Coloring Outside The Lines With Doe Deere

Doe Deere, the woman who is typically seen with a brightly painted face, is the business woman who created the cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. She’s been made one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine in the short time since her business was founded. She is a creative, self-made woman who turned her dream into reality.

She’s always been creative, even as a child. Always adding as much color as possible to her life, she painted her clothes, accessories, and face with anything available. She began her love for makeup when she wasn’t even a teenager. With her friends, they dressed up in dark outfits, but Doe Deere felt there was something missing. She felt they needed bright, fun makeup to set off the outfits. Voila! A star was born.

While makeup is only a part of her very vibrant life, she doesn’t believe what she does for a living is work. It is simply fun. She claims she has spent most of her life experimenting with cosmetics, without any idea on what she was doing. It wasn’t until she was well into her 20’s that she could perfectly represent her colorful soul correctly through her makeup.

Deere started posting makeup looks online, full of rhinestones, glitter and bright colors. She wasn’t focused on looking good, just on having fun. Then, something strange happened. Almost overnight, she had a tremendous online following. This gave her the inspiration to create her brand, Lime Crime, in 2008.

The name, Lime Crime, became her brand’s name for a very simple reason. It was the first thing that popped into her mind, years ago, when she opened her first EBay store. She felt it represented her favorite color and also thought that the rhyming aspect was pretty cool! Now she claims that the name stands for breaking rules and not being afraid to be you. After all, life is about fun, and makeup should represent that.

Having an internet-based company has its pros and cons, according to Doe Deere. The feedback from internet sources is helpful and makes her feel more connected to her customers. Along with that feedback, also comes rumors. Anyone can say anything they wish, anonymously and people will believe it. She dislikes the misinformation that is spread so quickly through the internet. She’s learned to ignore the haters and learning and growing has become her specialty!

Doe’s fans call themselves Unicorns. Doe Deere has given them this name because she believes unicorns are people who are born different and are proud of it. The people who rock her products are a special kind of breed and deserve a special kind of name. Her fans are bold, brave and defy expectations, and she is proud of them.

She attributes her success to herself and she is proud of it! She wants women from every background to know that they can do anything they want to with a dream and some ambition; maybe even with a bit of luck, too. Doe Deere loves that her hard work is being recognized and she can be a role model to other women through her cosmetic brand, Lime Crime.

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