CEO Jack Dorsey Makes Huge Twitter Stock Buy

Jack Dorsey might not be a CEO who is deemed a high-profile celebrity, but he is someone who is making a lot of news. Dorsey’s name is turning up in tech circles due to paying a massive $9.5 million to purchase additional stock in Twitter. Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter so the purchase is definitely eyebrow raising.

Earlier in the year, Dorsey had purchased $7 million in Twitter stock. His most recent purchase did help the price of the stock increase, but this is not necessarily an increase capable of being sustained.

Dorsey’s purchase is intriguing considering Twitter has not received a lot of positive press in recent years. Twitter is still a popular social media platform designed to assist communications, but significant financial success has been elusive. Twitter is well-known. Just as many people surely know the name Twitter as they know the name Facebook. Twitter, however, is not generating the same levels of revenue as Facebook is. Likely, this is because the scope of how Twitter can be used is far more limited than Facebook.

Twitter is not a business that deserves to be written off. Other companies have done worse and turned their fortunes around. Some good news does seem to exist.

The first quarter of 2017 revealed $548 million in revenue, an amount that was more than expected. Previous quarterly revenue reports were rather low. The less-than-preferable low revenues posted in prior quarters is what caused so much negative speculation about the fiscal stability and long-term health of the company.

One good quarter, however, is not something to become overjoyed with. One solid quarter is exactly that: one good quarter. Whether or not Twitter is capable of continually delivering good earnings reports is something that only the future shall reveal. Clearly, the CEO of the company has strong faith in potential success. He would not be infusing huge sums of money if this was not the case.

Other business executives have speculated wrong in the past as history reveals. Dorsey may be making an ill-advised investment putting funds into Twitter. Or, he could be setting himself up someone capable of earning incredible sums from the investment.

Twitter is definitely not a company on the proverbial rocks. The social media platform will be around for a long time, but how successful will it reasonably be?

Governments Have new Tools to Serve the Public

Healthcare management now has a cutting-edge and powerful tool that makes serving the public’s needs efficient and less troublesome. This tool is the integrative e-governe system. It offers solutions to governments when it comes to administrative tasks and information tracking. The technology, safety, support and storage that operates this system is most innovative.

When it comes to the technological aspect of e-governe, the system is nimble, simple and user friendly. It operates through traditional browsers using a desktop, but it can also run from various handheld and mobile devices. The safety features of this system use security modules that allow for complete access and control per user. They also include an operations history and algorithms, regarding access and encryption. Of course, every system requires support and troubleshooting on different levels, for several possible reasons. To this end, a highly trained and qualified team is ready to provide technical and operational assistance to any aspect of public management. All the other aspects of this system come together with the use of a data center that offers hosting, processing, storage and monitoring, within an autonomous setting.

The purpose behind the e-governe system is to aid in the effective management of municipal and state health secretariats. This is one of the most challenging tasks for the institution of public administration. However, this system allows for scheduling appointments and organization of professionals, through the integration of healthcare units and sectors along with a clinical and dental chart. In the end, service queues are no longer needed and the quality of service to the public is vastly increased.

There are other aspects to this tool. E-governe Saude keeps a close eye on the distribution and stocks of medicines that come from pharmacies. It also keeps a tight lid on the application vaccines. At the same time, it schedules special consultations and examinations. While doing all that, it controls ambulatory, hospital services and bed control. It even offers total management in regards to financial resources. The system knows how to leverage when it is integrated with e-government materials.

The results of using e-governe are outstanding. For starters, it regionalizes attendance, which lets governments and healthcare workers know just how many people are in their territories. This allows for better control when it comes to the flow of patients between municipalities. It also controls the agreements between municipalities and those between the state and municipalities. It manages financials transfers, without wasting time. The system organizes the processes needed to get work done. It even controls the flow of patients when it comes to heath units on It knows the correct dimensions of health units, as well. The system allows for the structuring of other health programs into its operating protocols.

The e-governe system has successful results in municipalities of Brazil. For example, Osasco of Greater Sao Paulo uses it to manage school system. This entails 138 school within the city, along with the headquarters of the Municipal Education Department and the Continuing Education Center. This is just one of example of how the system works for the public.

