The Unique Approach Of Anthony Toma And Nine9

Anthony Toma is the founder and CEO of Nine9. The company specializes in talent services and has revolutionized how models and actors are represented. Mr. Toma is quite successful as both an entrepreneur and a businessman. He works with the leaders in the entertainment industry and gives individuals the opportunities required for success. See Photos Here .

Mr. Toma began Nine9 Talent Agency while he was in the grocery business. He wanted to find franchise opportunities within the food industry. He found a franchise related to modeling and acting in Florida instead. He purchased the franchise and although he learned the business it did go under. This was when he used the idea to create his own company he called Coral Reef Productions. In 2003 the company was renamed Nine9.

Mr. Toma spends his average day getting his children ready for school then listening to motivational audiobooks while on the way to work. He answers emails, handles his social media and often has meetings with the corporate brass for his company. He gives them all the resources and tools necessary for them to deliver the best possible product in his industry. Click Here  for nine9 reviews.

Nine9 has a mission to provide the 99 percent of actors and models who do not have an agency to represent them the opportunity to be a part of the entertainment industry. They provide the support, tools and opportunities needed to help them advance in their chosen careers.

For the last twelve years Nine9 has been a leader in casting throughout the nation. They used modern technology, an amazing staff and ten years of experience in their advice, relationships and bookings. They take pride in treating individuals with kindness and respect. They strive to find opportunities and castings for their talent and have a large database of contacts within the industry. They provide opportunities in music videos, television, promotional castings, film, runway and print. Nine9 at Facebook . for more .

Tesla Improving Driving Safety through Autopilot

Tesla the leading manufacturer of the electric vehicles has one of the most advanced Autopilot systems. One important factor to note about Tesla is its capability to determine the exact position of the Autopilot crash if incase is does happen, Tesla does all this better than any other vehicle manufacturer. This is made possible by the way Tesla has designed its technology. While all Tesla vehicles do comes with all the required hardware that make it possible for the Autopilot to work, drivers do need the necessary software upgrades that do cost a lot of money to perfect that’s making it possible for the Tesla driver to make a comparison.



According to Tesla, their autopilot feature assists the driver to avoid the collision by a margin of up to 40%. This information has been proven by the transport and safety officials. It is not an exaggeration that Tesla has changed the way people think about self-driving cars. Tesla has outdone its competitors because it had been driven 130 million miles without ever having a collision accident this is the U.S rate of 94 million miles per fatality.



Tesla continues with its commitment to evolve it autopiloting features so as to make it even better. Tesla just released the new update of its software that is known as Tesla 8.0. The update requires that the drivers touch the steering wheel more often so as to increase the reliance of the Autopilot on the radar, as well as the ultrasonic sensors and the cameras. The Tesla CEO says that the new update will be able to detect accident that might occur and prevent before they happen.



Last year October the electric car company started shipping the Autopilot hardware that has an enhanced sensors that will finally be in a position to allow full autonomous driving. Every of the Tesla cars comes with eight cameras and several sensors that provide 360 degrees view. The company is releasing this feature that utilizes the use of the sensors suite on the regular remote updates. Musk says as they work toward improving the hardware, the car manufacturer is targeting at about 90% reduction of the car crash. Tesla is doing a great job of improving safety and making the Autopilot more useful.




Practical Living Room Wall Décor Ideas for All Tastes

There is a rumor that living rooms are some of the most trafficked rooms in the house! If you doubt that, consider how many hours you spend in the living room:

  • Watching TV
  • Playing with the kids
  • Reading or eating a snack
  • How about birthdays, holidays, and other social gatherings?

With this part of the house always filled with family members, relatives, and friends, any living room remodeling project becomes a long journey. And changes require a lot of forethought simply because you are all connected with this room. If this is the heart of your home, you must take good care of it. And although a cozy sofa, nice furniture, and proper lighting will all play their role to the finished result, it’s time to pay some attention to the walls too.

Living room
Photo Credit: Wayne Ford Films

Why living room wall renovation matters? Built to define the boundaries between rooms and provide sound and thermal insulation, walls must echo the energy of the room and dictate both its architectural style and character.

Your choices? How about wall wainscoting panels? And not just for traditional living rooms.

