Ed Sheeran Sang A Duet With A Thirteen Year Old Girl

A thirteen year old girl was singing an Ed Sheeran song in the mall, as part of a fundraiser for the music school that she attended, one day when Ed Sheeran himself came into the mall. SusanMcGalla.com told me that Ed Sheeran didn’t just walk on by, and he didn’t just stop to listen. Instead, Ed Sheeran decided to make the girl’s day – and possibly her life.

Ed Sheeran got in there and sang the song with her, making it a duet. When the thirteen year old girl decided to do Ed Sheeran’s song for the fundraiser there was no way that she could have seen this happening. It was by chance that Ed Sheeran happened to be walking through the mall at just the right time to catch the song, but it all worked out so perfectly. That little girl is never going to forget what it felt like to sing with Ed Sheeran.

Pictures Speak

There has been a picture circulating the internet in the recent years after the country’s police brutality instances. It is of a young man running from the police, who are dressed head to toe in full riot gear. The picture is in black and white, viewers are to assume that the picture was taken some time in the 1950s. Unfortunately, the picture was taken just a few months ago after the 2015 riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Riots are not uncommon in this country. There are often instances where the destruction of property seems to make no sense at all. For example, in 1999 the Denver Broncos won the coveted Super Bowl. Fans were so ecstatic that they took to the streets and began to celebrate. A mixture of emotions and alcohol quickly turned violent. A massive riot was started and police had to be called in to break up the rowdy crowd. Instances where something positive entices violence are hardly ever logical. YouTube-famous Dr. Daniel Amen understands the chemical effects mob-mentality can have on a human. The Baltimore riots however seemed to serve a point. BuzzFeed has data from psychologists who have decided to break down what’s really behind the act of rioting. Especially when a person or a group of people are under oppression from authority. An American University psychologist has said that historically, change only comes to a city after it is devastated by rioting. “If we don’t respond to police violence unless communities erupt, then communities will erupt.”

The Debated Blue-Black or White-Gold Dress

A dress with two colors designed to be a simply casual looking clothing item became the subject of a great debate:blue and black or white and gold dress? It seems that depending on the number of cones in one’s eye, people see the dress differently. And that is not about the people with any kind of affections!

The dress with two colors has divided everyone in two ‘armies’, with the third group emerging to say they see light blue and gold stated linkedin. An ophthalmologist was contacted to explain the phenomenon. She said that she had been aware of this for a while now, and that the dress is a good example to explain her researches on how people see colors. We are able to pick up on any color, but predominantly those which our eyes are disposed to. Since the material for the dress has fibers of several shades, our eyes pick the ones they are better adapted to.

The designer of the dress has been found too. She said that her original idea was to sew a dress with royal blue and black colors. Since the debate, the ‘confusion dresses’ started to sell well, so she released more of them. Afterwards, they even created a white and gold- the real colors- to please some requesters.

Basketball Players Interrupt Game to Defend Cheerleader With Down’s Syndrome Getting Bullied

Desiree Andrews, affectionately called “Dee”, is an 8th grade cheerleader in the middle school of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dee also happens to have Down’s Syndrome, but she doesn’t let it hold her back. She was cheering her heart out at a basketball game when some kids in the audience started picking on her and yelling mean things. Three of the basketball players from Lincoln Middle School heard the kids in the audience making fun of her. Paul Mathieson heard that they walked off the court and interrupted the game to yell at the bullies picking on her. “Don’t mess with her,” one of the basketball players told the bullies, and others from the game backed him up, making the bullies stop immediately. The gymnasium of the school where the game took place has been called “Dee’s House” since the incident happened, and the amazing story has exploded across many news sources, including ESPN.

Taylor Swift Video Clip Goes Viral

A recent video of singing sensation Taylor Swift has gone viral, but not for he reasons most people would believe. The clip shows a member of Swift’s security team forcing the singer to walk backwards in order to avoid paparazzi.

The video shows Swift attempting to leave a private residence. Her bodyguard can be seen using one arm to put space between his client and the eager photographer. The security agent is using his other arm to guide Swift, who is walking backwards to a vehicle. Swift can be seen turning toward the vehicle and the direction of the photographer during the last second of the clip.

The “Shake It Off” singer opened up to Esquire magazine about the price of fame, late last year Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG had said.

Swift explained to the magazine that her security team has kept a file regarding the men that hound not just her, but family members as well.

“They’ve showed up at my house. They’ve showed up at my mom’s house. They have threatened to kill or kidnap me, and some have wanted to marry me.”

Swift, who rose to fame on the country music market at the age of fifteen, told Esquire that she had recently been forced to take more pro-active measures to ensure her safety.