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3D Robotics Plans to Use Drones for Construction

3D Robotics Incorporated (3DR) has announced that it has raised $53 million. The raised the money in the Series D round of funding, which was led by Atlantic Bridge. According to, other companies that partook in the fundraising include True Ventures, Mayfield, Foundry Group and Autodesk Fund.

3DR didn’t reveal the exact amount of capital it got from the funding round. It’s also difficult to estimate the new capital. The company aims to become a competitive software provider. So, they may have to raise a lot of money. Currently, they deal in drones and that’s where their main competition is.

In 2009, 3D Robotics began selling drone parts to people who wanted to make their own drones. After some time, the company launched the Solo, a consumer drone. But in 2016, 3DR stopped producing drones as they wanted to work on the manufacturing costs.

The company’s founder and CEO, Chris Anderson, decided to focus his time and resources on industrial drones. He believes that drones are part of the future farming and construction technology. Therefore, it would be great to establish 3DR in the commercial drone market.

The company’s flagship product is Site Scan, a software service that helps drone users to control on-board cameras and flights. The software also sends data from the camera to the cloud. You can find out more about Site Scan on

3DR Inc. plans to integrate BIM from Autodesk with Site Scan. The aim of this integration is to add modeling tools to the software. It will also help startups to get into the construction market. Autodesk has already invested in 3D Robotics.

The current version of Site Scan allows users to use Esri’s geographical information with their high-resolution images. Overlaying this information helps structural engineers, contractors and architects to detect potential problems that can cause delays in construction.

Although 3DR hasn’t revealed any information about their new funding, they expected to take the drone industry to a whole new level. According to the company’s recent statement, they plan to invest their capital in building and marketing Site Scan. Their target market includes professionals in the engineering and construction field.

Sam Tabar: The Ultimate Capitalist Mogul

In less than 20 years, Sam Tabar has made his mark tremendously in the financial world. He has raised capital in the amount of $1.2 billion for different investment products. Upon finishing his education, he was a business lawyer for the Wall Street Law firm called Skadden, Arps. Afterwards, he worked for a client of his, and as a result, his client grew into being one of the 3rd biggest funding within the region.

After working for them, he was head of Capital Introductions (APAC) for Merrill Lynch and Bank of America where his team ranked number one in Global Custodian during his time there. He was also ranked by The Asset magazine as one of the most influential finance players in Asia in 2012. And now, he is a partner with FullCycleFund, a private equity fund. He has been a partner with them since December 2014.

Art Station reveals that Sam Tabar has made great strides in the financial world fairly quickly that an article recognized his extraordinary work. Stating that he is well-round financial services professional with a business law background and an impressive resume, he was highly praised on his achievements of successfully transitioning from the business law world to the finance world.

According to, it was reiterated how he worked for some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, and that he entered the world of finance before attending business school. Instead of taking the traditional road like many Wall Street professionals, Sam Tabar studied law.

And his educational achievements are as follows: Columbia Law School where he earned a master’s degree in law in 2001, and the University of Oxford where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence in 2000. He was also on the Columbia Law Journal while attending Columbia Law School.

At his present position, Tabar is based in the Greater New York City area. His tasks include him creating marketing plans and all the marketing materials, raising capital from HNW to endowments, run daily operations for legal, administration, tax, compliance, and accounting, and performing analysis and decision making on investment decisions.

And as a result so far, Tabor has raised tons of capital, which is a result of the creation of a highly target and customized list of 450 investors.

