McTech: The Golden Arches of the Future

When Steve Easterbrook took over as CEO of McDonalds in 2015, he knew things had to change. With technology getting bigger and better every day, McDonald’s was falling behind the curve. Since taking over Easterbrook has implemented changes using new forms of technology to bring McDonald’s back up to the forefront of fast food.

Just prior to Easterbrook taking the reigns of CEO of McDonald’s, the corporation started using ordering kiosks to see how customers reacted to them. Speculation was that the kiosks would mean less jobs for actual people, however that is not the case. Since their introduction many more locations have adopted the ordering kiosks. Instead of taking away jobs, they have just speeded up the ordering process. Employee’s still deliver the meals to you once they have been made. This is just the first of a few “upgrades” that Easterbrook has put into place to put McDonald’s ahead of the curve.

Mobile applications are a part of our everyday life, from ordering food to keeping in touch with loved ones. We all use apps every single day, and Easterbrook knows that which is why last year they rolled out the all new McDonald’s app. The biggest and most anticipated feature that came with the new application in 2017 was the ordering capabilities. Smartphone users can order and pay for their order using the application and then pick it up at the Drive-Thru. McDonald’s has stated that there are over twenty million users of it’s application.

Ever have a craving for a large fry and shake, but can’t get to the golden arches on your own? Well with new technology and a partnership with Uber Eats, you can now get your favorite McDonald’s food delivered to you. Starting in late 2016 and throughout 2017 McDonald’s had rolled out the Uber Eats program to over five thousand of their establishments. They plan to have it available in twice as many stores by 2019. Of course with this convenience comes a higher cost. Expect a check for one of these orders to be at least one and a half times higher than it would be if you picked up your food yourself.

Like the rest of the world, technology has it’s place in fast food. McDonald’s has done a good job at using technology to make their service better, quicker and more catering to the customer. It will be interesting to see how they continue to improve service as technology advances. To see even more ways McDonald’s is catering to the tech savvy generation; .

Troy McQuagge US Health Are On A Mission For Hope

At the USHEALTH Group, H.O.P.E is currently one of the major focuses for the company. H.O.P.E., or Help Other People Everyday, is a core value that runs through the company and its employees. The team behind USHEALTH Group work to improve the lives of individuals in their community as well as each other in their workspaces. Troy, along with much of his staff, has stated that H.O.P.E., is their mission.

Troy first started up the H.O.P.E. program in 2010. Troy took leadership of the company despite the fact that it was struggling, he wanted to make an improvement to the way USHEALTH Group operated. Today, the company has managed to grow many times larger and build a much better reputation under Troy’s leadership.

One of the first projects for the H.O.P.E. program was in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. This event left thousands of people homeless and without any possessions in 2010. USHEALTH Group and H.O.P.E. spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working in the community to rebuild homes. In 2011, H.O.P.E. again donated thousands to the Crisis Nursery, which supplies infants with food and supplies for needy families. The nursery ran out of supplies during a time of need so H.O.P.E. donated thousands in the form of clothes, formula, shoes, and more. Read more on behance about Troy McQuagge USHealth

The main reason behind giving so much back to the community and starting up H.O.P.E. is because of the core values of Troy and his company. Troy McQuagge US Health believes in helping others in any way that he can, and he has worked to ensure the employees at USHEALTH Group hold these very same values so people can get the help they deserve.

The work of USHEALTH Group and the H.O.P.E. program has lead to a change of heart for many others throughout the country, especially USHA Advisors. Many have begun to take it upon themselves to do charitable things and help the community on their own, such as the USHA in Florida working with the Homes for Warriors Project to donate a home to a military family. This spread of goodwill is exactly what Troy values and hopes will continue alongside H.O.P.E.



Therapy Chatbot Treats Depression

Today, it seems like more and more people are suffering with mental health issues like anxiety to depression. Often, those people do not have anyone to share their thoughts or concerns with on a regular basis. Many might avoid seeking therapy because of the stigma that is attached to seeking mental health counseling. However, things are about to change for the better. A clinical psychologist at Stanford University created a very unique program for those suffering with mental health issues. The Woebot application was created by clinical psychologist Alison Darcy and is currently available on the iOS operating system.

