey Andreev who offered to invest $10 million into the dating app idea that would become “Bumble.” Since then, Bumble has been what Ms. Wolfe Herd dreamed that it would be, and that is a female-focused endeavor that has 70 people on the payroll. Of these 70 people, 85 percent of them are women. Women also occupy several of the top management positions.

Along with the dating app, Bumble also gives its users a safe place where they can meet other women in their areas with the “Bumble BFF” feature. Now, making business connections is also safer for women because of the new interface “Bumble Bizz.” Women can feel free to make professional connections with men because on Bumble Bizz, only the female may make the first contact with a man.

Protecting women is at the top of the list of important things to do for Ms. Wolfe Herd. Users of her apps can be assured that they will not be bombarded by photographs of male genitalia like they would have to endure on other apps. Since photographs of men without their shirts on were overwhelmingly rejected by female Bumble users, Ms. Wolfe Herd has banned these images as well. Bumble is definitely showing other companies how they can create environments that do not harm women and promote their interests as well.


What Makes the LA Clippers’ Leadership Team Different than Other NBA Teams?

Only one team has hired a woman to be its president of business operations, and that team is the LA Clippers. Although Gillian Zucker is the only female president of business operations, she is not the only woman in an executive position on this team. The Clippers also have a female lead general counsel, a female vice president of community relations and player programs, a female director of strategic partnerships, a female director of business development and a female chief financial officer.

This landmark deal began on March 6 and is expected to last throughout the 2019-2020 National Basketball Association season. The transaction is the league’s 20th patch deal to date. A source has stated that it is currently valued at $20 million, and it calls for signs to be placed around the arena as well as the introduction of community initiatives.

The Bumble dating app is unique because it is the one that requires the female party to make the first move after a match has been found. It was very important to Whitney Wolfe Herd to ensure that women have a safe space to interact with others, and her focus on women’s needs is a perfect match for her company and the Clippers.

How Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is Changing Women’s Lives

     If there is an entrepreneur changing the online dating scene, then it is must be Whitney Wolfe. She has completely diversified the game for men and women looking for partners in the dating app, Bumble. A former co-founder of Tinder she left the company amidst allegation of sexual harassment. She then joined forces with Andrew Andreev (CEO and founder of Badoo) to found Bumble. The Chief Executive Officer at Bumble came up with the idea of women making the first move when looking for potential partners. In case of same-sex users then either party can make the first move. Based in Austin Texas, the app has more than 22 million users worldwide, seventy employees and is currently valued by Forbes at $1 billion. This is such a huge success for a 28-year old whose company has only been in existence for less than four years.

Bumble BFF

In early 2016, Bumble launched an extension called Bumble BFF allowing users to find and connect with platonic friends. It takes out the stress out of someone who is not interested in romantic relationships. Just like Bumble a user swipes left or right to show interest to other users. If there is a match, then the two must communicate within 24 hours or else the match disappears. The Bumble BFF is suitable for millennials living in large cities where finding friends can be a challenge.

Bumble Bizz

Then in October 2017 Whitney’s team launched Bumble Bizz, a professional networking extension on Bumble. This is specifically for users who want to connect with other professionals in the same field. So a user has to create a bio showing off their skills, education and experiences and a photograph of themselves. Just like Bumble the dating app, users swipe left when they don’t want to connect with the person and right when they are interested. If it is a match, then they also have 24 hours to communicate. It also gives the power to the women, they also have to make the first move. Unlike LinkedIn, Bumble Bizz is not based on finding jobs but rather mentoring and networking.

It is clear that Bumble the company is targeting all aspects of women interactions. That is, career (Bizz), social (BFF) and romance (Bumble). More so, users can switch between the three modes easily. The Chief Executive Officer, Whitney Wolfe came with the concept of women making the first move from her own experience when she approached her boyfriend Michael Herd who is now her husband. Whitney and Michael got married in a beautiful wedding in South Italy in October 2017.

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Agora Financial: The Shortcut to Quality Wealth Creation

People across the world are keen to know about the options that help them to generate quality wealth in a short span of time. Only a minute percentage of people are able to get opportunities to make their requirements a reality. Agora Financial is such an opportunity that offers assured wealth creation through proven strategies. It is a frontrunner in the financial advising industry, and the financial publishing group is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Agora knows the difficulties of professionals from various sectors in making the accurate analysis on various investment opportunities to grow their wealth. Often, people do not get time to invest in such analysis and do not possess the skills to do the same.

Agora Financial publishes many online publications, free newsletters, documentaries, seminars, books, and more with specific inputs on how to grow the money. Interestingly, the publications of Agora has more than a million readers, and it helped most of them to make success in the financial world. Altogether, 20 publications are available from the financial research firm, and people can choose their publication based on the industry type or financial tool they wanted to invest. The publications also provide unique wealth protection strategies as well as tips on generating income.

