Saturday’s Women’s Walk Reverberates Through the Tech Industry

The resounding reverberation of gender inequality has been echoing for decades. Last week’s prodigious women’s walk across the United States increased the volume a dozen decibels. “I am woman, hear me roar” was heard anew across the United States as a colossal cry for women’s equality. Within the technology industry, these echoes should be an overwhelming wake up call.



Women and Technology Today


Women share, shop, surf and search as often as their male counterparts, frequently more attune to the technological world than men are. Tech businesses must appreciate the magnitude of unhappiness as a solemn warning from all women that they are not going to accept business as usual, no matter what area of business it is.



Over the last 20 years the propensity of women in STEM studies, (science, technology, engineering and math), has frequently been undermined. But, apparently women have accepted this as a challenge. Females have taken the initiative, positioning themselves educationally to be viable parts of one of the fastest growing industries in the world.



Polarized by Current News


The massive volume of women, who participated in Saturday’s marches, unmistakably confirms the intensity of female discontent towards all industries. In the modernized world of technology, these sentiments are even more pronounced. Since tech companies portray themselves as being polarized by current events, executives should appreciate the rationale behind an enormous rally for public sentiment, a day after the presidential inauguration.



Not Just Pay Inequality


With marches materializing all over the country, the true level of restlessness harbored in the female workforce was obvious. These agitated voices were sounding off against actual hiring and promotion biases, as they were pay inequality. The corporate hiring balance within tech companies must be scrutinized as closely as the pay and benefits packages are.



Visualize Unified Goals


Naturally one of the most visible industries in the world, Tech entities would be wise to pay very close attention these marches. A unified pledge between technology companies and those who are striving to bridge the gender gap would help both to realize their fundamental goals.


Women want to be more than just heard today; they are striving for equal acceptance. The Tech industry has an opportunity to take 21st century technological goals and build a unifying relationship with women, presenting society with a model for gender equality.