Galaxy Note 8 Slated for August Release

Samsung has made it official. According to CNet, the mobile giant will be rolling out its next giant phone and then hope and pray the exploding that’s going on is sales. The Galaxy Note 8 is slated for an August release and the company will be looking to put the disaster of the Note 7 behind it when the new Phablet launches.

The company allowed for the mention of the Galaxy Note 8 but then clammed up when it came time to give any details. What we do know is that this will be the first big test as to whether or not the company has actually fixed the issue it was running into when it came to an exploding battery.

There are other design flaws analysts are hoping Samsung will fix with this latest release. The company has released a kind of fingerprint scanner that is similar to what the iPhones offer. The problem so far, has been when those scanners are released, they tended to be above the glass.

This allowed them to get dirty and to scratch and would then stop working. Considering the scanners were used to unlock the phone and handle mobile payments, that became more than a small problem. Of course, there were ways to unlock the phone using a code, but that made the point of having the finger print scanner at all rather pointless.

Samsung is going to have to hit it out of the park, because they will have steep competition, especially in late August. Apple is expected to be rolling out its 10th-anniversary phone and most expect there to be some serious bells and whistles attached. Until either phone is officially announced, we’re going to have to wait and see just what the companies have decided to offer up to the public.

Livio Bisterzo Is Taking Snacking And The Business World By Storm

Livio Bisterzo is a man who has a knack for finding the weird, odd, and outrageous in everything and turning it into a profitable, fun, and exciting business venture. Livio was born in Italy, but moved to the UK when he was young. In 1999, at the age of 18, he entered, London’s University of the Arts.

Livio Bisterzo started his first business venture in 2003 with the founding of an event planning business. Things went well for him, as he was able to bring a great deal of his marketing experience to the company to help promote and plan the events that were booked. From here he began to build a business portfolio that includes some of the UK’s most successful brand launches of recent memory. These brands include hospitality names such as Maddox Club and Pollen St. as well as consumer brands such as Little Miracles and the extremely popular skin care line Kyoku for Men.

In 2015, he co-founded the new venture Green Park Holdings as a way to enter the healthy alternative food category. The company has a main objective of building a portfolio of “better for you” products that it feels will fill a major gap in the consumer market. This gap is between the products that people want to have, and the healthy products that they know they should buy instead, but which do not offer them the choices they desire or satisfaction they crave.

The company’ first endeavor is the wildly popular snack food Hippeas. Hippeas are a puffed chickpea snack that is available in six out of this world flavors. The first two offerings, Vegan White Cheddar and far out fajita got national exposure when they were added to the snack offering at Starbucks in the U.S. and Canada. Other flavors were soon added and the product line was picked up by whole foods, and is now available through Amazon as well.

Livio Bisterzo is an avid outdoors enthusiast, and loves healthy cooking with his wife. Family time is a major factor in his schedule, and he tries to keep a positive outlook on things that he says helps to keep him grounded even when challenges seem to mount up, as they do in any rapidly growing business. The most important thing you must keep in mind, according to Livio is that no matter how difficult the challenge may seem, the reward will be equally satisfying in the end. That thought, is what should keep you going, moving toward your goals.

Livio Bisterzo currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where he lives with his beloved wife and three children. Green Park Brands continues it’s upward movement to position itself as a leader in the premium snack food category and plans additional product launches in the near future.

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Technology and How It Will Change in the Next Decade

Technology is really starting to change in a very grand way. People seem to never have enough technology, and it is obvious that there is a lot room for growth. The big thing that people have to consider is how technology will change in the next decade. For many people there may already be sufficient technology, but for the tech hungry young adults this is just the beginning.

In the next decade people are going to see a lot of changes in technology because there is a rapid growth in the production of technology. All people really have to do is look at the time frame in which their phones become outdated. Apple releases a new phone at least twice a year. People seem to be fascinated with this type of technology, and all of the voice activated apps and features will only gain more attention within the next decade.

Amazon is a surefire sign of voice activated technology, and this will only advance within the next decade as customer demand grows. People will see a shift in the way that technology is utilized for physical tasks. Right now there are a lot of voice activated concepts where people can simply speak and change channels on their television. Within the next ticket decade more people will become accustomed to robots in the home. There will be robots in place that will be able to do simple tasks within the home. This is going to be one of the biggest changes in technology.

Homeowners are going to be able to benefit from technology changes in the next decade because there will be more things that make life easier. People are going to get the opportunity to connect with friends easier because there will be a great increase in social media outlets.

Market America CEO Discusses Rise from Humble Beginnings

Market America CEO JR Ridinger recently sat down with the Triad Business Journalto discuss how his company managed to rise from humble beginnings to the billion dollar industry it has become in and of itself today.


As a retail and online marketing company, Market America had a rough beginning in the early 90s. When the company was first founded, it only had a handful of employees working around the clock to help the business thrive. In reality, the only asset the company had was the belief in it that each employee brought to the firm. Remarkably, that faith managed to help Market America overcome its early struggles to become an incredibly successful firm today.