What makes the findings of Agora Financial highly accurate and result-driven? The financial analysts of Agora do not wish to sit inside the office and travels across the globe in search of tracing investment opportunities. They personally visit each opportunity and make accurate analysis to ensure best returns for their readers. The financial advising firm identifies the opportunities of investments before they become mainstream. It helps the early investors to create significant wealth over the period. The firm has expert analysts including a leading bond expert across the world, a journalist who is nominated for Pulitzer Price, a Harvard trained geologist, and more.

Agora was established in the year 2004 with a mission to ensure quality wealth for its subscribers. The analysis and insights of the publishing firm have not only helped its readers to create money, but it also helped them to protect their wealth from any meltdown.

The firm could successfully predict the mortgage bubble of 2008 in 2004 itself. It helped the subscribers of Agora to prepare for the meltdown and protect their assets, in advance. The unbiased and accurate findings of Agora is regularly reported in the financial analysis of major news outlets including the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and The Economist.

Betsy DeVos Speaks Softly but Fights for Education Reforms

The U.S. Senate narrowly confirmed Betsy DeVos as the U.S. Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump. Critics said that DeVos lacked experienced working directly in public education. They said she fumbled an answer about allowing guns in schools to fight grizzly bears in rural locations. Despite the critics, DeVos secured the confirmation and took her office ready to fight for change in U.S. education.


The change came quickly as one of DeVos’ first moves was to rescind a policy regarding transgender students that Obama put into place in his last weeks in office. Obama’s policy regarded transgender students and bathroom use. Under the policy, students can choose what bathroom to use based on their gender identity. Therefore, a student who identifies as male may use the male bathroom. A student who identifies as female uses the female bathroom. DeVos rescinded the policy on a federal level.


Even though she rescinded the policy, DeVos took the time to meet with a person that speaks for transgender and gay employees at the U.S. Department of Education before she announced the policy shift. She wanted them to know about the change before they found out about it from the media. An aide said that DeVos didn’t want to take on the policy shift. She said that she got her marching order from the Trump administration.


However, DeVos hasn’t said publicly that she disagrees with the policy shift. In fact, she has said the opposite. She says that the original policy was too much and too far. She told an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference that the Obama administration policy gave too much direction to the states and local school boards that can create their own policy.


DeVos’ stint as the U.S. Secretary of Education is hardly her first venture into trying to influence education policy. DeVos has a long history of advocating for education changes in her home state of Michigan. DeVos and her family have spearheaded efforts for school choice and school vouchers in the state. They were not able to convince taxpayers in the state to adopt a school voucher system. Her family has also supported local education efforts in the West Michigan area. They’ve financially supported charter schools like Potter’s House Christian School and the West Michigan Aviation Academy that’s housed at the Grand Rapids International Airport.


The DeVos family made their money from their success in multilevel marketing companies like Amway and Quixtar. The companies were co-founded by DeVos’ father-in-law, Richard DeVos. The family has used their wealth to support the arts and other civic programs in West Michigan. Their funds have built entertainment and convention center DeVos place and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.


DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan. Her family still has property there. Her brother is Erick Prince, the founder of military defense powerhouse Blackwater USA. DeVos studied business economics at Calvin College. She earned her degree in 1979. While at Calvin, DeVos met future husband Dick DeVos. Her father-in-law, Richard DeVos, boasts a net worth of approximately $5 billion. Learn more:

Obtain Financial Freedom With Agora Financial

If you are looking for a way to gain financial freedom, there is a way that is better, cheaper, and more beneficial than hiring an actual broker. Brokers are very money hungry. Their main objective is to get you to invest in any type of investment that they throw your way just so that they can receive commission off of your investment. Brokers are also not the best way to go because lots of brokers are dependent sponsored people. This means that they are being paid to promote certain companies that may not be the best option for you.

The best way to go is by starting to read some of Agora Financial’s articles. Agora Financial is a well known financial publishing company. The company is one of the best financial companies out as of now. Agora Financial is an independent company and their main objective is to obtain wealth for all of their readers. Agora Financial gives their readers many options and ways to read content. Their content can be seen in novels, newspapers, emails, ebooks, and many other types of reading materials. Agora Financial is very affordable. With Agora, you can read as much or as little as you would like in order to read your goals.

Agora Financial spends millions of dollars each year so that they can obtain accurate fresh information for all of their readers. Unlike most publishing companies, the staff members of Agora Financial does not surf the web to find investments. Instead, they travels overseas and throughout the United State to find the best investment. Some of Agora Financial staff members consists of a former banker for the presidents and an ivy league university graduate. If you are looking to save money for the future or financial freedom, give Agora Financial a try!