Woebot Treatment
The Woebot applications use cognitive therapy to treat individuals with mental health issues. The application is designed to deliver scripted responses to the individual using the program. Clearly, this is a trend that seems to be catching on with certain segments of society. Many people feel more comfortable talking to a chatbot program and might feel very uncomfortable talking to a live therapist. The therapist that designed the software based the software on the cognitive behavioral approach to therapy. This type of therapy treats the individual by making them look at their reactions to challenging situations.

Replacement For Human Therapist
The creator of the application insists that the Woebot program is not a replacement for traditional therapy. It is merely another tool to help in the treatment of mental health issues. However, the creator of the application believes that the Woebot is something that is very unique. It is not like your typical health application. It will not help you find a mental health therapist and it does not act like a human to human relationship. Alison Darcy, the clinical psychologist at Stanford University who created Woebot, believes the Woebot is somewhere in the middle.

People Simply Need A Sounding Board
The creator of Woebot believes that the strength of the chatbot program is in the fact that people suffering from mental depression feel alone and lack support. The Woebot program acts as a sounding board, providing a way for the individual to converse with someone about their mental health issues like depression or anxiety. Woebot is a wonderful program that allows the individual to chat anytime or any place, states Woebot creator Alison Darcy.

SoftBank Heavily Invests in Line Mobile

SoftBank has been busy investing in the most innovative new technology companies for the past few years. It recently announced a heavy investment in Line Mobile which offers telecom service. Its investment is so huge that it gives Software 51 percent of new shares. The sector of the Line Mobile businesses it now owns are valued at about $15 million. SoftBank is already a telecom in and of itself, so its professionals definitely know the material. And SoftBank is also so financially successful that it is able to put huge amounts of cash into anything it wants.

Softbank has also invested very heavily in robotics technology. In 2012 the bought Aldebaran Robotics for $100 million and in 2015 invested $20 million in Fetch Robotics. They have done this because they have recognized that robotics technology demand is particularly in rapidly rising demand. That is just one example of Softbank continuing to stretch its investment arms throughout the technology industry.

It is particularly pleased and confident in its Line Mobile investment. Line Mobile in Japan as being an extraordinarily easy, user-friendly service. That’s why it’s so popular in that country. It is even now partnering with Telenor’s operator unit to spread its popular Japanese services into Thailand and Taiwan. It now has a total of about 167 million users. Its services include unlimited data usage for any Line services, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Line Mobile was first created in 2016 by internet giant, Line Corp. Line Mobile, which is listed both on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the New York has proven incredibly financially successful. In 2017 the company earned about $75 million.
SoftBank is not alone in being a technology company that is busy heavily investing in the technology of tomorrow. It competes with two other companies for top honors in this area: NTT DoCoMo and KDDI Corp. And Line Mobile is definitely not the only mobile player in Japan. It is an incredibly busy place for multiple mobile brands right now.

Getting to Use Talkspace

The moment that you begin to use Talkspace, you are doing something that is going to be incredibly beneficial for your overall mental health. A lot of people forgo seeing a therapist because they feel it is just too inconvenient for their schedules. If you do not have a lot of money or have no type of health insurance, it can also be incredibly expensive to go and see a professional like this. This is why so many people are currently using the app known as Talkspace, as it allows you to easily and quickly get connected to a therapist who is able to text message you when it is most convenient for you.

The reason Talkspace has been so beneficial for a lot of people is because it gives you access to a wonderful therapist in the comfort of your own home. You do not have to sit in someone’s office and feel uncomfortable talking to them, as you just need to be able to have a mobile device and download the program to it in order to get started. Plus, Talkspace is a lot more affordable than other types of options that are available to you. This means that you are going to save a lot of money simply because you are making use of an app that is truly going to work for you.

The next time that you try to visit a local therapist’s office and are unsure of what it is able to do for you, you are going to want to download Talkspace and give it a try for yourself. This is a wonderful app that you will find to be incredibly beneficial in many different ways, as it is a wonderful alternative to conventional therapy in your local home town or city area.