 From a beaded to a flat or raised panel wainscoting, the choices can vary. How to make the right choice? Consider your lifestyle and personal taste.  Each one of them is distinctive and will give a different impression. For a more elegant look in your living room, consider a raised or flat panel.

What’s important with wainscoting?

 Its size. Whether you choose flat or beadboard panels, it’s vital to decide their height. And this is often subject to the height of the ceiling. Since you don’t want to bring down an already low ceiling, cover only one-third of the wall. But you can bring the wainscot higher if the ceiling is high too.

Are you wondering why you should install wainscoting panels in the living room?

 The truth is that wainscoting design ideas were born to protect walls in the most stylish way. And so these panels are mostly installed in foyers, kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms, which take a lot of beating. And they usually come with chair rails and baseboards.

Living room 1
Photo Credit: Regan Baker Design Inc.

But, moldings will also:

Split the wall into two sections enlarging the space and enabling you to play with colors and display artwork. Cover blemishes and imperfections that will reduce the appeal of your living room and thus the value of the house too. Bring character in the room making it intimate and elegant.

Before wainscoting installation, make sure you:

  • Choose the right style to accent the room.
  • Decide on how much space you need above the wainscot.
  • Select the color of the wall and wainscoting.
  • Make sure it is finished to be maintained easily.
  • Consider temperature fluctuations to avoid problems later.

 Alternative wall renovation ideas for your living room

 Have you ever considered a brick wall design? Today, there are many options in terms of coloring and will echo a sense of freedom and modernity. This is rather an industrial look and will fit well in living rooms, which are kept casual. If you want a friendly feeling, it will be perfect for you. Brick walls are reminiscent of the first lofts. You can either cover one wall or all of them. And they will match well either with a flat white ceiling or a white coffered ceiling.

renovation ideas
Photo Credit: Beach Glass Interior Designs

Give a similar warm feeling with the installation of natural stone walls. Such natural materials blend well indoors bringing a cozy feeling within. There are many options today since there is a high demand and so you can find rustic and plain structures in gray or beige colors. The benefits of stone walls are not limited to their high aesthetics. They are so very durable and low maintenance.

Now, if you love artwork too much to sacrifice even inches of your wall with bricks or bead boards, decorate them with murals or wallpapers. There are some excellent designs and themes to choose from. But such wall decoration choices are not easy to maintain or long-lasting – especially with pets in the house.

Last but not least, you can leave the wall in its basic form and use it as a blank canvas to decorate it as you please. In this case, you can play with reds, yellows, green, or blues and artwork to bring color into the room. For a more minimalistic look, just leave the walls white.

Balancing work and family life: in the footsteps of Susan McGalla

**UPDATE** April 13th, 2017According to, the Steelers’ top candidates for the 2017 season are prime for a winning team. Read more below about these rising stars.

Susan P. McGalla (May 31, 1964) is a renowned Businesswoman and executive consultant from East Liverpool, Ohio who has reached the apex of professional success while maintaining a perfect balance between her work and family life. She is mostly known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and former chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc, and director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. She is an Alma Mater from Mount Union College and currently serving as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting.

This is truly an amazing achievement for a businesswoman like Susan who is equally successful in her personal life as well. She is happily married with Stephen McGalla and manages time for both her professional and personal life at the same without any compromise. In her recent article on titled “Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips from Susan McGalla,” she has shared her secrets on how she managed to do so.

Read more:
Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign
Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips From Susan McGalla

According to Susan, the very first thing that people should do in balancing their professional and personal life is to utilize their downtime with fun and relaxing activities that will freshen up the mind and soul. So, everyone should prioritize utilizing their downtime as a priority rather than sitting idle. Secondly, Susan McGalla suggests that we should let go our draining activities that have no point or accomplishes nothing. By saying goodbye to those useless activities, we will get more time to enjoy our life and do something meaningful. We should also get some exclusive time for ourselves to seek serenity and tranquility. This could be anything such as some quiet time or a few hours of personal pampering.

