Lawrence Bender in Film Making

Lawrence Bender is most recognized for his production role(s) in many of the award-winning Quentin Tarantino films. Alongside these famous movies are also TV shows and many other films covering a variety of genres, all of which have made a successful impact on the film industry. According to (2018), Bender has occupied a producer role in 21 movies/TV shows and has been the executive producer in 7 more of these works. He was born October 17, 1957, in The Bronx, New York and grew up in New Jersey (, 2018). He was originally an aspiring dancer after graduating college with a civil engineering degree. However, this path was quickly put to a stop after he suffered an injury. Fortunately, the aftermath of this event was when his career in production began to blossom.

Bender currently holds three Oscar nominations under his belt: Best Motion Picture of the Year (2010) for Inglourious Basterds, Best Picture (1998) for Good Will Hunting, and Best Picture (1995) for Pulp Fiction (, 2018). It comes as no surprise that Pulp Fiction appears as one of his nominations, as it is my favourite film he has produced. Personally, I am a huge fan of this film’s elements of dark/vulgar humour and seemingly random events that brilliantly lead to plot twists that I would have never been able to predict ahead of time.

Lawrence Bender has definitely made his mark in the film industry due to his success in producing some of the world’s most iconic works. I know for certain that if his role was absent during the formation of these movies, they would not have become as well-known as they currently are. He serves as an inspiration to many film students aspiring to make it in the industry as producers.


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New Poll Shows the Majority of Netflix Users Would Rather Pay More Than See Ads

Netflix is quickly becoming a behemoth in the TV industry. At this year’s recent Golden Globe Awards, Netflix series took home two awards, among them the most-coveted best drama award for the original series “The Crown.”


Netflix has also established itself as perhaps the best way to binge watch original series, catch up on currently airing shows, or re-watch old favorites. It simply trounces the competition due to its lack of annoying, interrupting advertisements. It’s become such a big selling point that competitor Hulu now offers a commercial-free option for an additional $4 a month, simply trying to compete in the age of online binge watching.


However, with a growing original series budget and the cost of rights increasing, Netflix often finds itself having to raise prices, always causing considerable backlash from users online. One might wonder then how users would feel about having a cheaper, ad-supported model instead.


A recent poll conducted by Exstreamist surveyed 784 people and found that a resounding 59% of people would rather pay more for Netflix than see ads, with 41% receptive to an ad-supported option. The results showed that the millennial generation is far more receptive to paying more, with ages 55+ being pretty evenly split between ads and higher cost.


The poll shows that while more people would clearly rather see slight cost increases as needs mandate them, a considerable portion would also be open to ad-supported models. Perhaps that 41% is a large part of the backlash community seen online whenever the price goes up. Perhaps then it may be a good idea for Netflix to take a page out of Hulu’s book and offer an ad-supported option in addition to an ad-free, more expensive model. That way, they can satisfy most of their users without having to alienate a large portion of them one way or the other.