Bob Reina: Talk Fusion Ceo Lending a Helping Hand

UPDATE Oct. 5th

Talk Fusion is Bob Reina’s passion.


After working as a police officer for more than a decade, he felt the limitations of his time and his paycheck. He was actually a traffic cop, when he was shown how the network marketing industry worked.


Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a video marketing company, was born in 2007. It first introduced to customers its version of Video Email. Through his vision for the company, Reina led the way in helping others, giving back to his family and friends, various communities and animal charities. Reina realized that he could build an incredible team and leverage the time of team members to increase his success. This industry, according to Reina, changed his life for the better.


Many of his contemporaries know Reina as a man with quite a sense of humor. Reina has said that to be successful, it takes commitment for a period of years – potentially many years. While completing his education at University of South Florida, Reina juggled a few different jobs. He eventually graduated first in his academy police course. According to Reina, he had that good old fashioned desire and sweat to get into direct selling. He ended up forgoing a steady paycheck to try his hand at entrepreneurship.


Reina had a vision for success that was clear. His vision was so clear that it brought technology experts on board as his team. When Reina comes to his office each day, he always brings family members Bindi and Shadow (loyal dogs). As was previously stated, Reina has a heart for animals and contributes quite a bit to supporting nonprofit groups to help animals.


Reina capitalized on a problem he had when he tried to email a short video-clip to his family. But his service at the time –AOL – said it couldn’t be done. He contacted his longtime friend and IT Expert Dr. Jonathan Chen, and together they formulated Talk Fusion and the idea of video email.


All of this came to be because Reina’s belief that we all should be able to benefit from each other’s achievements. As Reina put it, his success depends on the success of others.


Bob Reina: This Man Cares

Too often in life, there are people that simply do not care. It is sad, but is true. If it does not run with their life and it is not part of their life, they simply shrug their shoulders and they keep on moving without giving it a second thought. For Bob Reina, he truly cares and he shows this every single day the company is in business. As a matter of fact, the same type of mentality is all around Talk Fusion, the video communications company. Everyone cares that works there. When they care and they go the extra mile for the customers, wonderful things are around the corner.


These are not simply employees or people that are part of the machine. These are human beings that care and they want to see you succeed using Talk Fusion. It is a big part of the reason why the company is offering 30-day free trials. With a product as popular as Talk Fusion, they really don’t need to do this. Here is the thing: they want to do this. It matters to them and it shows in every ounce of the work, especially from the IT team. It should be known that this is a company that has won awards for their work. They have won awards because they excel in voice, data, and chat.


When people have all of this for them to use, they can really run their own company and see it flourish beyond their wildest dreams. There is nothing that can prevent them from being the happiest person they want to be all of the time and not just on certain days. With power, there is freedom. The people that use Talk Fusion, they use this power for good. It is the same with Bob Reina and everyone that works for him.


They know what kind of abilities they have and what they can do. They don’t want to just do anything with it. They want to do something special, especially Bob Reina. He wants to impact lives in the best possible way. He cares and shows it with the most powerful tool: action.


Talk Fusion is a global firm, aiding businesses in becoming more profitable. Even so, its founder and ceo, Bob Reina, has his eyes set beyond financial affairs. Reina says, “With greater success comes greater Responsibility.” These are the words that He puts into action.

Reina has donated over $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, saved the lives of countless animals, and even generously supported an Indonesian orphanage. His philosophy can be reflected not only in his actions, but also in his company. Reina started a program that allows Talk Fusion associates to donate one free account to a charity of their choice.

His love of aiding others is what really drives his company. Reaching out to 140 countries, Talk Fusion gives some businesses a second chance. For Reina, it’s even better to hear how Talk Fusion changed an individual’s life. People now being able to pay medical expenses, or financially support a family member thanks to Talk Fusion improving their business.

Talk Fusion has done many things to implement Reina’s vision. From personal donations and fundraisers to supporting those affected by the tsunami in Japan to volunteering for the less fortunate, Talk Fusion continues ro carry out Reina’s mission throughout the globe. If you would like to learn more, go to


About Bob Reina:

Bob Reina was not always the man we see today. Studying at the University of South Florida and then eventually graduating as number one in the police academy classes you would never guess that Reina would become a founder and CEO of a major company. Despite the negativity, Reina pursued his entrepreneur dreams.