Susan also advocates for physical activities that can create a sense of control among the busy mothers. A workout in the gym or a jogging session in the neighborhood park will be truly rejuvenating for people who are jam-packed and hectic everyday schedule. Her fifth tip is to review all of our little tasks to make them more efficient such purchasing things online rather than spending hours in traffic on the way to shops. However, according to her, if we want to make the perfect balance in our life, we should first admit to ourselves that we are not perfect and a little bit of slack won’t hurt. Once we realize this, we will be stress-free and able to see life in an easy way. In the same way, we should also let go our constant feeling of guilt as well.

Susan also suggests that we should avoid technology i.e. PC, smartphones for a while that always keeps us occupied with our professional life. At that time, the working mothers can mediate such a deep breathing or yoga that will help to focus more. We should also try to review our daily life and try to simplify and streamline it. Last but not the least, she suggests that we should manage our mornings more efficiently to skip the start of a bad day. So, we should take care of basic things in advance may be in the night to start a great day.

Find Susan McGalla on Facebook
Read more about Susan McGalla on Bloomberg

Bleacher Report

Inside JeanMarie Guenot’s Personal Mission To Save Lives


JeanMarie Guenot,PhD is a scientist and executive level manager who has spent her career finding ways to save lives. She has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has specialized in business development, research & development, project management, and raising venture capital.

In 1993 Guenot earned her PhD at the University of California, San Franciso. In order to further advance her career in management she earned an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School. During her career she spent several years in research and development in order to develop new life-saving pharmaceuticals. She has also worked at the executive level as a Vice President of Corporate and Business development for PDL bioPharma. In 2008 she founded her own pharmaceutical company she called Guenot, LLC. At this company Guenot offered her consulting services in areas such as raising venture capital, pharmaceutical research and development, and commercial development. In 2009 she saw an opportunity and founded another company, SKS Ocular, LLC, where she developed new technologies in order to meet what she saw were unmet medical needs in the ocular industry. One of the technologies she developed was a way to insert microparticles into the front and back sides of the eye that sustainably deliver drugs to treat eye disease.

Today JeanMarie Guenot serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of San Francisco-based Amphivena Therapeutics. This company is focused on developing bi-functional antibody therapy in order to treat blood cancer. In the last few years she has also co-founded Harpoon Therapeutics, Inc., and Maverick Therapeutics. Both companies are privately held companies that are researching cancer cures in the field of biotechnology. Amphivena Therapeutics has been named as one of the 10 hottest Bay Area biotech startups by BioSpace. Biospace credits the company’s work to develop new protein-based therapeutics.

Dr. Edward Honig Offers Steadfast Care for Heart Patients in NYC


Learning that you have a heart condition can be an overwhelming experience. You may have many questions about your health and any limitations that your newly diagnosed conditions may cause. Heart patients who live in the New York City area have the benefit of receiving treatment and care from one of the top cardiologists in the area when they choose to see Dr. Edward Honig M.D.


What is a Cardiologist?


A cardiologist is a medical professional who has received special training and has knowledge in diagnosing, treating, and preventing the diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


Cardiologists receive their education with four years of medical school and three years of additional hands-on training in the internal medicine field. Afterward they may spend three or more years in specialized training, which adds up to at least a decade of higher learning.


You may see a cardiologist if you have a specific heart condition or if your physician believes that you may have a problem with your heart or blood vessels. If you are experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, or dizziness, you will need special testing that is performed by a cardiologist to diagnose the problem.


What Services are Provided by a Cardiologist?


A cardiologist can perform a wide range of tests that can determine if you have a heart condition. They will often perform a typical physical exam such as using a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat. They may also order special tests such as an ECG, an X-Ray or blood tests if needed.

Some of the tests that a cardiologist may recommend if they suspect you have a problem include:


  • Echocardiogram: A soundwave test that looks at the function of the heart
  • Ambulatory ECG: a recording of the heart’s rhythm that looks for abnormalities
  • Exercise Test: Also known as a Stress Test, this measures your heart’s limitations and overall performance
  • Cardiac Catheterization: This test uses a small tube that is placed near the heart to take images of how the heart is operating, and help to eliminate blockage


Why is it Important to Visit a Cardiologist?


If you suspect that you have a heart condition, it is important to see a doctor that specializes in cardiovascular health. These professionals studied for many years on how the heart functions and how to treat various issues. They have more knowledge on this area of medical care than your general physician has, and can provide you with treatment options that can help you live a more fulfilling life.


