Market America CEO Discusses Rise from Humble Beginnings

Market America CEO JR Ridinger recently sat down with the Triad Business Journalto discuss how his company managed to rise from humble beginnings to the billion dollar industry it has become in and of itself today.


As a retail and online marketing company, Market America had a rough beginning in the early 90s. When the company was first founded, it only had a handful of employees working around the clock to help the business thrive. In reality, the only asset the company had was the belief in it that each employee brought to the firm. Remarkably, that faith managed to help Market America overcome its early struggles to become an incredibly successful firm today.


Interestingly, Market America CEO JR Ridinger has recently made several changes to the company’s hierarchy, with his brother-in-law being named the president and chief operating officer, and his other brother-in-law being similarly named the president and chief operating officer of their site, SHOP.COM.


According to Ridinger, these shifts represent a broader plan for the company as a whole. Since the company began as a close-knit family, it only makes sense that the succession plan would incorporate familial elements throughout each facet of Market America as a whole. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Market America, as its employees and operating officers continue to bring their enthusiastic spirit to every component of their ventures.

The History Behind Kabbalah Centre

In 1922, the Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. When he founded this center, he had different intentions with what to do with the knowledge and the philosophies. For one thing, the wisdom has always been kept secret as a tradition. However, Yehuda has decided that it is okay to make it accessible. He sees no harm in a wider variety of people getting a hold of this knowledge that only a select few people were allowed. Before him, the only people that were allowed to access the knowledge were devout students of the Zohar who are above the age of 40.

The Kabbalah Centre of course carries the Kabbalah which has a lot of insights about the different religions and the books that come with it. The people of the Kabbalah believe that each religion is only a piece of universal wisdom. Therefore, there is no conflict among any of the religions. Instead, people are taught to come together and accept their differences as different pieces of the whole. There is a lot of wisdom that the Kabbalah has been collecting ever since it was started thousands of years ago. It talks about different aspects of reality and learn more about Kabbalah.

Among the things that it talks about is the universe that people can see and the universe that people can’t see. Among the things that it points out is that only 1 percent reality can be detected by 5 senses. The rest of reality is undetectable. However, the 99% of the reality which can’t be seen has a major influence on the 1 percent that can be seen. The Kabbalah centre and Kabbalah teachings have a lot of insights that will bring about enlightenment for people that seek it. This is one of the reasons that the Kabbalah Centre is worth looking into for people and more information click here.

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Inside JeanMarie Guenot’s Personal Mission To Save Lives


JeanMarie Guenot,PhD is a scientist and executive level manager who has spent her career finding ways to save lives. She has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has specialized in business development, research & development, project management, and raising venture capital.

In 1993 Guenot earned her PhD at the University of California, San Franciso. In order to further advance her career in management she earned an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School. During her career she spent several years in research and development in order to develop new life-saving pharmaceuticals. She has also worked at the executive level as a Vice President of Corporate and Business development for PDL bioPharma. In 2008 she founded her own pharmaceutical company she called Guenot, LLC. At this company Guenot offered her consulting services in areas such as raising venture capital, pharmaceutical research and development, and commercial development. In 2009 she saw an opportunity and founded another company, SKS Ocular, LLC, where she developed new technologies in order to meet what she saw were unmet medical needs in the ocular industry. One of the technologies she developed was a way to insert microparticles into the front and back sides of the eye that sustainably deliver drugs to treat eye disease.

Today JeanMarie Guenot serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of San Francisco-based Amphivena Therapeutics. This company is focused on developing bi-functional antibody therapy in order to treat blood cancer. In the last few years she has also co-founded Harpoon Therapeutics, Inc., and Maverick Therapeutics. Both companies are privately held companies that are researching cancer cures in the field of biotechnology. Amphivena Therapeutics has been named as one of the 10 hottest Bay Area biotech startups by BioSpace. Biospace credits the company’s work to develop new protein-based therapeutics.

What Absolutely Everyone Is Saying About Atomic Design Rochester

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Most Noticeable Atomic Design Rochester

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Life After Atomic Design Rochester

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DRC Issues Prevent 4K Playback for PCs

One of the latest advancements in home entertainment is the advent of 4K. 4k is the highest quality of entertainment. The colors are more accurate, and the details are easier to discern. However, there is a problem for PC users. The files that the PC displays are not 4K. However, the online video services do support 4K Ultra HD playback. However, the service has not been extended to the PC. Therefore, people who use the PC for home theater are still stuck with the lower HD quality images until the necessary advancements are made which enables people to experience the detail that comes with 4K UHD. However, the cheaper streaming boxes offer 4K resolution streaming.

