UPS Announces London Vehicle Fleet To Go All-Eletric

Transportation Corporation UPS has recently announced plans to update its fleet of vehicles to electric engines. UPS currently owns one of the world’s largest fleet of vehicles and the announcement of going all electric after deploying a new smart grid technology in the city of London signals the beginning of the end for traditional internal combustion engines.
UPS currently operates 170 trucks out of it central London site, and electric motors already power 65 of the 170 vehicles in operation. The corporation had desires to electrify the entire fleet already but the cost of charging a large number of vehicles at the same time was prohibitive. In an effort to make the charging of vehicles more affordable the corporation developed a smart electric urban logistics project with the UK power networks and Cross River partnership. This project was undertaken with help from funding secured by the United Kingdom’s office for low emission vehicles.
This project includes a smart grid connected to a central server that is able to reach each electric vehicle charge post in addition to the grid power supply and on-site energy storage. By connecting all these devices, it is able to stabilize the demand of power placed upon the charging stations and is able to charge every vehicle overnight without excessively peaking energy demands. This eliminates the need for upgrades to the external power grid.
Peter Harris, one of the directors of sustainability at UPS Europe, commented publicly on this announcement. He said that UPS thinks that by using new technology in order to overcome some of the large challenges to electric vehicles that will help to bring a new generation of sustainable urban development not only in London but in cities across the globe. Electric vehicles are already an important part of the UPS’s alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet. By collaborating with the government of the United Kingdom that has enabled a key development in the deployment of cost-effective electric vehicles that will increase the rate of adoption around the world.
With the new smart grid system and the energy, capacity upgrade to the central London site it is possible for their entire fleet of 170 delivery vehicles will be switched to electric engines. The company already has plans to bring electric vehicles to many of its cities around the world.

A Deeper Look into the Mind of Jorge Moll, Neurologist

The human mind is so intricate and multifaceted, and a Neurologist’s mind like Dr. Jorge Moll is no different. Many aspects of Jorge Moll’s life follow suite with his favorite quote by Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Within his thoughts and day-to-day actions, Dr. Jorge Moll’s focus shifts between family, interests and work in magnitudes.

First and foremost, Jorge Moll is a family man. With no regrets to money spent on items such as building blocks or figurines for his children, Jorge Moll is continually creating lasting memories for his family. Simplicity is at the base of all his ideas, as Dr. Moll’s goal has always been to help those whose quality of life is diminished by their health conditions. With family in mind, Dr. Moll’s vision was to make topnotch education, research and healthcare available to his home country of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With his master’s degree in neuroscience and his doctorate in experimental pathophysiology, Dr. Jorge Moll’s vision became reality with the creation of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He currently serves as president and board member for IDOR and as the Director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. As a successful business man and entrepreneur, Dr. Jorge Moll has tips and fundamental values from his experience to share with all those who will listen. Dr. Jorge Moll believes in keeping free exchange of ideas within the work place and allowing collaborations whenever the opportunities rise. With ideas, he suggests to not hold on to them for too long as ideas are plentiful. He advises to choose ideas that can form a plan of action, drop ones that cannot, and always question your plan models. The doctor contributes his productivity to his transparency, open workplace, and his skillfulness in his field. Dr. Jorge Moll’s own words can offer strong advice and simplify his inner workings, “My passionate belief that we can change our realities and positively impact lives and industries, by simply doing interesting things.”

Lawrence Bender in Film Making

Lawrence Bender is most recognized for his production role(s) in many of the award-winning Quentin Tarantino films. Alongside these famous movies are also TV shows and many other films covering a variety of genres, all of which have made a successful impact on the film industry. According to (2018), Bender has occupied a producer role in 21 movies/TV shows and has been the executive producer in 7 more of these works. He was born October 17, 1957, in The Bronx, New York and grew up in New Jersey (, 2018). He was originally an aspiring dancer after graduating college with a civil engineering degree. However, this path was quickly put to a stop after he suffered an injury. Fortunately, the aftermath of this event was when his career in production began to blossom.