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The Great Contribution of Matthew Autterson in Society

Matthew Autterson is a knowledgeable person in the circle of finance. He majored in the field while he was at the University of Michigan State. He then made the debut on the side of the business while he was serving at Trust Corporation. The exposure that he got while delivering the services at the company helped him a lot in pushing his career to the required niche. In 1992, he rallied with other members and came up with the idea of coming up with a company by the name Colorado State Chartered. Matthew is believed to be the man who was in the forefront in pushing for the agenda of the group. They built the company from the scratch to its peak. The efforts mark the dedication that he had together with his team members who conceptualized the idea. The primary people that the company was serving were the one located in the city of New York. It was working in close collaboration with the Integrated Resources Inc. The pragmatic skills that he had shown in handling the challenges propelled him to the position of the president in the company. He then concentrated on the objectives of the company with the aim of providing the services that meet the required standard to their customers.

He served in the company for not less than three years. The top management of the company then decided to rebrand it to SunAmerica. The move came after the company had merged with Resources Trust Company. He is currently heading the CNS Bioscience board. Furthermore, he plays the roles of the chief executive in the group. The mode that he handles the clients in the firm has earned him the post of the chairing the members of the board. The reason for the formation of the company was to establish the concrete base that will fork out the drugs used for the treatment of the neuropathic pain. The person who came up with the idea of setting up the CNS Bioscience was Scott Falci M.D. See This Page to learn more.


The programs carried out by the body has given chances the disable people in the community. There are a lot of people who have lauded the bold step of Matthew in the United States. He has remained to be the crucial asset in the firm which controls all the matters that are of benefits to the company. The other contribution of the company is the delivery of the wheelchairs to the disabled people through their partnering with other concerned authorities.

Matthew Autterson has made a significant contribution to the society marked by the assistant to the disabled in the community.


USHealth Uplifting Lives By Offering Better Paychecks

One can save thousands and hundreds in a year by making a smart choice on health insurance. Most importantly, cost is one of the factors to consider when making a choice of health coverage. In the quest to finding affordable health insurance, companies have come up with affordable plans that meet most people’s needs. Their matching programs help users in accordance with their wants and further unite them with the right insurance carriers for a fine fit.

Health insurance quotes that are affordable don’t have to be exaggerated and hence these companies make them simple, they have a wide range of little cost premiums and deductibles to fit people’s lifestyle, budget and needs. The companies have introduced easy online medical insurance application that is user-friendly, quick, great customer service, easy to understand with a very fast response.

Most people all over the world need quick private insurance and so these companies help their clientele find health insurances that they can comfortably afford.

US Health advisors salaries were last updated on November 20, 2017, and this was salary estimates from 1,866 data points gathered directly from the user, employees, and present and past job advertisements on certainly in the past two years. The average USHA salary ranges between approximately $109,431 per annum for Sales Agent and $45,579 per annum for Insurance Advisor, whereas weekly pay ranges between $5,124 for Insurance Agent per week and $2,846 for Sales Manager per week.

However, one is advised to take note that these figures are given out to the users with the aim of generalizing and comparing only and that all salary figures are averages based on third-party compliances to in reality. One is advised to check with the employer for real salary figures as minimum pay may differ by one’s field.

The advantage of this career is that one gets paid for his or her efforts. It has the most spirited commission organization plus quarterly and monthly bonuses, no-cap on earning and residual income potential. However, It is not a career for every person .It majorly favors individuals with an untapped possibility in earnings, motivated, goal-oriented and with a zeal for working hard.

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Glen Wakeman Uses Launchpad Holdings To Help Young Entrepreneurs

The onset of investment marks the beginning of a better future. For young entrepreneurs, this may be a challenge, considering the impending challenges that a startup may have. To be safe, it is vital for such entrepreneurs to have a person of interest to look at. This refers to a role model. Glen Wakeman is just one of the many role models. Wakeman has been part of the business industry for decades. He understands the importance of having the right materials for business. That explains why he is ready to assist entrepreneurs.


Glen Wakeman has extensive experience in finance. He has been part of the world for more than ten years. He understands the importance of being able to navigate in the field. Glen attended Scranton University. He earned good grades in finance. Perhaps, this was a perfect opportunity for him to grasp the basis of his career. Being visionary and focused on achieving more, he joined the Chicago University. Glen built his career out of his academic efforts. He graduated to join the working world. That marked the onset of his career in business.


After graduation, Glen Wakeman worked at GE Capital. He was made the chief executive officer due to his input in the company. Glen registered impressive performance. Glen was an outstanding leader. He managed his teams in the most subtle ways.In his lengthy career, he was a mentor as well as an instructor. Glen enjoyed sharing knowledge on business and growth. He learned how to navigate the field of entrepreneurship by investing in viable strategies that helped many business professionals. It was after working for many firms, that he realized he could emerge a determined mentor, that worked with entrepreneurs (Ideamensch).


Glen Wakeman established Launchpad, a company that has helped masses to organize their businesses. This firm provides software that assists young entrepreneurs to organize and restructure their businesses. Through the software, many entrepreneurs have grown their businesses to what can be called successful. Glen has used his talent and professionalism to assist masses. He is sure that with the growth of his company, many entrepreneurs stand the chance to grow.