There is also something else at play. This is copy protection. Hollywood is trying to keep 4K on lock. Even with the new content coming to the PC, it is very possible that there is a need for new hardware in order to experience the difference. Hollywood’s eagerness to protect its products is always going to factor in on issues like this. Of course it is to be expected that 4K will eventually be released for PC users to enjoy. It just takes a while for all forms of media to catch on.

When it comes to piracy, this is always a concern for Hollywood. There has always been bootlegs throughout the eras of entertainment. One thing that the industry is concerned about is the possibility that the studios could hook up to a video capture device so that they can get DRM-free copies of content at the highest quality. For people that are able to get analog captures of 4K, they will be able to put together content that has very high picture quality. There is also the high bandwidth that allows for many copies and files of high definition video. As of right now, they are trying to prevent 4K from being easily streamed and leaked. However, as 4K catches on, people may be a little more relaxed about 4K.

An Overview of White Shark Media Reviews

Creating AdWords campaigns is a time consuming exercise. This is the reason why White Shark Media went a step further in simplifying the process by creating an excel template that allows users to work on all the vital elements of their campaigns at a go. The complete campaign is then uploaded to AdWords with the help of the AdWords Editor. The excel template was created in 2015 but has been overhauled to include some of the latest features in AdWords like the expanded text ads. This template is different in that the sitelinks option has been removed and there are step by step instructions in every sheet and video tutorials.



Success Formula



White Shark Media is a top Digital Marketing agency that offers online marketing solutions specifically tailored for medium and small-sized businesses. The agency is among the fast growing in North America and this growth is as a result of conducting affordable search marketing campaigns that guarantees customers with a world-class experience. The agency tracks all the marketing efforts of its clients carefully and in detail. It relies on Google analytics, keyword-level tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence. These methods help the agency to be accountable to all its clients on a monthly basis.






A high number of satisfied clients offer great testimonials regarding the great services and results they get from White Shark Media. A number of the testimonials are published on the website of WSM for clients and prospective clients to see for themselves. Aaron V. from an e-commerce store in Iowa states that the customer success team at WSM has helped their business grow tremendously. Todd L., Painters from Canada testifies that WSM will be the only company that they will be using for their marketing efforts and asks people to follow suit.



About White Shark Media



WSM is an agency dealing in search marketing based in Central America, Denmark and United States. It has specialized in Bing Ads and AdWords management services to businesses classified as small and medium-sized. The agency focuses majorly on the areas where its clients make their money. E-commerce clients are offered product listing ads in various management plans, full Google analytics and conversion tracking implemented on all Shopify platforms.



White Shark Media has an extensive experience in the Shopify platform and refers all its existing clients to it. The first client to the agency from 2010 is still with the agency and utilizes the Shopify platform. The agency fully manages its clients AdWords campaigns from the time of initial setup and continuous optimizations for the realization of goals.

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Anthony Petrello Using Resources to Find a Cure

If you take a look at many successful business people, you will see that they are more than just their work. Due to their success, they have many resources available to them, and they use them to give back to their communities. This is the story for Anthony “Tony” Petrello.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, Ltd. He has been in that role since October of 2011. The company he leads was founded in 1968 and is an oil, natural gas, and geothermal drilling company. The company employs 27,000 people around the world.

Before Tony Petrello began his tenure at Nabors Industries, he worked in a law firm called Baker and McKenzie. He served as a managing partner there and spent thirteen years with the firm. Tony Petrello left the law firm to go work for Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello has a strong educational background. He started out his educational career by attending Yale University where he earned a B.S. degree and an M.S. degree, both in Mathematics. He then went on the Harvard Law School where he earned his law degree.

In addition to work duties, Tony Petrello is very involved with the Texas Children’s Hospital where he serves as a member of the board. Being involved with the Texas Children’s Hospital stemmed from his personal life. His daughter was born at 24 weeks weighing just 20 ounces. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has experienced many developmental delays.

The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital have dedicated its work to treating and finding cures for neurological disorders. Tony Petrello and his wife are large donors to this institute. They also spend time working on behalf of this organization. Tony Petrello and his wife are determined to find a cure for these disorders and are using every resource to make this goal a reality.

Learn more about Nabors Industries here.


Taking Advantage Of Holiday’s With White Shark Media

For business success, it is important for people to find ways to stay relevant. The only problem is that people have a lot to deal with when it comes with their business. Therefore, they don’t have that much time to find ways to stay relevant. This is why it is important to find a company that is able to help with keeping relevant. One such company is White Shark Media. For one thing, the experts in the company know all of the different methods of maintain relevancy. Among the ways they maintain relevancy is by running promotions for customers to take advantage of.