Bender currently holds three Oscar nominations under his belt: Best Motion Picture of the Year (2010) for Inglourious Basterds, Best Picture (1998) for Good Will Hunting, and Best Picture (1995) for Pulp Fiction (, 2018). It comes as no surprise that Pulp Fiction appears as one of his nominations, as it is my favourite film he has produced. Personally, I am a huge fan of this film’s elements of dark/vulgar humour and seemingly random events that brilliantly lead to plot twists that I would have never been able to predict ahead of time.

Lawrence Bender has definitely made his mark in the film industry due to his success in producing some of the world’s most iconic works. I know for certain that if his role was absent during the formation of these movies, they would not have become as well-known as they currently are. He serves as an inspiration to many film students aspiring to make it in the industry as producers.


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Whitney Wolfe Herd and the LA Clippers Are Bringing Dating and Basketball Together

     The LA Clippers have something new on their jerseys. It is the Bumble dating app’s logo, and it recently made its debut this month. The team signed its patch deal with the dating app that also contains features that allow users to search for platonic friendships and business contacts.


What Are the Clippers Calling the Bumble Logo on their Uniforms?

The logo that has been placed on the upper left side of the jerseys is called the “Empowerment Badge.” Along with investing in this patch deal, the team will also promote gender equality. The Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer had the logo placed where it was so that it would become part of each basketball game. He believed that placing the logo on the jerseys was a meaningful action that would be noticed.


Why Did Bumble Partner with the LA Clippers?

Bumble Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to form a partnership with the Clippers because the team’s philosophy and Bumble’s philosophy coincide with each other. Bumble is a female-focused brand and the Clippers have demonstrated its dedication to non-discrimination in the workplace.

According to Whitney Wolfe Herd, “Never before has a major professional sports team partnered in this way with a female-driven brand like Bumble. It’s an honor to partner with an organization as progressive and compassionate as the Clippers. Like us, they know generating awareness for diversity and gender equality is critical to business success.”

Bumble seeks other organizations that share its core values, and it will work to bring their resources together to form dynamic partnerships. Specifically, Bumble made a commitment to putting its advertising dollars toward companies that have women in positions of leadership and mentoring programs that target the next generation of women.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Steps into the Dating Field

Whitney Wolfe Herd has a highly fascinating background. While she was a student at Southern Methodist University, she got started as an entrepreneur by selling tote bags that would benefit the victims of the BP oil spill. After her graduation with a degree in international studies, she had a fateful meeting with the man who would co-found the dating app Tinder with her.

Ms. Wolfe Herd left her former company under unfortunate circumstances, but this did not stifle her initiative. She met Andrey Andreev who offered to invest $10 million into the dating app idea that would become “Bumble.” Since then, Bumble has been what Ms. Wolfe Herd dreamed that it would be, and that is a female-focused endeavor that has 70 people on the payroll. Of these 70 people, 85 percent of them are women. Women also occupy several of the top management positions.

Along with the dating app, Bumble also gives its users a safe place where they can meet other women in their areas with the “Bumble BFF” feature. Now, making business connections is also safer for women because of the new interface “Bumble Bizz.” Women can feel free to make professional connections with men because on Bumble Bizz, only the female may make the first contact with a man.

Protecting women is at the top of the list of important things to do for Ms. Wolfe Herd. Users of her apps can be assured that they will not be bombarded by photographs of male genitalia like they would have to endure on other apps. Since photographs of men without their shirts on were overwhelmingly rejected by female Bumble users, Ms. Wolfe Herd has banned these images as well. Bumble is definitely showing other companies how they can create environments that do not harm women and promote their interests as well.


What Makes the LA Clippers’ Leadership Team Different than Other NBA Teams?

Only one team has hired a woman to be its president of business operations, and that team is the LA Clippers. Although Gillian Zucker is the only female president of business operations, she is not the only woman in an executive position on this team. The Clippers also have a female lead general counsel, a female vice president of community relations and player programs, a female director of strategic partnerships, a female director of business development and a female chief financial officer.