Interestingly, Market America CEO JR Ridinger has recently made several changes to the company’s hierarchy, with his brother-in-law being named the president and chief operating officer, and his other brother-in-law being similarly named the president and chief operating officer of their site, SHOP.COM.


According to Ridinger, these shifts represent a broader plan for the company as a whole. Since the company began as a close-knit family, it only makes sense that the succession plan would incorporate familial elements throughout each facet of Market America as a whole. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Market America, as its employees and operating officers continue to bring their enthusiastic spirit to every component of their ventures.

The Basics Of Constructual Wind Turbine Energy

To date, it is well known that the overwhelming majority of wind power turbines are designed to generate electricity, it is the general form of today’s humanity. In fact, the least of the transformations can be the low mechanical current, thermal, electromagnetic, and other sources of energy made for people working class people and daily energy.

As you are constructing a large wind park turbine, an insignificant problem is the speed, especially with the considerable size of the turbine. This sort of decentralized power generation is rated at a rate of more than one thousand revolutions per minute. If you factor in the easily available generators, it shows that you usually need 3 to 5000 revolutions per minute.

On the vertical axis, you can have different types of wind turbines. Despite the relatively low efficiency due to the simplicity of the design, vertical axis wind turbines place with confidence in the use of the wind energy and are often reproduced in a non-industrial manner by designers.

In view of the wind pressure on the different forms of the surface comes with different strengths. We make the conical surfaces in a tub, which has a significant difference in the opposite sides of the wind resistance.

Wind turbine models are different, but most devices in practice have used some constructive similarity. Consider the basics of the most common models turbines. Structurally, wind turbines have a variety of changes, which is why it is necessary to make a classification for several of the variations.

We now know that the foundation of all windmills are generally rigid metal, this makes up the construction which is the basis power of the wind turbine on. All mills with a vertical axis of rotation on the wind turbine, do not require the wind direction, since the mast is fixed.

Richard Mishaan and The Precision Of Art

There is nothing as fascinating as anything designed with high precision. There is nothing more appealing than the question that everyone asks. Who did it? That is the joy of aesthetics; the glory returns to the creator.

In New York, there is this sales center apartment in 93 streets. The apartment was designed by an architectural company named Richard Mishaan Design. The whole thing is done with a great level of elegance, and incredible stylishness.

Richard Mishaan design is a brand name in the designing industry with some similar projects to his big name. However, the sales center is a piece of art that elevates imagination for any aesthetic persons. The design firm is directly under the leadership of the name holder, Mr. Richard Mishaan, an architect of exceptional gifts, who also owns Homer Design.

The Columbian born designer is an alma mater of Columbia university school of architecture, after which he apprenticed with Philip John before he had indulged his amalgam of designing talents in Richard Mishaan design which is based in New York.

The architect featured in the notable Architectural Digest AD100 “whereby some of his outstanding furniture as well as apartments were applauded by many home lovers. Architectural Digest usually names the world’s best 100 designers. To applaud this further, ELLE Décor has also recognized the Richard Mishaan design brand in year publications some years.

In 2014, Richard Mishaan authored the popular Artfully Modern book. The book is a leading voice in art and design just three years after its publication. In that book, which was published by Monacelli Press, he explores the emerging trends in the designing industry while promulgating the need for architecture to be flexible to changes in taste and preferences of customers. His other book is called Modern Luxury.

What’s the “Big Stink” on Campus at Orange Coast College?

Every year towards the end of June, people ponder what the “big stink” is all about on campus at Orange Coast College. Well, it actually involves the pungent aroma exuded from a flower, indigenous to the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. Students and visitors alike will flock to get a whiff of “Little Dougie”, the affectionate name given to the 5 feet tall, 30 pound, aromatic flowering spectacle on display at the school’s administrative complex. It’s known as the “Stinky Corpse Flower” because after smelling one, people reflect over the nasal sensation that it appears something is dead inside the beautiful flower.



There are a lot of things about Orange Coast College that do not stink. The academic programs are outstanding and the faculty to student ratios foster an aura of educational enlightenment. Students at OCC can expose themselves to a variety of engaging clubs, athletic teams, plus an array of opportunities in the arts. You don’t need to be a full-time student to benefit from enrolling at OCC. Adult students have an opportunity to engage in lifelong learning, plus there are convenient online courses available to individuals with busy life schedules.



Prospective new students can research scholarship programs available at OCC to help reduce or eliminate the financial burden of earning their education. In fact, Orange Coast College ranks as the second highest rated 2-year institution in the United States for educational value for the tuition investment. OCC blends value with impeccable quality, offering more than just a piece of paper when you graduate. It doesn’t matter if you want to dive full-time into a degree program, opening up countless doors for extracurricular experiences, or just take advantage of a single course, OCC has a workable option for all.