Reina eventually came up with the idea for Talk Fusion in 2004. He still continues to innovate and change the world a small step at a time. You can learn more about the company and Reina at

Jeremy Goldsteins Advice to Companies offering Employee Stock Options

Several employers have stopped offering their employees stock options to the business as a means of compensation for employment. The reasons are more complicated than just saving the company money. Jeremy Goldstein has listed below three main problems that convince employers to make this cutback:

  • If the stock market drops it will make it difficult for employee to redeem at purchase value
  • Economy down times can make stock worthless
  • Costs may outweigh benefits


However employees may still prefer this option to wage or benefit compensation because it is easy to understand stock options and it proves compensation that is of equal value. Another good reason for employers to give employees stock options is that employees know their wages have a better chance to increase if the stock values increase, with this in mind, employees have an incentive for working harder to ensure the company’s success; as well, they will make it a priority to keep existing customers pleased and this will draw the attention of new customers.


Taxes can be another downside to offering employees stock options. A business can sometimes face a big tax headache if their employees are offered shares rather than options.


However, Jeremy Goldstein advises that if a company wants to maintain these award options and avoid any extra expenses, they must lock in with a barrier called “knock-out”. Everything is the same, with “knock-out” as with other stock options, such as vesting and time limits; however, if the values drop to a certain level, the employees may lose them.


“Jeremy L. Goldstein has a Juris Doctorate from the New York University School of Law; an M.S. from the University of Chicago; and a B.A. cum laude and with distinction in all subjects from Cornell University.”


Jeremy L. Goldstein is one of the partners of a boutique law firm called, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. This law firm is in the business of advising committees on employee compensation and other sensitive financial issues.


Before starting his own law firm, Jeremy Golstein was partner with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm. He has been a part of several very large corporate dealings occurring within the prior decade.


Mr. Goldstein is a current chair of the “Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.”


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New York City’s Kerrisdale Capital Management, Led by SahmAdrangi, Raise Capital For a Target Company

Kerrisdale Capital Management, with the guidance of SahmAdrangi, made a daring move by betting against a single stock last year. To achieve this, the New York-based company organized for rounds of funding that had yielded over $100 million by April 2016. Sources privy to information about the whole situation revealed that Kerrisdale Capital was interested in investing in a public company that was in the processes of being established.

Raising Funds for a Target Company

SahmAdrangi boldness was put beyond reasonable doubt after he diverted from the obvious. Ordinarily, hedge fund managers start by identifying existing investment portfolios and then raising funds towards one particular portfolio. Adrangi also proved to be an effective hedge fund manager for having managed huge amounts of funding in an extremely short period. Given the small size of Kerrisdale in comparison with other capital management firms in New York and the USA at large, SahmAdrangi deserves all the commendation and admiration within the finance industry.Information privy to Reuters indicated that the unnamed public company that Kerrisdale was to invest in was valued at $10 billion. Reuters was also aware that Adrangi had written and sent emails to several investors, to whom he sought to sell the ideas in connection with the company. According to Reuters, Adrangi’s main strategy was first to make the investors adapt and own up the company before they committed their money to it.To familiarize the target company to investors, SahmAdrangi was said to have staged serious campaign including on digital platforms. An insider told Reuters that Adrangi had included Mr. Shane Wilson, an analyst with Kerrisdale, in the campaign team. Together, they were to make campaign videos as well as a well-established company website. The sources also pointed at a possible opening of the target company to be around a mid-last year.

About Sahm

SahmAdrangi is a financial expert based in New York and currently serving as the CIO at Kerrisdale Capital Management. Sahm qualified as a financial expert after completing a bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale University.Prior to his current job, Sahm spent a substantial amount of time sharpening his management skills at Deutsche Bank, Chanin Capital Partners, and Longacre Fund Management.

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How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership

According to the recent statistics in the industry, businesses that have both genders working on board are more than 15 percent likely to outperform businesses that don’t have this capability. Gender diversity is one of the few things that work to associate themselves with better business in a world of generic solutions. For the companies that have ethnic diversity, they are 35 percent more likely to outperform those that don’t have in the industry. One thing that women seeking leadership positions need to learn is that leadership is one of the core components of success in the industry. On the other hand, ethnic diversity should be focused on massive rates of adoption.