This landmark deal began on March 6 and is expected to last throughout the 2019-2020 National Basketball Association season. The transaction is the league’s 20th patch deal to date. A source has stated that it is currently valued at $20 million, and it calls for signs to be placed around the arena as well as the introduction of community initiatives.

The Bumble dating app is unique because it is the one that requires the female party to make the first move after a match has been found. It was very important to Whitney Wolfe Herd to ensure that women have a safe space to interact with others, and her focus on women’s needs is a perfect match for her company and the Clippers.

Empowering The Masses For Global Change Through The Avaaz Organization

In the world today, there is an ever-increasing concern for bringing about better change in many countries. With the constant struggles for democracy across much of the Middle East and Asia, there is no lack of a need for positive forces to counterbalance terroristic leaders. The need for positive influence against corruption and abuses from people in power is not in small demand.Because of this there are a series of different organizations around the world that have been developed over the last two decades that are involved in the fight against whole variety of important protective issues. Some of the most prominent issues faced by people in all nations include: climate change, poverty, animal rights, wars and conflicts and the ever constant need to battle third world corruption. That is exactly what Avaaz Organization is involved with every day. Avaaz is a worldwide non-profit corporation that was started in 2007 to help promote global activism specifically in these areas.

 Founders Of Avaaz

The group was founded by a group of progressive activists from the U.S. and Australia. Some of the primary founders are part of However, other prominent co-founders include a former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello and the Service Employees International Union. The Avaaz Organization has been noted to be involved in a variety of civic and democracy related events on many fronts.

Sample Of Avaaz Projects

On a global scale they have worked covertly behind the scenes in Syria and Iran. One of their more controversial and prominent projects in 2009 was setting up a proxy server during the protests in Iran to allow demonstrators to still have internet access to rally more of the public. They did this by allowing the protestors to upload videos of the protests through the use of their proxies when the government had shut down internet access. They have also been involved in U.S. projects to block companies like Monsanto from their continued contamination of produce and campaigns to protect the U.S. bee population from extinction from pesticides.

The Core Of Avaaz

The main founding president and CEO of the organization is Ricken Patel. He received his Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard and was intrinsically involved in the group known as the International Crisis Group. This groups primary focus is bringing opposing sides together globally in areas of significant strife to start a dialogue. His work brought him into places like Sierra Leone, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Liberia where he worked on brokering peace discussions.The Avaaz Organization does not typically take donations from foundations or corporations. It primarily is funded through smaller donations from people who become members. Those donations from members do not typically exceed $5,000. Presently, Avaaz has nearly 47 million members worldwide. Their website is available in 17 different languages.

IBM Think 2018 Reveals World’s Tiniest Computer

Tech giants IBM have recently started their annual IBM Think conference and this week attendees have already been introduced to an amazing collection of technologies and innovations from the IBM Research team that have left their mouth agape. The conference showcases everything from new developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain technology and new apps; to marketing techniques for social media, cloud security, cloud platform services and data science. The convention also features live bands and comedians but the buzz is centering around the unveiling of the world’s tiniest PC.

The tiny computer is smaller than a grain of course sea salt, it measures exactly 1 x 1 mm and reportedly costs less than ten pennies each to manufacture. Impressive as it sounds, there is so much more info to be desired and everyone is waiting for more details. The computer has a processor built with several hundred thousand transistors and static random-access memory. It is also equipped with a photo-voltaic cell for its power source, an LED communications unit and a photographic detector to communicate with outside sources. IBM’s representatives announced the tiny computer has only the power of the 1990’s x86 chip. The main purpose for this minuscule computer is to ensure authenticity such as counterfeit protection and supply chain management surrounding the developments of blockchain technology as well as cryto-anchors.