Ted Bauman, impacting the world of economics through knowledge

Ted Bauman, a resident of Atlanta GA in an editorial director at Bayan Hill publication. He specializes in privacy, asset protection, low risk investment strategies and international migration issues. He has worked as a fund manager in several non-profit organizations that funded housing projects of people earning low incomes. He has always had an interest in helping people to use their resources to achieve financial independence. Today, he gets to do this every day as a contributor to Bayan Hill.

They say experience is the best teacher. But it only teaches those willing to learn from it. Ted Bauman’s success in the world of finance has been dependant on his quick-learning ability. True, his degree from Cape Town University in economics and history gave him the academic training necessary to thrive in his field, but his ability to learn from every position he has been in has seen him acquire invaluable experience.

Even in his youth working minimum wedge jobs at Burger King and MacDonald’s, he picked lessons that helped him in managerial positions. Working in these low income jobs he came to understand that for any organization to stand, it has to equally care about the employee at the lowest level as much as it takes care of the employee at the top most level. This wisdom he applied in every managerial position he held. Visit Stock Twits for more info.

Ted Bauman says his most fulfilling job has been contributing to Bayan Hill Publication. Writing stories for Bayan Hill gives him a chance to educate the masses on issues that matter. However, his challenge has been being able to make matters of finance and economics appealing to readers while at the same time provoking them to think critically. To meet this challenge, he relies on his skills as a writer to make his stories easy to understand and appealing to the reader. He also keeps up with the trends and is constantly on the lookout for any shifts in the market. This makes him an apt analyst and a valuable contributor of the publication.

As the editorial director at Bayan Hill Publishing, Ted says that his greatest achievement is seeing the publication influence people’s thinking about their economy as a country and globally. He says that the stories they publish in the publication have seen readers start to question economic trends. This means that pretty soon there will be no need for another entity to decide on the trend to go with. This kind of critical thinking not only affords people options but also inspires innovation. It is therefore safe to say that Mr Bauman is playing an integral part in changing the world’s economy for the better.



Fitness Tracking Application Exposes Secret Army Bases

The fitness market is growing and this has led to the development of literally thousands of fitness applications entering the market daily. Most of the fitness applications are perfectly harmless. They provide services like counting the calories burned, keeping track of workouts, collecting various data about calories, and using the data collected to design a customized workout plan. However, a fitness application that was designed by one fitness company goes a very controversial step further. Their application actually reveals sensitive information about various military bases and spy posts around the world.

A Tracking Map
If you’ve ever downloaded one of those fitness application, you already know that they make various requests of the user. For example, they ask the user permission to know their location and several other permissions, which are usually granted in order to use the application. Strava released information that their application produces a visualization data map that records the users activity. The controversy surrounds the fact that the application has access to millions of GPS data points. This makes it extremely easy for the application to track down any location across the world. This includes secret locations and spy posts. Even more controversial is the fact that the Strava application is very popular and available to download to a smartphone or fitness trackers. The availability of the application caused military personnel to take note and quickly discover that the Strava data map is detailed enough to reveal secret military locations.

Lurking Danger
Strava has the potential to cause great harm. The real danger begins when a soldier decides to download the application and use it on a regular basis for their fitness workout. For example, the application could log a soldier’s jogging routine and show distinctive markings that reveal the location of their military base. The leak of this sensitive data is a definite security breach. Of course, the key to stopping such security breaches in the future is in the hands of the military. It’s simple. All applications that are used by active military personnel must pass inspection before approval for use by military personnel.

iPhone X Sales Disappointing

The fact is that Apple had very high hopes for the iPhone X when it was first announced back in September, 2017. The product was manufactured to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the debut of the iPhone to the market. However, the new iPhone has proved a big disappointment to Apple. The demand for the new entry into the market is not as high as Apple predicted. Many iPhone fans did not believe the hype about the new entry or were sadly disappointed by the new smartphone.

Production Down
If you surf the Internet and take a look at various reviews surrounding the new iPhone entry, you will quickly discover that people were very displeased with the new entry because it did not live up to expectations. Apple took a close look at the low holiday sales and decided to make a few changes. Now, they are cutting back on the production of the new iPhone X. This is probably a shock to the people that supply various components to the product. Certainly, cutting production will cause a domino effect, that harms suppliers across the country and the world.

