Windows 10 Drops Wi-Fi

One thing is certain, there is a lot of frustrations when it comes to software. One of the frustrations that people are facing now is with Windows 10. Windows 10 is dropping wi-fi service. People experience the loss of contact with internet with Windows 10. Another frustrating thing about this is that there is not a fix for this issue yet. AS a result, people are going to have to bear with this software until they finally do come up with a solution. However, there is a lot of frustration when people are in the middle of something only for them to lose internet access.


However, one of the things that professionals have stated that could help with the problem is rebooting the computer. This is a common fix. One thing that seems to fix a lot of problems is rebooting the system. This tends to correct a lot of problems that people run into. It is also important to state that Windows 10 is not the first and only system to have this type of problem. It is common for devices and operating systems to drop wi-fi access. Fortunately, the problem is easy to handle until the professionals come up with a better solution.


As of right now, the developers are working to come up with an update that fixes the problem. They have looked into many different possibilities. For one thing, when the system boots up, there is an error that makes it connect to an IP address that is not working.


Another interesting thing is that it is not just the Windows 10 devices that are acting like this. There are some devices that have older versions of Windows which is dropping the Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, they are looking into the issue in order to find a good solution that is going to allow people to enjoy the internet with very few interruptions. Here’s hoping that the next update is going to fix this issue.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update Details Announced

Expect to receive the much-anticipated Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2nd. Microsoft announced the pending release of the update containing important new features for individual and business users. Windows 10 now boasts about 350 million users, making it one of the most popular versions of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

No Longer Free

Computer users will no longer have the option to install Windows 10 for free after July 29th, one year after the new operating system first entered the market. All Windows 10 users will have free access to the Anniversary Update, including those who buy Windows 10 after its free availability period ends.

Business Features

Enterprise users will gain improved security, including the enhanced protection against threats supplied by new versions of Windows Defender and the Windows Information Protection Service. Microsoft’s continued commitment to enterprise security should reassure business customers who worry about continually evolving threats.

End Users

Consumers can expect to enjoy more new features than their counterparts in the enterprise, including a Cortana update that allows the virtual assistant to respond to queries without first logging into their computer. Cortana will also work with frequent flier numbers.

Windows Ink gives users the power to draw pictures and add notes to documents and online content via the Edge browser. Microsoft has also updated Edge with support for some third-party extensions.


Microsoft aims to slow the rate at which schools adopt Chromebooks and iPads for students by introducing features that make configuring numerous shared devices easy and providing academic testing functions that disable the clipboard and limit application switching.


The Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring Cortana to the Xbox One console and give users the ability to use Xbox Anywhere to buy titles from a unified store make a play them on their PC and Xbox.