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Elon Musk: Boring to the Future

When I heard about Elon Musk’s Boring company I was a little unsure how I felt about it. In fact, I didn’t even know he had such a project going on. You would think that this man has enough on his hands to keep a whole team of engineers and innovators grasping for personal time. Yet, Musk continues to push the boundaries of our everyday life. The Boring Company is yet another project Musk is carefully pulling the strings on but the world may not be ready for another one of his ambitious projects.
The goal is to build an underground system of rails that will allow people to be transported without the need of driving. It would alleviate road congestion and the driver wouldn’t even have to pay attention to the road. Not to mention the fact that it would probably beat your highway times as the sleds your car will be transported in could reach around 130 mph. A Techcruch article suggested this was a long ways in the future but if implemented one rail at a time there’s no telling how popular they would be. Their usage would be the driving force obviously. There would have to be plenty of adopters to keep the boring going. I can’t say I see a reason why this wouldn’t work. A little scary at first but who wouldn’t love to save miles, gas and attention that could be spend elsewhere. Not only that but most vehicle collisions are due to driver error. With this underground rail system everything will be automated via computer system.
The pros vastly outweigh the cons here without a doubt. It has been very apparent for some time that we cannot continue to live as we have the last 100 years. We are doing more than our fair share of damage and the amount of people trying to balance it just aren’t making enough of a difference. Elon Musk has been trying to improve our lives with almost every move he makes. Taking the environment into account while simultaneously trying to improve humanity might not unfold how we imagined. I feel this is the beginning of a new world, a world we can all look forward to.

The Fight For Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been in discussion for the longest time now. There are currently efforts to put it to an end. However, there are a lot of efforts from others to preserve it. One of the things that people are afraid of with the end of net neutrality is that certain service providers are going to use their new freedom to decide who is going to be successful and who is going to be a failure. This is one very scary idea that people are going to have to face with net neutrality.

Among the people that are fighting against the end of net neutrality are the people who are working on their startups. One thing that the internet has allowed for is to be able to make a lot of money with their business. However, the end of net neutrality could cause companies to make less money and even close down because of the slower services given to the company. However, net neutrality is going to be the issue that is going to be discussed for a while. People are going to be fighting really hard to make sure that the internet is given a lot of fairness so that people can continue to operate it in a safe manner.

One of the ways that people could reach the right people to talk to about net neutrality is to call a number and leave a message on the line. This shows how serious people are. Since the government is getting ready to bring forth the fight against net neutrality, it is important for people to make sure that they are heard. As more people voice their concerns about this initiative, the government will more likely listen to their concerns and at least think up a solution that is going to be helpful for them. One thing that is certain is that service providers have brought forth a lot of changes to the internet which improved things for users.

Some Companies Are Loosening Their Stance on Net Neutrality

When the announcement was made to roll back some of the rules of net neutrality, many people have launched into protest about the proposal. Even many of the large companies have made statements against such a proposal. Among the companies that have stood against the proposal was Netflix and Google. They have shown themselves to be adamantly against the proposal because of the idea of what that could mean. Basically, one of the ideas behind net neutrality is that some of the larger service providers can decide on who and what can get high speed service and who is going to have to suffer.

Recently, some of the large companies have shown themselves to be loosening their stance. Among the companies that seem a little okay with the end of net neutrality is Netflix. It has stated that they are no longer too concerned about what the end of net neutrality could mean. They know that the popularity of the of the video company is enough so that they would not risk lowering the speed of the service. After all, this would cause the customer to lose interest in the service. Also, this could cause the internet service providers to lose money from all of their services.

People who are on the side of net neutrality have stated that the rule of net neutrality is actually a new thing. The internet was not broken when net neutrality was implemented. They are saying that there will barely be any difference with net neutrality. However, the meaning of the end of net neutrality remains to be seen for now. Instead, there is still hope to fight for a favorable solution to concerns.

As of right now, things are okay when it comes to net neutrality. The fight is only beginning to decide on how things are going to turn out. If the people who are against net neutrality get their way, one can expect that there are going to be gradual changes over time.

Pichai Talks about Monetizing Google Maps

The Internet has started to mature in terms of its potential for monetizing advertisements on a number of platforms. One need only look at Facebook to see how in a few short years a multi-billion company can be built on this sort of business model. However, online advertising is coming into its own, and we can expect a lot of changes in the near future. Google has always played long game when it comes to monetizing its services, but in a recent interview with a Wall Street analyst, CEO Sundar Pichai suggested that advertising on Google Maps may be around the corner.

