Make money selling wine with Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard Gives Busy Moms A Way To Make Money At Home

Social media is full of comical cartoons about moms needing more wine. Moms, business professionals or any other people who need to unwind after a long day often do so with a glass of wine. Now, moms who stay at home and want to make some extra cash or need an outlet can sell wine. In the past, makeup and kitchen accessory companies offered the main network marketing opportunities for homemakers.

How Traveling Vineyard Works

Although the company’s business structure is ideal for homemakers, anyone can join to start their own lucrative home business. There is no need to have experience working in a vineyard to become a wine guide. Traveling Vineyard assigns new members to experienced leaders who will help them learn how to become successful marketers. They share their knowledge about setting up events, educating buyers and building teams. A convenient online platform teaches new members about wine and how to present Traveling Vineyard’s products during a tasting event. Members earn money from their own sales, and they earn money from the sales of their team members.

Why Sell Wine With Traveling Vineyard?

The income potential is the most attractive part of selling wine with Traveling Vineyard. Even busy moms can make hundreds of dollars from a single tasting event, and those earnings build as they encourage more people to join their team of wine guides. Although there are several cosmetic, clothing, nutrition and kitchenware companies in network marketing, there are very few wine companies. When it comes to product demonstrations or parties, many people are unsure about ordering products such as cosmetics or kitchen goods. The prices for these items are prohibitive in comparison with discount brands. They may wonder if they will actually use a kitchen product or a suggested cosmetic, and the consultant’s sales suffer when there are hesitant participants.

With Traveling Vineyard, members sell only high-quality wines. The wines taste great and receive excellent reviews. A benefit of selling wine is that people are more likely to buy a delicious bottle of quality wine than they are to buy a cosmetic or kitchen product that they may not use. Also, wine makes an excellent gift for a friend, family member or colleague, and it is appropriate for nearly any occasion. When people are invited to kitchenware or cosmetic parties, they know that they will just see several products or try some makeup that they may not like. Adults are more likely to attend a wine party if there will be samples. While many network marketing companies target women with their products, wine is something that both men and women can enjoy.

Another benefit of working with Traveling Vineyard is then easy selling process. Wine guides take orders during tasting events, and they place the orders with the company. Traveling Vineyard handles payment processing and shipping. This eliminates the hassle of having to buy and stock products at home for an inventory. Additionally, the work-at-home opportunity allows busy moms to work around their family and social commitments. They choose when to host tasting events, and Traveling Vineyard handles all financial and logistical tasks. Since the market for wine is always booming and having wine brought directly to the door is a great benefit to any buyer, Traveling Vineyard gives busy moms an easy, fun and profitable outlet to exercise their business talents.

Traveling Vineyard Offers Anyone An Opportunity for A New Life

When it comes to modern living, a lack of freedom can be quite disillusioning. Humanity craves the days of self-scheduling savage satisfaction, however, this is no longer possible. Given the nuances of modern society, self-satisfaction has its limits. However, this does not mean that one cannot have a little fun, and even get paid for it. This is where companies like Traveling Vineyard come into play.

The innovative business sets itself aside from other companies, offering anyone a chance to be a wine-guide, indulging in one of humanity’s oldest traditions. Beyond having a chance to socialize with friends, the people get paid for their time. Traveling Vineyard even extends potential entrepreneurship to its wine-guides, allowing them to form a full team of their own, and benefit from this formation.

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The basis of the Traveling Vienyard’s mantra is self-declared in the 5F’s: Flexibility, Financial Reward, Fun, Fulfillment, and Friendship. This is why the company is so unique. These “5F’s” essentially encapsulate the entirety of the human experience, allowing one to live meaningfully while they make some money.

The Traveling Vineyard celebrates its employees as well, giving back by hosting events. However, the true pleasure comes from the experience. Going to tastings, parties at home, and the peace-of-mind offered by friends, fun, and a good night of sleep. While it might seem like this is a way to get someone to sell wine, this is not entirely true. The true Traveling Vineyard experience is a people-to-people marketing venture. Through one’s innate personality and unique ability, they sell the brands through their personal spirit. The benefits are limitless, however they all depend on personal work-ethic. Regardless of how motivated an individual is, they are likely to enjoy the interactions this intuitive venture offers.

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