Diversity at the workplace comes with a wide range of perspectives. While this is true, most of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States are adhering to this diversity. Women need to seek leadership positions as it is the key to their renovation capabilities. Many women in the world are struggling to attain the best education as well as the best leadership position in the company. While this is true, they are also facing stiff competition from their male counterparts in the companies. This means that women must seek a new way of approaching these specific leadership issues for success in their endeavors.

Susan McGalla has led many women leaders into achieving their goals as leaders at various organizations in the world through a wide range of tutorials. Women like Susan McGalla have led the way for business leaders seeking to advance in their careers. Susan McGalla credits how her parents raised her from the lowest level of comfort by working for both men and women. Susan McGalla was the only girl child among two brothers in her family. Because she knew how to manage her brothers for a successful home, he went on to become the most innovative leader.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Rises To The Top Of Bradesco, Transforms Company Along The Way

Few people can claim to have a profound impact on the course of major corporations. Outside of founders, companies with more than 10,000 employees are rarely ever able to be profoundly changed, even by their CEOs. But Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an exception. Even long before he rose to the top slot at Bradesco, the largest bank in Brazil by some measures, he was already a major influence on the corporate culture and vision that the company took on. In fact, one might argue that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was already a driving force in the company 30 years before he ever ascended to the wheelhouse of the Brazilian banking behemoth.

Hard work and dedication pay off

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was just 18 when, in 1969, he got his first job. Hired on as a bank teller at what was that time a small local bank, Bradesco would grow at an astounding pace, just as Trabuco would rise through its ranks in lockstep with its expansion. Trabuco quickly proved himself to be a capable employee. By the end of his first year, he was already a shift manager at his branch. Within a decade, he would rise to the level of regional manager for what was by then a quickly expanding regional banking power in the state of Sao Paulo.

Throughout the 70s, Trabuco was able to put himself through school. He eventually got a master’s degree in social psychology. At the same time, he was gaining valuable experience working in all aspects of the bank’s business. By 1984, he was tapped for his first executive role.

Trabuco was appointed to head up the company’s marketing department. With an advanced degree in psychology, Trabuco knew a thing or two about how to overhaul the company’s branding, message and public relations. He immediately fortified the company’s relationship with local media, an area that had long been severely neglected under prior marketing directors.

He was also able to involve Bradesco in local charity and volunteering, establishing a beneficent image for the company and its brand. It was also at this time that Trabuco began marketing the company to a more upscale clientele. Trabuco was well aware of the huge success U.S. retail banks had with attracting high-net-worth clients. Trabuco believed strongly that such a model could be repeated in Brazil, with the rapidly expanding middle and moneyed classes in that country.

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In 1992, after having a great deal of success turning the company’s marketing department around, Trabuco was appointed to the financial planning division. At that time only accounting for around 3 percent of the bank’s total revenues, Trabuco made it his stated goal to boost the division’s earnings significantly.

Keeping in tune with his earlier goals in the marketing department, he did away completely with the one-size-fits-all philosophy that the department had been operating on before. Through some tough conversations and heated meetings with the bank’s top brass, Trabuco eventually managed to convince the higher-ups that the bank’s clients were not all created equally. Trabuco wanted to create a premium service for high-net-worth clients that would be the banking equivalent of a casino’s high-roller suite. Eventually, the executive suite relented and allowed Trabuco to proceed with his experiment in attracting real wealth to Bradesco.

It turned out to be a resounding success. By 2003, the financial planning division had exploded. The previously floundering unit was now accounting for more than 25 percent of the group’s total profits. Trabuco was now widely regarded as a major player in the company.

He was appointed to the helm of the company’s insurance underwriting division, which he then proceeded to dramatically grow. By the time he left, Bradesco Seguros had grown into the largest retail underwriter in the country. By this time, Trabuco was speculated by many to the next in line to take over as CEO of the whole firm.

In 2009, he was, completing his rise from the lowest position in the company to the highest and one of the most powerful people in Brazil.