The key, according to Alexei Oreskovic’s article in Business Insider, is Google’s philosophy of posting ads that users will find useful. Nobody wants to encounter a barrage of spam whenever they open up Google Maps, but a few non-intrusive suggestions based on user searchers and feedback may turn out to be a huge revenue stream for the company. Even though Google Maps has been around for a long time, it is one of the company’s fastest-growing services due to the continued growth in the use of mobile devices in emerging economies.

Making a profit online was a huge challenge for early Internet companies who struggled to find viable business models. Google understood that it needed to win over the mass of users first and the money would follow in time, and they had the know-how and financing to do it. Now that mobile Internet is widespread in developed countries and growing fast in developing ones, the giant has not hesitated to use its position to find ever more revenue sources, such as the explosive growth of YouTube content in languages other than English.

For Pichai, finding new markets for Google will undoubtedly be an ongoing challenge. Advertising on Google Maps may become a key part of Google’s growth strategy as the company searches for new opportunities and as Android continues to break new ground in emerging markets.

One Major Reason Tech Workers Leave their Jobs

Megan Rose Dickey has an interesting write-up on TechCrunch about the results of a survey that looked at the reasons that tech workers quit their jobs. According to the survey, the reason at the top of the list is unfair working conditions.

Dickey points out that tech’s high turnover rate costs the industry a whopping $16 billion annually. Despite the staggering figure, the survey also suggests that tech workers could be persuaded to stay put if companies took the necessary steps to create fair working environments that reward hard work and competence.

The Kapor Center, which undertook the survey, has three recommendations for the tech industry. The first is to devise a number of effective strategies to enhance diversity and inclusion in order to make tech workplaces more welcoming. The second measure is the adoption of a code of conduct as well as a transparent employee feedback and grievance system. Finally, the Kapor Center believes that tech companies need to look at creating a compensation and employee review process that emphasizes fairness.

The fascinating part of this report is the real financial cost to the tech industry. Tech has a clear financial incentive to maintain fair workplaces. But perhaps more importantly, it is a question of competitiveness. Companies that focus on fairness in employee reviews and promotions are bound to be more profitable since they reward profit-growing ideas and efforts. Time and time again we have seen that companies that provide incentives for innovation have been the ones that have withstood market changes, whereas those companies with no real approach to developing their human capital get left behind.

Many people are fond of citing the wisdom of the invisible hand of the free market. However, it is often forgotten that the labor market is also a free market. Companies that cannot hold on to quality human capital will invariably face the consequences of their shortcomings in this area through lower earnings and profits over time.

Facebook Screwed Up By Algorithm After Removing The Human Editors

Days after Facebook removed the human editors who somehow controlled what appeared on the trending topics section. The company was caught unawares when it trended a fake news story about the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. Facebook replaced the human editors with the new purely algorithm system to avoid the recent accusations of removing trending topics that are allied to conservatism views.

The recent mistake, however, was an avoidable one. The trending topic about Megyn Kelly claimed that she joined Fox News commonly known to be conservative-leaning, as a secret Hilary Clinton supporter. The story was not making sense at all. However, since there was no human to catch the mistake in the Algorithm, the story trended to the top of Facebook’s Trending list even beating popular trending topics like the Beyoncé’s VMA performance and a sexting scandal by Anthony Weiner. The trending story was later removed at around 9:30 ET the following morning.

The point is that Facebook’s strategy of trending the fake story was absurd in the first place and only served to give credibility to the hoax. According to sources familiar with the situation, Facebook’s trending topics algorithm relies on many articles, topics and posts, which is the reason it was easy to come up with a viral headline. At the point when the story was promoted, it met the conditions for acceptance according to the Facebooks guidelines about trending topics. Facebook now claims that the story was later deemed inaccurate hence the reason it was removed from the trending list.

However, Facebook declined to comment on the matter amid outcry from the conservatives. Recently, Gizmodo reported that Facebook was purposely suppressing stories related to conservatism and allowing stories for the liberalism to trend. Although early conclusions may have been made about Facebook’s behavior, the company has refused to produce evidence to prove otherwise.

The recent incident involving the new algorithm system wasn’t the first incident. Over the weekend, other inappropriate headlines trended including a man masturbating with a McDonald’s sandwich. The recent decision to eliminate the human editors was according to Facebook meant to encourage broader audience.