The director of IBM Research recently stated that we can expect to see these crypto-anchors placed inside many of our everyday devices, possibly in the next five years. The world’s tiniest computer is still in its early development stages, so don’t expect it to hit the markets anytime this year. IBM Think 2018 conference began on Sunday, March 19, 2018 and they have unveiled this tiny PC as part of their “5 in 5” series that discuss the five best innovations that will ultimately help change the lives of many within five years. The annual event is held this year in Las Vegas and will end on March 22nd.

Shafik Sachedina Guides Ismailis Through Excellent Leadership Skills

Ismailis are part of the Muslim community. Generally known to be originating from the Shia branch in the Islam community, Ismailis live in more than 25 different countries. Most importantly, they are spread across South Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe, just to mention a few regions. In matters of faith, the Ismailis affirm what Muslims affirm in terms of truth and honesty.

Background Data

As a community that spreads across different continents, Ismailis rely on their spiritual leaders to unite them through various programs. One such leader is Shafik Sachedina. Dr. Sachedina has been in charge of Institute of Ismaili Studies. He is an inspiring figure whose works and contributions to the growth of this community cannot be understated in any way. In many aspects, Sachedina has played an essential role in uniting Ismailis across different institutions. Aside from that, he has been a role model to different young professionals who aspire to be great doctors, entrepreneurs, business and spiritual leaders. Here is more about Sachedina’s roles, experiences, and career.

Leadership Roles

Sachedina is a very instrumental member of the famous Aga Khan. He is also a contributor to Sussex Healthcare. This facility was founded to cater for the older people. With Sachedina in charge, this mission has often been easy to achieve as he is not only experienced in matters of leadership but also well versed in the healthcare sector.

Team Building

Moreover, Sachedina is a team player and a role model. That explains why at the Ismaili Institute, he fosters peaceful correlations aimed at maintaining cultural relations within the society. In addition, Sachedina helps his people to grasp a more profound understanding of their culture as well as historical orientation. Besides, he has also been an exemplary leader in coordinating their activities through different programs.

Additional Information

Aside from working for Sussex Healthcare as a major contributor and the Ismaili Community, Sachedina has an outstanding career in dental surgery. By profession, he is a certified dental surgeon. Moreover, he is an alumnus of the prestigious London University. In his years in school, Sachedina focused on his education and graduated with honors.


Furthermore, Sachedina is a renowned philanthropist whose works extend to giving back to his community. Besides that, he has been able to work with various charity organizations with the same purpose; to support the afflicted in the community. Sachedina continues to excel in his career and experiences.

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Flipping Homes Is Something You Can Learn From Nick Vertucci No Matter Your Background

You’ve probably heard about many ways you can become independent in your career or invest for retirement, and yet one of those ways that you could really do that is one that some people avoid instead of using to their advantage. That way is through real estate, and it’s what Nick Vertucci is teaching people how to invest in at his NV Real Estate Academy. Some reasons people don’t want to go into it is because they believe they don’t have the money to do so, or they might feel it’s too complex and that you have to go through years of training to understand it. There is some research work that you will have to do if you are brand new to the field, but it really actually can be much easier to understand than you think if you attend Vertucci’s academy. There are also many people who’ve become wealthy in real estate without having hardly any knowledge of it beforehand.

Nick Vertucci did not pick up on real estate from a college education or on-the-job experience, and to a certain extent he could be considered self-taught in the field. Before he even went into real estate, he had spent his childhood in poverty and several years in homelessness. Vertucci’s first success story was when he started a computer hardware sales business and that allowed him to make plenty of money for several years. But things turned bad again when the business was dissolved as a result of the dot-com crash. The first time Nick Vertucci considered real estate was when he heard about a workshop in his local town that was going to cover topics in the field.

Nick Vertucci knew he would be taking a risk in attempting to buy properties and resell them, but with his financial situation already in a tough spot he decided to go ahead and try it. He began to figure out how to get the financing for buying less expensive properties and how the contractors he worked with could turn them into quality housing. He became at the profit he made when he rented out his first property and later sold it. After 10 years, the man who had had no background or training in real estate had now become a millionaire because of it. Vertucci has made the academy into more than just a classroom learning academy to also being a place where people can get ongoing support and know about the tools they can use for success long-term in the industry.