About Dr. Edward Honig


Dr. Edward Honig M.D. is an expert in cardiology and Internal Medicine. He is a provider at Glen Cove Hospital and provides his services to the residents of NYC and surrounding areas. Dr. Honig has treated many patients over the years and provided them various options for dealing with the everyday struggles of living with a heart condition.


When you visit Dr. Honig, you will be treated with the utmost care and support by him and his staff members. He will help to properly diagnose your heart condition, and address any questions or concerns that you may have. If any tests or exams are ordered, he will discuss these tests with you in detail so that you will know what to expect.


Visiting a cardiologist for the first time may be stressful, but you can have peace of mind when you have a medical specialist on your side who has many years of knowledge and expertise in the field of cardiology, like Dr. Edward Honig. Contact his Glen Cove office today for more details about the cardiology services Dr. Honig can provide to you, or ask your family doctor if he or she can provide you with a referral.

For more information on Edward, or cardiology in general:

If You Own Stocks, You can Get a Loan

Have you ever considered using your equities as collateral for a loan? It is more than possible, it is probable that the stocks you own can be used to get a loan to keep your cash flow fluent in your business if you have reached a bad position lately. Sometimes, that happens. Things over which we have no control can temporarily hurt a business and hurt cash flow. Instead of liquidating business equipment for cash flow, consider a loan against Equities First that you own.

So, suppose you take a list of your equities to your bank and ask what sort of loan they can give you. Of course, they will tell you, they will make a loan using equities as collateral. But there are some equities against which they are forbidden to lend. Then, there is the fact that they will lend only up to 40% of the value of the equities. Of course, you will also have to write a proposal describing the business use of the proceeds from the loan.

Then they will tell you what a high interest rate loan it will be.

So much for that idea. You would be better off liquidating the equities and read full article.

But wait! Rather than liquidate, use your equities for a real equity loan at Equities First AU.

Equities First will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities. Their interest rate is low, something that anyone could live with. You do not need a business proposal. They will not ask you the purpose of the loan. They are a private company, so they do not answer to anyone about which equities they can use as collateral for a loan. And the funding is faster than any bank or financial institution.

Maybe you should have talked to Equities First AU, first.

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Understanding the Propelling Reasons for Many Celebrities Joining Kabbalah Centers

Hollywood celebrities are increasingly embracing the Kabbalah, an ancient Jewish wisdom, despite them being non-Jews. It all began with Madonna enrolling at a Kabbalah Center and then opening several Kabbalah centers in the U.S. She then introduced Britney Spears, her longtime friend, to Kabbalah teachings. What followed was a mass enrollment by celebrities, such as Sandra Bernhard, Sammy Davis, Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor among many others. This move left many wondering about what could be so fascinating about Kabbalah that attracted these celebrities.

What the Celebrities Had to Say

Speaking in different forums, most of the celebrities explained how Kabbalah teachings had positively transformed their lives. For Sandra Bernhard, Kabbalah swept out almost all chaos in her life. Paris Hilton, on the other hand, enrolled at Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles upon separating with Nick Carter. She was given a Kabbalah bracelet that, according to her, sorts out her life issues.

Other celebrities study Kabbalah for reasons not attached to their personal lives. For the late Sammy Davis, he was fascinated by the 5000 years old wisdom to the point that he felt the urge to learn it. He told Time Magazine that his African-American background also compelled him to enroll for Kabbalah, with the aim of acquiring the inner strength that Jews have demonstrated for the last 5000 years. He argued that African-Americans and Jews had previously been subjected to oppression but Jews, unlike Africans, always had the strength to overcome this oppression. This outward admiration of the Jewish culture played a key role in luring Sammy Davis into Kabbalah. Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand, enrolled for Kabbalah for she was uncomfortable with her Christianity upbringing. The late Elizabeth Taylor joined Kabbalah at a time when she was leading a pro-Israel Activism.

n an interview with Time Magazine, Madonna explained that she was attracted to Kabbalah’s perception of helping other people. She, therefore, took it upon herself to help as many people as possible access Kabbalah teachings.