The Numbers
It was reported that high hopes for the iPhone X drove Apple to produce about 40 million units. However, this strategic move was planned back during the release of the product. Now, the tide has turned and Apple is facing dropping sales. The weak sales convinced the company to cut their production of the phone 50 percent. This is having a decidedly detrimental effect on Apple shares too. However, the production of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7 are going to stay the same. It seems people are still creating high demands for those smartphones produced by Apple.

The Future
The future is not looking so bright for Apple, once the producer of the most wanted smartphone in the country and the world. However, Apple is gearing up for the launch of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone sometime this year. Apple is counting on the new release of this phone helping them gain ground and recover from those losses experienced.

Matthew Autterson Made CNS Bioscience Better For Everyone

Since Matthew Autterson is experienced in the business world and knows a lot about different business practices, he was the perfect fit for CNS Bioscience. He knew the company would benefit from what he knew and the extensive experience he had in different areas. He also knew there would be things he could take away from the process if he was going to keep helping others out with all the issues they had. It went back to working the right way and giving people the right opportunities, they needed to see what he was doing. For Matthew Autterson, this was a big part of the business and running it the right way.


For as long as Matthew Autterson was working in different businesses, he knew what it would take to help people through different situations. He also knew there would be things that would help him through the opportunities he had. By doing all of this, Matthew Autterson was sure there would be a time where he would be capable of giving feedback to different people and different things that were happening in the industry. The bioscience field was different in that people could see how much work they were doing and what they were getting from the industry.


During his immaculate career he would contribute to various charities and support non-profit organization such as, the Denver Zoo, Webb-Waring and the Denver Zoological Foundation, but Matthew always wanted to do more.


Neuropathic pain can be difficult for people to deal with. CNS Bioscience knew that when they started. As a company, they wanted to make sure they were capable of getting everything they needed, and they were going to be able to provide people with the things that would help them in different situations. It all went back to how they could give people better options and they knew Matthew Autterson working as their CEO would be the best choices for the way they were going to improve. Find More Information Here.


Since he is the CEO and a board member, Matthew Autterson has a lot to do with CNS Bioscience. He has helped them come up with the best business practices and that’s how he makes sure things are going to continue getting better. He also knows there will be a big change to the way people see him if he’s able to make things easier on them. He has always wanted CNS Bioscience to be successful. For that reason, Autterson continues to show people how they can take advantage of all the things going on in the business and with the opportunities people have in business.

Matthew Autterson Gives Hope to Neuropathic Medicine

The neuropathic medicine field has seen some major stalls because of the issues with companies that have bioscience practices. The company that Matthew Autterson is the CEO of, CNS Bioscience, a company directly related to Falci Adaptive Biosystems, but researches and develops clinical stage medicines to eliminate neuropathic pain as well.  knows this and knows what they need to do to make sure they are offering all the best things to the people they are working to help. They have tried to always give others a chance to experience the most positive effects of the company and of the things that are going on with the company. It is their way of providing different opportunities to people who are in different situations.


Thanks to Matthew Autterson, there have been some issues that are going on with the company and that are happening with the business around him. He knows that CNS Bioscience needs to have the best options possible and the things that are going to make it the best it can be. By looking at all of these things, Matthew Autterson is sure he will be able to show people what they can do and how they can make things better. He also knows there will be a positive chance of the company flourishing in different circumstances.


With everything Matthew Autterson has done, he knows what he can do to make the company better. He has done this with other businesses in the past and that’s how he can feel good about what he’s doing. It is also how he can show people what they need to get out of the situations they are in. If he can work his hardest to help people, he can show them what they are getting and what they will need to do to help others. For Matthew Autterson, this is how he will be capable of providing valuable options to those who are in the right type of situations. Read This Article for more information.


As long as Matthew Autterson knows what he’s doing and as long as he can help people through different situations, he is sure he will be able to make things easier. Matthew Autterson is also well aware of the right way to help people who are a part of the company and who are doing what they can to help him with the business part of running things. He may not be a medical doctor, but he knows what it takes to show people how well the company can perform in the future with the options they have.


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