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Classdojo is a mobile application that aids communication in a classroom setup, it connects parents, teachers, and students, by giving them a room for sharing photos, videos and messages in the school day. It is a way of enlightening each other by working together as a team, to achieve the best. ClassDojo also assists students to develop crucial skills such as empathy and esprit de corps, through a real-time tutor-to-student feedback via the web and mobile devices.

Classdojo is only looking forward to helping any teacher to create a dependable class, which makes the teaching career interesting, and thus teachers can pursue what inspired them to become teachers. Therefore, the teachers are in a position to help their students achieve the goals ahead of them by instilling the knowledge into them in a sober and easier credible manner. This has got a mutual benefit in that, as the student’s dreams are being achieved, the teachers are also pushed a level higher.

The main aim of Classdojo is to help the Parents Teachers and students to come up with far-fetched classes. This is a road to a perfect transformation of education in the whole world through the inter-linking of the students and teachers globally to give way for information sharing and also idea sharing on a daily basis. Though it is ideally impossible to create a one size class that fits all teachers, parents, and students, Classdojo has a belief that the best class that can meet all the above can be created. It is a perfect idea to give the teachers and students room to express their ideologies to achieve great things.

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George Soros is a Great Community Person

George Soros is a well-known philanthropist. He was born in Hungary in 1930. He graduated from London School of Economics with a Bachelor of Arts Science. He is a successful vigilant American-investor. His journey of becoming one of the world’s prestigious billionaire currently worth over 20 billion-dollars and being ranked number ten by Forbes is fascinating and read full article.

Soros contribution is undeniably a landmark that cannot go unnoticed. His philanthropic works are attributed to his various foundations that support justice, equity and openness in over 100 countries-worldwide. He is known to have lived through experiences of injustice and discrimination for being a Jew in Hungary during the Nazi occurrence. He spearheads investments that are aimed at funding individuals and organizations across the globe in fighting for good leadership, transparency and fairness and George’s lacrosse camp.


Soros philanthropic works and their impact

After acquiring financial stability through founding Soros Fund Management foundation, he began charitable work in 1979. His world’s leading investment, The Quantum Fund, steers rallies that support liberal works and equitable efforts in nations. In 1980s he played the crucial role of opening up channels for communications and avenues to trade valuable pieces of information in Europe.

George Soros has supported the education of the marginalized people through giving scholarships and grants over the years like the grants awarded to black South Africans during the apartheid period. Soros’ stern efforts bore fruits in the Central European University which is a leading centre for critical thinking development. He has allocated nearly 12 billion dollars in the implementation of these fruitful programs and learn more about George.

George supported paralegals and defendants of the lawfully unjustified. He pushes for societies to uphold human rights and enforce democratic principles and reigning state laws. The foundations ensure that citizens enjoy freedoms and leaders practice social responsibilities and acceptable governance norms. He has fostered national integration as well as opening up countries to cultural diversity. This exchange of ideas has lead to flourishing political environments and peaceful social relations among nations. He supports organizations such as Global witness and European Council on Foreign Relations that aim to grow societies both economically and politically.

Numerous projects in America have been given support by Soros including the medical marijuana movement and same sex marriage lobby. These are in line with the philanthropist’s main mission of promoting open societies. George is real community warrior and

George Soros has vested a considerable level of interest and funds in promoting courses that others may deem impossible to attain. He is personally involved in overzealous initiatives that render accountable systems of governance and promote acceptance and respect of the nationals. He is a self-made billionaire with high investment portfolios that build up philanthropic activities and change society’s dynamics.


Envoy uses OneLogin to enhance guest experience

In previous years companies had to use big paper log books to check in potential customers, manage employees, and document. OneLogin has changed that. Now companies can have a single IPad in the front entrance with beautiful IT that can eliminate that big clumsy log book. When customers enter they will be greeted with a beautiful piece of IT that makes their first impression of the company impressed and smooth. Data is stored in a safe and secure place allowing for easy decisions. One company that has taken advantage of this is Envoy.

Envoy and OneLogin have teamed up to create a simple and creative IT program to solve employee management and customer information storage. The SCIM or System and Cross Domain Identity Managment allows customers to automatically provision fields, like employee’s first names, last names, emails, office location, and more directly from their OneLogin directory into Envoy. This powerful relationship gives customers the ability to turn what was once a pain into a smooth and exciting process.