About Los Angeles Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah centers were established in the United States about 50 years ago. 1964 is the year that Rav Berg opened up the Los Angeles branch.

The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles regularly makes donations to humanitarian organizations such as the American Red Cross.

Susan McGalla As A High Performing Business Woman In The Corporate World

UPDATE: April 5th, 2017Susan McGalla and the Steelers family are excited about the recent prospects: 20 in 20 days to be exact! Catch up on the latest by going to Yahoo Sports. Link at bottom of the page.

UPDATE: February 27th, 2017: Susan McGalla is proud to announce the newly name vice presidents to the Steelers family! Read more here:

UPDATE: As of August 25, 2016 McGalla has a new position as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club. See press coverage of McGalla’s work for the Steelers here:

Steelers Overhaul Fan Gear Closet, Introduce New Fashion Campaign

Want to dress like a Steeler? Team launches eCommerce fashion site



Many women have made it on top of their careers in various fields one can think of. However, a good number of them are still in the dark on the practical measures they can take to be successful. Today, unequal pay, inequality and lack of women in the boardroom have been a talk of the past even though there are still tiny talks about such drawbacks. Various steps have been taken by either the government or non-governmental organizations to curb such challenges. Despite this, some powerful women have proved that they are very efficient leaders, and they are fit to take up any challenge. Women are well-known to have a superb blend of personality that helps them undertake various roles. Such women are taking a stance in the corporate world as well as lead roles in companies or establishing and managing their own ventures.

The business world, for instance, has had very powerful women and others are still on the rise. The business sector was once known to be a no-go zone for women since men had populated it, but today, this has taken a significant turn and business women like Susan McGalla are making themselves known. Such women are also excellent role models and are willing to help other women get to the top of their careers. They exude innate skills that are essential factors in the management positions they hold. They are good at networking, a vital element in the corporate world and are easy to earn trust.

Susan McGalla ( is one of the successful business women who know what it takes to get up the ladder and maintain the position. For McGalla hard work, versatility, passion and confidence are inevitable traits to earning pleasing results in life. She understands that nothing comes on a silver platter, and it is up to the individual to identify their potential and powerful traits to take them from ordinary to extraordinary. She had it in mind that she was endowed with greatness, and it was only her who could unlock the chest that carried the priceless commodity.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC based in Pittsburgh as well as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers. She has extensive expertise in the retail and clothing sectors that have attracted notable personalities in the finance sector who need insight in matters dealing with marketing, talent management, product merchandising, branding and others. McGalla started working at Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994 and later joined American Eagle Outfitters. She stood to her principles on work ethics, and her hard work earned her the Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer of the whole company. Prior to this, she was promoted to being the president and CMO for the company’s flagship American Eagle brand. She then left the company on her own terms to become a private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries but Wet Seal pleaded to have her as its CEO. She became the company’s CEO in January 2011 and later left to become a consulting expert.



20 Prospects in 20 Days

Nine9 Successfully Serves Models And Actors

One of the reasons to join Nine9 is because of all of the advantages the clients get. They are directed to plenty of amazing opportunities. For instance, one person has gotten a chance to be an extra in the upcoming Kevin Hart movie, The Untouchables. Another client has managed to get a position in I Rock Fashion and is going to be a part of a runway fashion show. Then another person has managed to audition for a Samsung commercial. Nine9 is very effective in getting people the jobs that they desire. This is one of the reasons that aspiring actors and models should sign up for the agency. Nine9 on Facebook .

A lot of people have dreams of getting into the entertainment industry. However, very few know what they need in order to actually break into the industry. One of the needs of an aspiring model is a good agent. Nine9 is that agency that is able to get people the roles that they need in order to break into the industry. One thing that they do is keep in touch with their agents so that they will know of any rolls that are coming up that they can be a part of. Click Here For More.

Nine9 also updates their assignment lists when they get news about new projects. They showcase all kinds of projects which range from small online advertising to big screen event films. They are also effective at getting people to the auditions because they are well connected in the industry. They make sure that the client takes a lot of good pictures so that they will be able to get the parts that they want. Nine9 is one of the fastest ways to get into the industry for people who want to either enjoy the fame or understand how everything works.

Watch Video for Nine9.