“Ew that smell, can’t ya smell that smell” is an appropriate description of a noteworthy on-campus event every 3 to 5 years at OCC. However, the student experience at one of the finest two-year colleges in the nation is all rosy. Don’t miss the aromatic spectacle emanated by the “Stinky Corpse Flower”, where visitor donations help to support the OCC Horticulture Department. While you’re on campus, stroll around the facilities and absorb the aura that makes Orange Coast College one of the top educational options in the Untied States.


Fit AI With ‘Ethical Black Box’: Researchers Emphasize The Need For Safety

As much as we like to think it, we are indeed already living in the future, and have come to a point where robots walk among us, helping us with our everyday activities. As new AI is making its way across numerous sectors and arrays, the need to better equip them with the technology to make better decisions is also on the rise. With the recent report of a security AI called the K5 falling into a water fountain in Washington, researchers have now begun a debate as to whether or not these androids should be fit with black boxes that help them depict human emotions on fear and logic, to help them make better decisions.

In a conference that took place at the University of Surrey, numerous researchers came forward to discuss this need and pose the pertinent questions of safety for these machines, not just for themselves, but for the people around them as well. Since these bots are not controlled by the humans who make them, they on some level already have their autonomy while performing their actions. But to make it so that they don’t cause harm and inconvenience to the people around them, these AI need to be a lot smarter.

Self-driving cars are a good example of this and show the need that is currently prevalent. After Tesla Motors had started putting out their self-driving cars, numerous accidents were reported as a result of the inconsistencies with the AI that was being used. The AI began to malfunction and was not able to properly adapt to the variable surroundings, which is where researchers think an ‘ethical black box’ would come in handy. However, a factor to consider is the consequence of having AI with human emotion which is autonomous, which would then pose a much greater threat to humanity.

Nathaniel Ru Talks About Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru

In their senior year at the Georgetown University, Washington, D.C, Nathaniel Ru together with his friends found it very difficult to find a healthy place to eat fun and easy food. They figured out that by establishing an eatery at the M Street, they would provide many people with what was lacking in the market. As it turned out, the landlord of the lounge space they wanted to rent was the same owner of the apartment they lived in. Nathaniel Ru called her explaining of their intention, but she hung up on him. He did not give up but rather continued to call her each day for a month.


She eventually picked up and agreed to have a one on one talk with the three. Nathaniel Ru says that this was his first time to put on a suit for a business meeting. On the day of the meeting, the three carried with them a plan of activities which was barely three pages and one page of the financial plan. They intended to call the place greens. The landlord had seen a twinkle in the vision of the three finalists. She asked them to look for an architect and someone who can support their idea and come back with a proper business plan. In three weeks, they had found the architect and backers.


Speaking at the Wharton Marketing conference, Nathaniel Ru said that he grateful that his landlord agreed to help them despite the fact that they did not have prior knowledge or experience with restaurants. Sweetgreen was started in 2007 and has up to date expanded to serve people not only around the Georgetown University but to serve residents of New York, Boston, Philadelphia as well as Washington. The head of the digital marketing of Sweetgreens Theresa Dold likens the company to Apple. She says that the founders asked themselves “why” before “what”. Just like the Apple Company, Sweetgreens want to promote its items in a sexy, smart and local way.


In every year, Sweetgreens throws a music festival in which they showcase their products among them a line of juices. Nathaniel Ru noted that the most fulfilling result comes from those stores where the team have been together longer. For this reason, he and his partners are dedicated to giving the customers and the employees as well, a pleasant experience. For instance, at one particular time, the company was engaged in planning a wedding for two workers. The gestures is not easy to forget.

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Susan McGalla Pushes for Change in the Workforce

You my not know who Susan McGalla is yet but in an increasingly diverse and progressive world, her work is going to be lauded by many. Susan McGalla is most well known for the way that she worked all the way up to the position of President at the prestigious clothing company, American Eagle Outfitters. While this may not sound impressive enough to note at first glance, it definitely is. When McGalla was hired into her position every executive in the company was a man. Studies have increasingly shown that diverse companies who are open to different ethnicity and genders have been wildly successful in comparison to non diverse companies.

Susan McGalla is focused on bringing forth great change in terms of how women are viewed in the world of business. Right now she understands that her high ranking position an executive is looked at as a rarity. McGalla wants to turn this around and make it so commonplace that it isn’t even worth remarking upon. Susan McGalla founded the P3 Executive Counseling Company in order to help fight for change within the industry by targeting some of the real issues. McGalla cites her upbringing in a household full of men and a football coach of a father. She grew up knowing that she had to work harder than anyone else in order to get noticed for the same thing.

The problem, Susan McGalla notes, is that the initiatives that have been passed thus far aren’t really making a difference in the workforce. Despitee a surplus of ‘women first’ initiatives being passed, the shift in ration of men:women in the high ranking executive offices hasn’t changed at all. Women still make up less than 1/3rd of the executive workforce in the United States. McGalla thinks a more fundamental approach is important for women who want to be recognized for their work, not their gender.

McGalla is focused on promoting an executive sponsorship program which would give women the chance to show their worth, earn their place, and start promoting real change in the world of male-dominated businesses places everywhere.