OneLogin gives developers the opportunity to create more with their software. Free toolkits are available. OneLogin added on by saying “OneLogin’s clear API documentation and timely partner support made it very straightforward to integrate with Envoy. We’re always excited to work with partners who share our vision of creating effortless workplace experiences, and OneLogin perfectly fits that mold. We look forward to continued growth together!”

The addition of Envoy to OneLogin has allowed two great softwares to combine into one. This combination gives companies and their customers a smooth, reliving, and a heartening way to manage their information they need every day to do business. With this technology and developers always adding onto it there is no telling what can be achieved next. OneLogin is very thrilled to have worked with Envoy and are very excited to continue that relationship into the future.

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Bob Reina: He Makes Time

One thing that is said a lot in the world today is “I’m so busy! I have no time!” If something is really important and something really matters, people will do something about it and they will make time. Bob Reina always has time as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He also always has time in the most important avenue, which is charity work. This is the same Bob Reina that made a whopping donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He wants to be part of the solution as opposed to being part of the problem. Bob Reina is the type of person that is always looking for solutions to the problems that are happening in the world.


He knows one of the worst things that someone could do is ignore the problem, act like it doesn’t exist, and simply pretend that everything is fine and dandy. That is not living in reality. Bob Reina is all about living in reality and he is all about taking control of what he can control. He can control things by starting up a video company like Talk Fusion, which is the very best in video, voice, and data. They have two awards from 2016 to back it up with one of them being the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award.


When people have solutions, they worry less, they are not as anxious, and they can finally relax and enjoy everything life has to offer. Life is meant to be enjoyed and it is meant to be special. For a lot of people, it is something they once had but they lost it. Bob Reina wants people to regain that magic feeling. He knows that once they have it, they won’t lose it again. When they start up their own stay-at-home business, they will have the most valuable thing in the world, which is time.


When people have time, they are in firm control of their destiny and nothing stands in the way of their happiness. They won’t allow it and they refuse to settle.


Onelogin’s Breakthrough with Envoy

The new and exciting SCIM protocol by Onelogin is a breakthrough for single sign-on registrations and employee data processing, creating an improved office visiting and data management experience. Onelogin has joined forces with Envoy to streamline user lifecycle processes, from onboarding affairs to offboarding and in-between, SCIM’s procedures allows users the benefit of being more efficient and secure when handling users’ identities and their access. Now, visitors(and employees) have an easier and more fastened time going through the sign -in registration process, simply by using their iPad, versus traditionally using an unsecured log-board. This is just a penny to the collection of coins that this application can do for an organization. SCIM is an add-on feature available to Envoy Premium and Enterprise software customers.
What exactly is the whole rave about SCIM? Well, first off, it’s a very valuable management system that thankfully simplifies the Envoy’s user information processing through user provisioning. This makes user information updating a whole lot easier, more efficient and more secure. Due to the time-consuming nature and headaches of the sign in process – signing a log-book, creating name tags, signing NDA’s, etc. And, the constant changing of users’ information – names, addresses and job descriptions; the forgetting of passwords; and changes to employee status (the hired and the vacated), manually having to process such information updates across multiple systems and applications is burdensome, but, it is absolutely necessary for organizations to keep their user data up-to-date.
It’s pretty savvy the way SCIM works. First, the set-up process is simple for Envoy Premium and Enterprise users; add the Envoy provisioning connector to Onelogin’s application catalog and, just like that, you’re ready for business. Onelogin is synchronized with Envoy, so that when changes happen with Onelogin, it happens with Envoy, automatically. This way companies can manage and update user profiles as changes happen – application rollout – hassle free. Upon visitors’ arrival, employees can create a notification for visitor arrival, which automatically signals when a visitor arrives. In addition, visitors have the luxury of signing in, upon arrival, with just their IPAD (17 different languages). Guest can conveniently sign out through their IPADs as well.
The SCIM protocol is just the beginning to many new supplements for company user data management that are set to happen throughout the life of the Onelogin and Envoy collaboration. There is no question that Onelogin has developed a deed that has allowed organizations the opulence to become more productive while being more secure when dealing with tons of identities and access within an organization. Stay tuned for more collaborating efforts from these two powerhouses to hit the market in the upcoming years.
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