One thing that could be said for White Shark Media is that they know all of the occasions and the best times to come up with a plan that is going to gain all of the customers for the company. Therefore, they are able to come up with something that will grab a lot of attention and work out for the benefit of the company. This is one of the reasons that business owner and entrepreneurs would do well to contact the company. The experts will be able to sit with the client and come up with many different campaigns that will bring in the customers.


One thing that could be said about business is that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to bring in the customers. At the same time, there is a lot of work needed in order to keep the customers. Even successful businesses will start to lose business without constant work. This is one of the reasons that White Shark Media is useful. They are able to handle all of the heavy lifting when it comes to bringing in the traffic and the business for their clients to benefit off of.


White Shark Media has turned out to be a very effective agency when it comes to marketing. Clients that have used this company have experienced an increase in the income that was generated with the company. Therefore, White Shark Media has shown itself to be one of the useful companies for businesses.


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Seattle Genetics Plans to Develop More Drugs and hire More Employees

The Puget Sound research community received a rare visit from a very popular individual in the pharmaceutical world. The institution was visited by Joe Biden, the Vice President of the country. Seattle Genetics is one of the growing communities in the area that have set it apart.

Seattle Genetics is a Bothell based biotechnology institution that is working very hard to widen the use of its first product in the market and at the same time enlarge its drug pipeline. The company is also looking to embark of a new hiring spree to get more reliable professionals.

The company is trying its best to make a difference in the lives of individual suffering from cancer. At the moment, the company is trying to commercialize Adcetris, its only drug in cancer treatment. According to the CEO of the institution, Dr. Clay Siegall, the drug is being tested on more than seventy types of lymphomas.

To ensure that it succeeds in its efforts, Seattle is conducting phase 3 clinical trials that use their drug as the frontline treatment for new cases of Hodgkin lymphoma. At the end of the day, the results of the trial will have a great impact on the institution.

The new product from the company, Adcetris is mostly used when the doctors are trying to fight lymphomas. In 2015, the drug did quite well in its sells, especially in the United States and in Canada. The institution has a partner, known as Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and it has managed to sell the product in other countries in the world.

Adcetris is actually one of the products from the institution. At the moment, there are twelve drugs that are being developed, Adcetris not included. The second drug, known as 33A will be expected to get to phase 3 trials before the years comes into an end, and it will be used to cure acute myeloid leukemia. There is a special drug for breast cancer and another one for bladder cancer, and they are expected to be introduced in the market soon.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of Seattle Genetics. He is also the chairman of the institutions, and he has worked hard to raise capital and market the products from the company. He is very experienced in ecology, and he is a member of different boards.

Find a Great Home with Todd Lubar. UPDATED MAY 2017

UPDATED May 25th, 2017– Todd Lubar shares his secrets to success in an interview with Ideamensch.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He mainly specializes in real estate and finance, his passion is real estate involves helping so many people in need especially those with no home. He began his career in real estate in the year 1995. He graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in speech communication. Todd Lubar is currently the president of TDL Global Ventures as well as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments.

After graduating from the university Lubar worked with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where his position was a loan inventor. His experience and skills in mortgage banking helped him to link with prominent people in the industry including, financial planners, real estate agents and insurance agents. A few years later he got into the Legacy Financial Group, his participation in this firm became very fruitful because it highly developed. The company approximately made 100 million dollars in loan amount. Todd Lubar was able to expand and develop his skills at Legacy Financial Group.

His other great achievement was back in 2002, he founded a real estate development company, Legendary Properties, LLC. The firm made more than 200 dealings and assisted in reintegration, quick purchasing and advertisements of various residential places. Multi-family properties and single-family homes are the residential properties the company deals with. He was able to link with prominent banks because of his great profession and henceforth he got $20 million in terms of credit.

Todd Lubar’s extreme experience in mortgage-banking led him to start a branch company of First Magnus Financial Corporation, going by the name Charter Funding. First Magnus is a top private mortgage firm in the US. His company immensely grew and has quality programs and products. Furthermore, he used his many years of experience in the banking mortgage world to start yet another company, Legendary Financial LLC because he noticed how the market has various changes on a daily basis. The initiative of the firm is to loan money to people and other companies. It is an associate of the Legendary Properties, LLC. Todd Lubar is identified as one of the leading mortgage inventors. He thrives on making every day a better destination.