Learn more about Nick  Vertucci:

New Season Brings New Apple Watch Bands

After a pretty intense winter season, Spring is finally upon us and with that new Apple Watch bands. A trend started the year Apple first launched the Apple Watch when all thought a second generation was due here we are again. More often than not, Apple tends to throw out the old and bring in new colors and styles to give customers more options to make their watches as personal as possible.

In an article on Techcrunch, these new bands include the now cult classic Sports bands, Woven Nylon, Nike bands, and Hermès Bands.

For those not already familiar, there are two ways to go about getting these new bands. The first is purchasing a new Apple Watch accessorized with one of the new bands or purchasing them individually.

This spring the Woven Nylon is focused on stripes alternated with white with black, blue, gray and pink. Sports Bands will now come in Denim Blue, Lemonade, and Red Raspberry while the Sports Loop will come in Flash Light, Hot Pink, Marine Green, and Tahoe Blue. The Classic Buckle will also come in Spring Yellow, Electric Blue, and Soft Pink.

Alternatively, the Nike Sports Loop are now, thankfully, sold separately in Black-Pure Platinum, Bright Crimson-Black, Cargo Khaki, Midnight Fog and Pearl Pink. Nike Sports band will come in Rose-Pearl Pink, Black-White and Cargo Khaki-Black.

The more premium Hermés (the French fashion design house) will also offer Indigo or Blanc with a rough H polished edge and contrasted loop for their 38mm Double Tour band. Their 42mm Single Tour Rallye band will also come in the same colors.

Here in the United States prices will vary where the Sports, Sports Loop, Woven Nylon, Nike Sports, and Nike Sports Loop bands will come in at $49 each, the Classic Buckle at $149. On the other hand, the Single Tour Rallye will cost you $439 and the Double Tour will set you back $489. It’s also worth noting that a new Apple Watch with one of these bands will cost starting anywhere from $249 to $1149. Depending on the watch case fit and finish, the price could also vary from there, but there is no shortage of options for you to personalize your watch style to your heart’s content.

Shervin Pishevar says volatility indexes are MBS and CDS-style scams

The 2008 financial crisis was one of the worst in the history of the United States. The reasons behind it are numerous, and there is still vigorous debate about the role that various policies, financial vehicles, institutions and people played in bringing about the worst financial catastrophe since the Great Depression.

However, everyone who has studied the 2008 debacle almost universally agrees that certain financial instruments and the extremely loose regulations surrounding them were chief culprits. So-called mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps were key components in the economic bomb that ultimately exploded, nearly bringing down the entire financial edifice of the United States with it.

Shervin Pishevar, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, recently unleashed a flurry of tweets on his account, which is followed by nearly 100,000 people. One of the more provocative ideas that Shervin Pishevar put forth was that some of the same dynamics that led to the 2008 crash are now being repeated, and for much the same reasons. Shervin Pishevar believes that volatility indexes and the funds that are centered around them are essentially scams, fueled by the same base motivations that led to the rise of collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps.

Pishevar says that the real reason behind the huge popularity of volatility indexes, prior to their momentous crash last February, was the simple fact that many fund managers want to create volatility because that is what they are incentivized to do. Pishevar points out that the way that many fund managers are compensated is equivalent to a classical principal-agent scam. The manager wants to create as much volatility as possible because he is able to participate in the upside without personally assuming any of the downside risk. That means that the more frequently the fund registers huge wins, the more the manager will actually be paid over the long term.

Shervin Pishevar strongly warns that all investors should read and understand a fund’s prospectus before investing. In particular, they need to carefully read and, if need be, go over with a professional the compensation structure of the fund, making sure that the management is not incentivized to run very costly scams with the investors’ money.